International Earth Day

22 April is International Earth Day


2021 will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Whether it’s small personal changes or prioritising sustainable outcomes in business, having an Earth Day event will strengthen your commitment to the environment – and ICMI has a fantastic range of speakers to inspire and inform.

Some of the best in this field are listed below, but for even more options click here.

Dianne McGrath smiling

“It takes all of humanity to protect our one home”

Dianne McGrath
Mars explorer and sustainability pioneer

International Earth Day

What is Earth Day?


Following on from Earth Hour in late March, Earth Day is the annual event dedicated to awareness about the various environmental challenges that our planet currently faces.

Co-ordinated by the Earth Day Network, 193 countries around the world celebrate this important day, with many extending it to Earth Week and including events, activities and campaigns.

International Earth Day

Earth Day Themes 2021


From cleaning up litter to helping plant new trees, volunteers can rejuvenate their local environments.

Artists for the Earth
Spreading the message of environmental urgency through art.

By focusing on the next generation, environmental activism can continue to grow.

Awareness events bring the causes of Earth Day to the fore throughout the World.

International Earth Day

The History of Earth Day


In 1969, American senator Gaylord Nelson was flying over the Santa Barbara oil spill and was so shocked by the scale of it that he decided to create a day to help prevent future cases.

Many point to the first Earth Day, held in 1970, as the beginning of modern environmental activism.

Earth Day is now the world’s largest civic event.

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