International Earth Day

22 April is International Earth Day


2023 will mark the 53rd year we celebrate Earth Day.

Whether it’s small personal changes or prioritising sustainable outcomes in business, having an Earth Day event will strengthen your commitment to the environment – and ICMI has a fantastic range of speakers to inspire and inform.

Below are some of the most sought-after speakers in the fields of environment, climate change and sustainability.

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Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Economies of purpose, sustainability, manufacturing, interconnectivity within communities, scalability

Ronni Kahn AO

Social entrepreneur, best known for founding the food rescue charity OzHarvest

Simon Griffiths

Social enterprise/social change, entrepreneur, profit for purpose, raising capital, disruptive marketing, community building

Farah Mohamed

Award-winning social profit entrepreneur empowering youth, women and diverse populations

Tracee Hutchison

Award-winning TV/radio broadcaster, journalist & author. Social justice, gender, environment & creative industries advocate

Jon Dee

Social entrepreneur, founder of Planet Ark and Rock Aid

Amy Carter-James

An internationally renowned leader, advisor and entrepreneur, solving the climate crisis through business

Josh Howard

Entrepreneur & Founder of viral Aussie sustainable soap brand ‘Single Use Ain’t Sexy’

Pete Ceglinski

CEO and founder of Seabin Project, creating solutions for cleaner oceans

Hannah Moloney

ABC’s Gardening Australia presenter, permaculturalist, bestselling author and climate activist

Todd Sampson

Power of creativity, brain power
Dianne McGrath smiling

“It takes all of humanity to protect our one home”

Dianne McGrath
Sustainability pioneer


Craig Reucassel

Climate change series host on ABC TV, writer, comedian, member of The Chaser

Dr Tammie Matson

Zoologist, author, conservationist and entrepreneur

Stephen Yarwood

Futurist, urbanist & former Lord Mayor of Adelaide

Dr Rebecca Huntley

Researcher, author and social commentator talking about climate change in a way that makes a difference

Sir Bob Geldof

Singer-songwriter, author, political activist

Dr Dianne McGrath

Embody sustainability: See (y)our world differently

Dr Bronwyn King AO

Unlocking purpose, performance and power

Mindy Woods

Women in business, start-ups, sustainability, environmentalist, Indigenous speaker
International Earth Day

What is Earth Day?


Following on from Earth Hour in late March, Earth Day is the annual event dedicated to awareness about the various environmental challenges that our planet currently faces.

Co-ordinated by the Earth Day Network, 193 countries around the world celebrate this important day, with many extending it to Earth Week and including events, activities and campaigns.

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Dr David Suzuki CC OBC

Award-winning scientist, environmentalist, broadcaster and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

Samantha Jewel

Climate solutions activist, carbon warrior and creator of the Climatefood initiative

Sophie Thomson

ABC’s Gardening Australia presenter, a captivating and engaging speaker, columnist, writer, broadcaster, horticulturist and qualified naturopath

Paul Gilding

Environmentalist, consultant, author and a former executive director of Greenpeace International

Rachael Robertson

2nd Australian woman to ever lead an Antarctic expedition to Davis station, bestselling author

Dr Chadden Hunter

Produced some of the world’s most famous wildlife series including Planet Earth 1 & 2, winner of over 20 Emmys

Dr Anika Molesworth

Farmer, scientist and storyteller generating climate change awareness through her work in agriculture and food systems

Richard Fitzpatrick

Emmy award winning cinematographer and adjunct research fellow specialising in marine biology
International Earth Day

Earth Day Theme 2023


The theme for Earth Day 2023 is ‘Invest in our Planet’, because as EarthDay.Org says:

Because a green future is a prosperous future.

We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. A partnership for the planet.

And while there is still time to solve the climate crisis, time to choose BOTH a prosperous and sustainable future, and time to restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and their children, time is short.


Professor Jack Sim

Founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore, the World Toilet Organization, the World Toilet Day initiative and Bottom of the Pyramid

Clare Feeney

Sustainability strategist helping governments and businesses grow skills for a ‘just’ transition to a more equitable, profitable and sustainable future
New Zealand

Jason Clarke

One of the most sought-after creative minds in the country

Catherine Marriott

Well-respected leader in the Australian agricultural sector, elected Councillor of Shire of Broome WA, and former West Australian Rural Woman of the Year

Holly Budge

Adventurer, conservationist, inspirational speaker
New Zealand

Costa Georgiadis

Australia’s most famous landscape architect and TV presenter

The Hon Peter Gutwein GAICD

Former Premier now guiding world leading companies
International Earth Day

The History of Earth Day


In 1969, American senator Gaylord Nelson was flying over the Santa Barbara oil spill and was so shocked by the scale of it that he decided to create a day to help prevent future cases.

Many point to the first Earth Day, held in 1970, as the beginning of modern environmental activism.

Earth Day is now the world’s largest civic event.

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