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Key Points for Dr Tammie Matson

  • Dr Tammie Matson is the author of 3 books, including the award-winning Planet Elephant (Australian Government’s 50 Books You Can’t Put Down).
  • PhD in Zoology (University of Queensland).
  • In Style Magazine’s winner of the environment category of the Women of Style awards.
  • Previous clients have included Nova Scotia Bank (Singapore), Womens Leadership symposiums (across Australia and Singapore), many schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, Royal Geographical Societies of Singapore and Hong Kong, writers festivals across Australia.
  • Co-producer of Let Elephants Be Elephants documentary shown on National Geographic across Asia and shortlisted for Best Documentary at the Asian TV Awards.
  • Author, entrepreneur, conservationist, producer, zoologist and mother of two.

Topics for Dr Tammie Matson

  • Use your fear
    Motivational speech on how to use fear to create positive change in your life
  • Be the matriarch
    Lessons from elephants about how to be a successful woman in leadership
  • Animal wisdom
    What do animals have to teach us about surviving and thriving in the working world? Standing up to bullies, team work and symbiotic relationships.


Testimonials for Dr Tammie Matson

Dr Tammie Matson is an engaging speaker with an inspiring story to tell. In the corporate world we often say "it's wild out there" and for Tammie it literally is. Despite the monumental and complex challenges she faces as a wildlife campaigner, Tammie delivers an encouraging message. She opens the audiences’ hearts and minds to a world a long way from their desk but with several surprising parallels.
Marketing & Communications Manager
AustCham Singapore (Australian Chamber of Commerce)

Dr Tammie Matson has spoken at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore on several occasions and most recently, she was a guest speaker at the Round Square International Conference hosted by UWCSEA. A knowledgeable and talented speaker, Tammie relates to and engages her audiences of all ages easily; she never fails to inspire. An excellent communicator, Tammie's presentations are interactive and challenge our understanding of animal conservation.
Head of Global Concerns
United World College, SEA, Singapore

Our college has had the privilege of participating in Dr Tammie Matson's interactive talks on several occasions, and Tammie has inspired our students to take personal action in the conservation of elephants. Not only are her presentations educational and engaging, but she has an innate ability to connect with both an adult audience and children of all ages. Her personal anecdotes are entertaining and inspiring. Tammie Matson gives us hope for the future of the elephant - she moves us to take action and make a difference. Like the elephant she has pledged to protect, her experience and passion is unforgettable.
Grade 5 Teacher
United World College, SEA, Singapore

Having Dr Tammie Matson speak at the Singapore Botanic Gardens was a huge privilege and drew a larger and more diverse crowd than our regular speakers.  Her enthusiasm and sincerity for the plight of elephants engaged the audience and attracted many questions.  She is a brave activist for a good cause and we should all pay more respect to these extraordinary animals by avoiding the purchase of ivory.
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Dr Tammie Matson was invited to be the guest speaker at our annual SAVE the African Rhino Foundation (NSW) fundraising event. Due to her vast first-hand experience with wildlife and especially elephants, Tammie proved to be a fantastic speaker, thoroughly charming the audience with her personable manner and engaging stories appealing to the conservationist in each of us. The event was a huge success thanks to Tammie.
SAVE Foundation, NSW Australia

While working in Singapore for a number of years, I had occasion to attend, participate in and officiate at innumerable events of every shape, colour and size.  It is one of the great pleasures of an overseas posting.  One such event that I hosted, and which still stands out for me, was a ‘Let Elephants be Elephants’ presentation by Australian zoologist and author, Dr Tammie Matson.  It stood out for the passion and commitment of its delivery, the depth and interest of its content, and for the way it engaged its audience, from the very young to the very old, inspiring many of them to action.  I look forward to being again in the right city at the right time to join another presentation by Dr Matson.
(former Dep High Commissioner for Australia to Singapore)  
Link to Australian High Commission hosted LEBE event, May 2015

Dr Tammie Matson has a special gift. She is able to capture the rooms attention completely for her entire presentation. Mouths are always agape with her storytelling, the audience transfixed with her enthralling takes on wildlife and life . They way that Tammie is able to use her experiences and challenges and work them to the theme of the event is admirable. Not only is her confident presence on stage notable, but Tammie is just so great to deal with . Professional , friendly and a great communicator. I would engage Tammie in a heartbeat , over and over again. 
General Manager Events
Women and Leadership Australia