17 Aug 2021

Top Keynote Speakers for Women’s Health Week Events in Australia

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What is Women’s Health Week?


Launched by national not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health in 2013, Women’s Health Week is an annual initiative that seeks to highlight the importance of good health and wellbeing for women and girls in Australia.

In 2023, Women’s Health Week runs from May 14 – 20. Participants are encouraged to sign up to the program and engage in a range of activities, seminars and online events that discuss and educate women about looking out for their own health and the health of women around them.

What’s more, all events facilitated by Women’s Health Week consist of information based on medical research conducted and approved by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health’s team of experts, ensuring that you and your team aren’t wasting your time with baseless presentations and fluffy facts.

Why does Women’s Health Week matter?


The importance of events like Women’s Health Week simply cannot be understated – not just for the women on your team, but for those who work alongside them.

Being aware of the physical and mental health challenges that women face is crucial for running a positive and functional workspace. Making sure that women are supported through these issues is integral to the wellbeing of both the individual and those around them, and at the end of the day, will vastly improve workplace culture.

By getting involved in Women’s Health Week, you’ll be able to educate your staff and facilitate positive discussions around better health, as well as raise awareness about the health services available to women in their community. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to give back to the hard-working women on your team in a way that actually means something to them – what’s not to like?

It’s also worth noting that Women’s Health Week isn’t just about seminars, speeches and health expos – getting involved could be something as simple as organising a lunch with your team, partaking in a mindfulness exercise or even a fun physical challenge. There are so many possible ways to get involved in this year’s event, but if you’re stuck for ideas, get in touch with one of our creative event solutions specialists.

Women’s Health Week Keynote Speakers


ICMI have an exceptional range of experienced speakers from all walks of life available for Women’s Health Week events this year.


Brooke Hanson OLY OAM

One of Australia’s most celebrated athletes, Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, is set to bring her wealth of experience in women’s health to the table for 2021. After making her debut with the Australian Swimming Team at the 1994 Commonwealth Games at the age of 16, Hanson has gone on to represent Australia over 25 times at major international championships, winning gold and silver medals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

On top of her career as a professional athlete, Hanson has previously hosted Nine Network’s Discover Down Under, and holds motivational talks exploring perseverance, mental endurance and healthy living to help promote an active lifestyle for Australian women.

More on Brooke here



Rhiannon Tracey

A perfect choice for a Women’s Health Week event, Rhiannon Tracey’s story is nothing short of remarkable. Since being told she’d never walk again after a freak swimming pool accident left her quadriplegic at the age of 20, Rhiannon has worked tirelessly to raise public awareness around spinal cord injuries, founding not-for-profit organisation The Next Step in 2012 and opening The Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre in 2014 in addition to speaking in public about her experiences.

A former Young Australian of the Year award recipient and a limitless source of inspiration, Rhiannon’s story proves the power of perseverance and dedication, and her work in educating others about spinal cord injuries speaks volumes about her commitment to health and wellbeing.

More on Rhiannon here




Dr Kerry Maberly

Bringing decades of medical experience to the table for Women’s Health Week this year is Dr. Kerry Maberly, a cognitive and behavioural science specialist with an extensive history in delivering presentations around mental health and wellbeing.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, Maberly helps participants to dive into their own head to discover how their brain works, allowing them to navigate their own mental strengths and weaknesses to encourage positive behavioural change.

With an impressive track record of successful presentations and discussions surrounding cognitive function, mental health and wellbeing, Maberly’s talks are engaging and incredibly effective, with her emphasis upon influencing behavioural changes in a corporate environment proving to be a poignant point of difference among this year’s Women’s Health Week speakers.

More on Dr Kerry here




Samantha Jackson

Who else better to lead a discussion on women’s health than one of Australia’s most renowned personal fitness coaches, Samantha Jackson?

After turning her back on the corporate world to pursue a career in health and nutrition, Jackson has become an in-demand celebrity fitness expert, designing a range of wellbeing programs on top of running health workshops and keynotes around the country.

More on Samantha here





Clare Desira

As founder of Top Five Movement – a mindset and resilience training agency that seeks to flip the script on the world of motivational speaking – Clare Desira is all too familiar with the issues facing women today.

Desira has previously delivered behavioural change programs to hundreds of organisations and regularly appears in Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, with her approach towards positive thinking and productivity making her a compelling choice of speaker for this year’s Women’s Health Week.

More on Clare here




Tawnya Bahr

As a professional food consultant, Tawnya Bahr might just be one of the most impressive food sustainability speakers in the country. Tawnya is a dynamic food industry leader whose passion for local produce and support for the foodservice industry is no secret.

For Tawnya, understanding the value of the produce you cook with is incredibly important. Whether she’s cooking commercially or feeding her family she’s always mindful of how and where she sources her ingredients. Tawnya’s love for food and cooking extends beyond the kitchen to production and agriculture. As an industry connector, chef, and founding partner of bespoke food tour company Straight To The Source, she uses her culinary experience as a platform for promoting and supporting sustainable agricultural practices and Australian producers. There is no doubt that Tawnya will bring her unique perspective on food habits with her for this year’s events.

More on Tawnya here



Simone Austin

Simone Austin is a nationally recognised sports dietitian, keynote speaker and author of the wildly popular book Eat Like An Athlete, who brings a compelling and engaging approach to her craft. She’s previously provided nutrition advice to countless big-name Aussie athletes and sporting brands, and even acted as the Hawthorn Football Club’s dietician during their astounding AFL Premiership run between 2008 – 2015.

A passionate speaker on all things fitness, cooking and health, Simone will cut through the noisy nutrition space and show how you can enjoy food, and be healthy too.

More on Simone here





Dr. Jenny Brockis

Interested in learning more about brain training and high-performance thinking? Look no further than educator, author and award-winning speaker Dr. Jenny Brockis.

A lifelong health enthusiast with expertise in brain health, mental wellbeing and social connection, Dr. Brockis is a committed psychological professional with a practical, insightful approach towards cognitive training, and her keynotes are really something quite special to experience.

More on Dr Jenny here





Stephanie Gobbo

Based in Melbourne, Stephanie Gobbo is set to bring her expertise as a naturopath and nutritionist to Women’s Health Week this year.

As a Coeliac, Stephanie has a special interest in digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases, and her work looks to demystify the underlying causes of these conditions. She’s passionate about fitness, food and healthy living, and will be bringing her fresh approach towards health to the table as a speaker for this year’s events.

More on Stephanie here

How to get involved in Women’s Health Week 2023

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