Booking a speaker, entertainer, MC or any talent for the first time can be a daunting experience. To help make the process simpler we have answered the most Frequently Asked Questions below. Of course for further assistance or information please don’t hesitate to contact ICMI on 1800 334 625, +61 3 9529 3711 or email

Are speakers and entertainers flexible with the length of their performance?

Most speakers will be flexible with their performance length. It is important to alert your ICMI consultant to your preferred performance length.

Can I use a speaker or entertainer to promote my event?

In most cases the name and image of the talent may be used to promote your event. However, drafts of all marketing material must be submitted to ICMI for approval prior to printing or going live online. Speakers may also assist with pre-event media interviews where applicable and you can discuss this possibility with your ICMI consultant.

Can we record a speaker or entertainer’s performance?

Your ICMI consultant will be able to clarify whether you can record your speaker or entertainer’s performance. In most cases this will be accommodated, however written permission must be obtained prior to your event.

Does ICMI charge for its service?

ICMI has a single service fee of $299 plus GST, per event. Our service includes booking the talent’s travel and accommodation if required, providing promotional videos where available, contracting the speaker, arranging briefings with the talent and helping you with audio-visual requirements.

How do we go about choosing the right Speaker for our event?

ICMI consultants are the most experienced in Australia and New Zealand. They make it their priority to work with you and meet your requirements to ensure the talent you book not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them! Our goal is to make your event a memorable one.

How long will the speaker or entertainer perform for?

A speaker presentation can last anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes, with most being flexible in the length of their presentation. Entertainers, such as variety artists and comedians, generally perform for 20 to 45 minutes. Again, this can vary depending on your requirements. Your ICMI consultant will help tailor the length of the presentation or performance based on your event program.

How much do I need to budget for my speaker or entertainer?

Fees vary greatly and naturally depend on the talent you want to secure. Fees are impacted by the public or media profile or popularity of the talent. Other contributing factors include event location and performance duration.

Your ICMI consultant will recommend a speaker or entertainer to suit your budget.

Other than the fee for the speaker or entertainer, what additional costs are there?

In addition to the talent’s appearance fee, you will be responsible for any expenses incurred from their appearance at your event (unless the talent has a travel-inclusive fee). As an example, additional expenses may include:

Transportation to and from airports, such as chauffeur, taxi or rental car

Airfare (this can sometimes be business class, however in most cases a flexible economy class airfare is a minimum requirement)



Audio-visual equipment such as data projector and screen, stage, quality audio system or microphones.

What are the payment terms for an ICMI agreement?

On receiving the agreement confirmation, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required. The balance is due 30 days prior to your event.

What happens if the talent I book unexpectedly cannot make the event?

ICMI is involved in thousands of events every year and this is an extremely rare occurrence. In the case of this unlikely event, your ICMI consultant will work closely with you to secure a suitable replacement.

What happens when I have booked my talent?

Once you have decided on your talent, ICMI will email an agreement and invoice to you. ICMI will coordinate all communication between you and the talent. Our experienced administration team generally look after all your queries related to briefing, travel or audio-visual, however your consultant is always available to provide assistance as required.

What should I expect when I contact ICMI?

After an initial briefing, your ICMI consultant will forward a proposal with suitable recommendations for you to review. This will include biographies, specialist profiles, testimonials, a description of what the talent does, and where applicable a promotional video.

What things do I need to consider when booking talent for my event?

It is always helpful to have a clear idea of your ultimate objective. Some considerations include: What is the purpose of the event? What do I want guests to walk away feeling, thinking? What are key issues facing my organisation or industry? If this is an ongoing event, how was previous talent received? What sort of venue is being used? What is the budget? Discussing these questions with your ICMI consultant will help them make suitable recommendations to ensure a most memorable event.

Who does ICMI represent?

With its proud 35 year history, ICMI has direct access to an extensive talent base. Whether it a world leader or Olympian you seek, someone to inspire and motivate, talent to educate and inform, an MC or event facilitator or pure entertainment through a dazzling performance, ICMI has it covered and is the first step you need to take towards making your event extraordinary. We have sourced and secured some of the best speakers and entertainers in the world – many exclusive to ICMI.

Why choose ICMI?

We understand that selecting the most appropriate talent can make or break your event. With more than 35 years experience, ICMI has a proven record of getting it right. Our consultants listen intently to the customer brief and ask the right questions in order to make the best recommendation. With 16 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, ICMI consultants also bring a valuable understanding of their local area.

Will a speaker tailor their talk to suit my brief?

Most speakers are flexible and will tailor their presentation to varying degrees. However, this does ultimately depend on the speaker you secure. Your ICMI consultant can advise you on this.

Will I get to brief the talent directly?

In most cases your speaker or entertainer will contact you two weeks prior to your event for a detailed briefing. Some speakers and entertainers prefer to have a representative do this on their behalf. Your ICMI consultant can advise if this is the case.