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Exceptional Talent

We take our clients seriously

At ICMI, we value expertise and professionalism. We speak honestly and transparently – our Talent trust their relationship with us, knowing that they will be put forward at the right time, and have the right support.

We take our clients seriously. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, too.



Going Above and Beyond The Brief

That’s our talent

Not only do we have access to the most impressive talent in the business, we also have an inherit understanding about what makes an event memorable and engaging.

We understand the flow of the day, and can fit personality, expertise and timing into the one brief.

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Your Success is Our Success

A talented business

ICMI is actually a network of Business Owners, operating under the one well recognised brand. This means our Consultants will always go the extra mile for you to ensure you get the best service possible – they are experts in the business of events and are business owners themselves. We have driven our success for over 30 years by ensuring our clients are successful.

Meet our Team

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Working with ICMI

Your partner in exceptional events

When you engage with the team at ICMI, you are not only working with the most thoughtful and experienced consultants, you are also working with seasoned events specialists. We take pride in being able to smooth the experience for our clients, ensuring that every detail is considered, and that we respond quickly and efficiently if changes arise.

We are able to help you at any step of the journey, whether you need help with brainstorming themes and ideas for your event, or if you already know which talent you want, we can ensure that you get the right delivery from them.

Our expertise delivers across the event spectrum:

  • Present a customised group of talent options to choose from
  • Work to a specific brief and budget
  • Assist with event programming ideas
  • Provide equipment support or recommendations
  • Manage talent logistics: briefing, multimedia support, travel, time
  • Last minute bookings / crisis management

Specialist Expertise

Expert Focus

Whatever speciality your event requires, ICMI has the right person for the right time.

Virtual Events

Now, more than ever, knowing what skills talent possess that can translate from a real-world event to a virtual or hybrid event is paramount. We are actively engaged with our talent to understand who is already skilled in this area, and who is confident and proven at being able to engage a virtual audience.

Some of the key attributes we look out for when considering a virtual or hybrid event include:

  • Experience with conferencing technology, including webinars and video conferencing
  • Technological setup – from office studios to lighting & sound kit, ensuring uninterrupted streaming
  • On-screen delivery, including being able to read an autocue, deliver to camera and engage with a virtual audience

Whilst ICMI may have a lot of Speakers on our books, we aren’t just signing up any Speaker who may approach us. We thoroughly vet all the talent we represent, and continuously maintaining our relationships with them enables us to recommend the right people. Our Speakers are often specialised, and we know that this delivers a memorable event.

We have a range of Speakers for any type of event. Some specialty areas include:

  • Keynote Speakers: From Business Leaders, to Celebrities, to Motivational Speakers. There is a Keynote Speaker at ICMI who will elevate your event.
  • Master of Ceremonies: Host and facilitate your event, from large conferences to intimate workshops.
    After Dinner Speakers: Entertain and delight your guests.
  • Team Building: The right facilitator to engage the team in activities – for both learning and bonding.

Whether it’s after dinner entertainment, a standout singer, or just looking to include some laughs at your event, there is a smorgasbord of delightful and engaging entertainers to choose from at ICMI.

We have a range of entertainers for any type of event. Some specialty areas include:

  • Bands and Musicians: From Cabaret and variety artists, to solo singers or blues bands, music can help set the tone of your event and capture your audience.
  • Celebrities: Comedians, Singers, Artists or Actors – recognisable talent can make your event a talking point for years to come.
  • Circus Acts: Acrobatic, Magicians and Roving Entertainment – bring some surprise and delight your audience!
  • Humour: Corporate Humour, Hoaxes, Impersonators – expect the unexpected and keep your audience engaged.

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