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Celebrity Guest Speakers

When organising corporate events, nothing grabs attention and allure like a guest celebrity speaker. From gracing our screens to reaching the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields, celebrities captivate audiences like no other. They can serve as the perfect celebrity keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, or even lend their talents to entertain, host, or facilitate a session with your guests.

With their wealth of experience and unwavering confidence, celebrity speakers are true experts in their craft. Their exceptional communication skills and stage presence are guaranteed to deliver that awe-inspiring factor that leaves attendees in awe. So, if you are looking to create an unforgettable event, a celebrity speaker could be your ultimate secret weapon.

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Celebrity Speaker FAQs

How much do celebrity speakers generally cost?

Celebrity speaker fees vary depending on location, experience, profile status, and demand. Our consultants are here to help find a Speaker to match your event requirements and budget, as speaker costs differ significantly. If budget is a concern, we recommend searching for speakers in your state (Use the ‘Location’ filter when searching for celebrity speakers across our website).

Can I book celebrity speakers directly?

Generally no; most reputable celebrity speakers are represented and have a team managing the booking and any associated logistics to ensure a smooth event. In addition, ICMI can assist with arranging alternative options in the rare case that something unavoidable (illness, personal issue) prevents the speaker from attending the event.

What are the benefits of using ICMI for booking speakers?

Match the right speaker to your next event hassle-free. ICMI provides a tailored selection of celebrity speakers for you to choose from based on your specific requirements, budget and event audience. We connect you with Australia’s best speaking talent, looking after all the speaker’s logistics so you can focus on delivering the best event possible for your audience. We can support you with briefings, programme ideas, suitable equipment, last minutes booking and crisis management.

How can I learn about a speaker before making my decision? provides visitors with detailed celebrity speaker profiles that help you to create a short list of talent that may meet your requirements. However, the best way is to connect with a consultant who understands the most suitable talent options to meet your event type and budget. They take the effort out of searching through hundreds of options and will help to explore speakers of interest that will provide you with the outcomes you are looking for.

Will I have the opportunity to make contact with the speaker prior to booking and/or the engagement?

Yes, this is encouraged. Typically a briefing call is recommended between the client and the celebrity speaker to discuss the intended outcomes, event proceedings and provide context on the audience attending to support the speaker in creating the most memorable event possible.

Is it possible to record a speaker’s presentation?

This will vary depending on the celebrity speaker, however permission is always required prior to recording any speaker.