16 Dec 2021

Leading the Charge: Australia’s Finest and Most Inspiring Athlete Speakers

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Australia is a nation of sports lovers, so it’s only natural that we look to our sporting heroes to inspire and motivate us. Our greatest sports stars make fantastic motivational speakers and inspirational speakers. They know what it takes to succeed, often under challenging circumstances. Whether you’re looking to organise events centred on health and wellbeing, inspiring school kids or addressing a room full of businesspeople, these speakers can connect with empathy and speak from the heart. They showcase resilience and grit and leave audiences empowered and inspired.


A photo of Anna Meares OAM

Anna Meares OAM

Anna Meares OAM is considered by many to be the greatest Australian cyclist of all time and made Olympic history in Rio in 2016 by being the first and only Australian athlete to have ever won individual medals at 4 consecutive Olympic Games.

A true inspiration, Anna has an emotional tale of how she built her resilience and leaves her audiences inspired to do the same.

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Harry Garside

Harry Garside is a plumber, casual ballet dancer, and more notably an Olympic bronze medallist in lightweight boxing. Harry’s win at Tokyo 2020 marked the first time in more than three decades that an Australian has medalled in boxing at the Olympics and was a historic moment for our nation.

Harry has enthralling insights on how to train outside the box, and is more than happy to answer any questions about Olympic glory along the way. Much-loved by his audiences, Harry is a must-have at your next sporting event.

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Jelena Dokic

A former world number 4, popular tennis commentator and best-selling author of her autobiography ‘Unbreakable’, Jelena Dokic’s story of survival is nothing short of remarkable, both on and off the court.

Jelena’s remarkable story of survival will inspire and move your audience, and ultimately leave them itching to make positive changes in their own lives.

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Turia Pitt

Turia Pitt is an athlete and a survivor. Trapped in a grass fire as she ran a 100km ultramarathon at the age of 24, Turia survived life-threatening burns to most of her body, many surgeries and months of difficult recovery.

Having defied all medical expectations, today Turia speaks about where she finds her resilience. She is a deeply inspirational speaker and is a fantastic guest keynote speaker at virtual events in 2022.

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Dylan Alcott OAM

Australia’s Dylan Alcott is the only male ever to win the tennis ‘golden slam’, having taken home winning titles at Wimbledon, the US, Australian and French Opens, as well as a gold medal in Tokyo in 2020. With his litany of medals and titles, Dylan is the greatest wheelchair tennis player of all time.

Off the court, Dylan is the founder of the Dylan Alcott Foundation, seeking to support young people coming to terms with a disability. His tireless work as a disability advocate and his ability to deeply connect with an audience makes Dylan one of Australia’s premier sports speakers.

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Moana Hope

Moana Hope is a powerhouse both on and off the field. At just 16 she first donned the AFL jersey that would go on to define her career. In 2016 she reached an impressive milestone and became the first female player in history to kick 100 goals.

When she’s not playing, Moana cares for her younger sister, who lives with a disability. Throughout her career, she has shown dedication and resilience, and this has made her a heavily sought after celebrity athlete speaker.

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Peter Bol OLY

Peter Bol’s incredible fourth place in the men’s 800m track final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games had all of Australia on the edge of its collective seat. While he didn’t take home a medal, he did take home his country’s love and admiration. With Sudanese roots, Peter Bol’s family fled violence and civil war to make their home in Australia.

Peter speaks candidly about his journey to becoming the inspirational sportsperson that he is today. He is a motivational and inspirational speaker with true insight into life’s twists and turns.

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Kurt Fearnley AO

Kurt Fearnley has never let his disability hold him back from achieving his dreams. He has crawled the great wall of china and completed the Kokoda Trail. Born without the lower portion of his spine, Kurt is a three-time gold-winning Paralympian and inspirational speaker.

One of Australia’s premier sports speakers, he talks about his lust for adventure and his drive to work harder and go further.

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Ariarne Titmus

Ariarne Titmus shot to Australia-wide fame during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, when she beat the US reigning 200m and 400m champion, Katie Ledecky. With several world records under her belt, Ariarne is set for a long and successful swimming career.

When she’s not training, Ariarne studies sports and exercise at university and speaks about her extraordinary rise to Olympic fame. Her youth and drive for success make her relatable to audiences everywhere and she is a fantastic celebrity athlete speaker.

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Cate Campbell OAM

Cate Campbell OAM has been the backbone of Australia’s women’s swimming hopes for almost a decade. Both in and out of the water she is inspirational and is a World, Olympic and Commonwealth Games champion. Cate has represented Australia at four Olympic Games and was part of the 4x100m relay team that set a new world record at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As one of the country’s top sport speakers, Cate captivates her audience with her story of sporting success and her drive.

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Kaylee McKeown

Kaylee McKeown is another of Australia’s rising stars in the swimming pool. With her first Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 just behind her, Kaylee has taken home the world record for the 100m backstroke at just 20 years of age. While her professional life takes off, her personal life has been marred by grief. Just before she swam for Australia at Tokyo 2020, Kaylee lost her father to brain cancer.

As an inspirational speaker, Kaylee’s journey spans personal heartache and professional success. Her youth and openness resonate with audiences everywhere.

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Rohan Browning

Rohan Browning is the second-fastest Australian of all time. Tokyo 2020 saw him become the first Australian to compete in the men’s 100m sprint in 17 years. Rohan has overcome injury and gone on to become a formidable athlete.

His grit and resilience in this gruelling, speedy race are inspiring and motivating.

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Steven Bradbury OAM

Steven Bradbury has made the transition from Australia’s only Winter Olympics gold medalist to after-dinner speaker, motivational speaker and guest keynote speaker seamlessly. 2023 will see a movie about his life released, where audiences will gain some insight into this truly unique individual and what makes him tick. With over 1000 events in 19 countries under his belt, Steven is a top pick for a guest keynote speaker at any event.

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Kevin Sheedy AO

Kevin Sheedy knows his AFL. A four-time AFL premiership coach and someone with a deep commitment to the game, Kevin has been living and breathing AFL for many decades. He is a top choice for a sports speaker as his wealth of knowledge means he can motivate like no other.

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Simon O’Donnell

Simon O’Donnell’s life has been anything but uneventful. Excelling in both AFL and cricket, his sporting career has seen him reach great professional heights. However, shortly after a cricket world cup success, he was diagnosed with cancer. A lengthy battle between him and his illness ensued, which Simon won.

Over the past quarter of a century, Simon has dedicated himself to sports media. He is a fantastic choice for a celebrity athlete speaker and leaves audiences everywhere inspired.

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Kerri Pottharst OAMA headshot of Kerri Pottharst OAM holding a volleyball

Kerri Pottharst has represented Australia in indoor and beach volleyball for the last 22 years. Her drive for success allows her to connect with audiences everywhere as she tells her story with humour and empathy.

As a health and wellbeing expert, speaker, author and presenter, Kerri is a great choice as a guest keynote speaker.

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Peter FitzSimons AM

Peter FitzSimons’ career has been more varied than most. A former rugby union player, Peter is best known for his successful journalism career. He has written for a variety of media outlets, most notably his 25+ year career at the Sydney Morning Herald. Sometimes provocative, always a worthwhile read, Peter enthrals audiences with his storytelling ability and makes an excellent guest keynote speaker at any event.

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Billy Brownless

Billy Brownless is a former AFL player for Geelong, a club with which he had great professional success. Today, his career is focused on television and radio, where he uses his storytelling ability to bring sporting joy into the lives of many.

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These speakers are some of the best sports speakers in Australia. Their varied experiences, both professionally and personally give them the ability to connect with any audience, anywhere. They speak from the heart and are both motivational and inspirational speakers. A celebrity athlete speaker is a drawcard for any event program and Australians’ love of sport means sport speakers will resonate on a deep level. Contact us today to book any of the above speakers for your next event.

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