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Key Points for Hayley Lewis OAM

  • Hayley Lewis OAM won 5 gold medals at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games at the age of 15.
  • She became one of Australia’s youngest ever world champions by winning the 200m freestyle at the Perth World Championships in 1991.
  • Hayley Lewis won silver and bronze in 1992 at her first Olympics, followed by more medals at the 1993 Pan Pacs, 1994 Commonwealth Games, 1995 World Championships and 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
  • Hayley was the host of reality show – The Biggest Loser for 5 seasons.
  • Hayley Lewis is the successful author of the small business book, Dream, Believe, Create: A Woman’s Guide to Small Business.

Topics for Hayley Lewis OAM

  • Mindset
    Society often refers to the mindset as 'fixed' or growth'. A person with a fixed mindset is not open to the idea that they are capable of more than they believe they can achieve,  while a person with a growth mindset is aware that their abilities are endless, everchanging and evolving. Hayley's personal experiences with mindset go back to her younger years when she was a developing swimmer and 'growth' mindset was crucial to believing in her own abilities. In a team/working environment, the concept is no different. A team has to work with the notion that success has no boundaries.
  • Change
    As an athlete, Hayley Lewis was aware that her life was dramatically going to change, and there was an invisible clock ticking down. Why do some athletes make the transition/change from athlete to non-athlete so fluidly and others struggle? The audience will benefit from Hayley's experiences of how to 'prepare and welcome change'. The defining reason is self-belief!! An individual with self-belief is not phased by change, but if you don't believe in yourself, can this be a learned trait?
  • Adaption, rebuilding, reinvention
    Similar to change, in a sense, but reinventing who you are as a person as well as your workplace can be life-changing. As a small business owner, re-invention is a key component to staying 'unique'. Owning a retail store for the past ten years has made Hayley Lewis very aware of how adapting to current trends, understanding her customers and constantly re-inventing her store is vital to remaining successful. There is no room for stagnation in small business - reinvention is the key!
  • Goal setting 
    Hayley Lewis' experience with goal setting and how important it facilitates other traits (motivation) was a concept she learned very early on in life. As an 8-year-old, Hayley watched the Commonwealth Games from the stands of the Chandler swimming pool and knew that wearing the green and gold was her primary goal. This experience with goal setting has stayed with Hayley right through into her life now as a small business owner. Without realistic goals, motivation is almost unattainable.
  • Staying true to yourself
    In the fickle world of social media, it's very easy to lose sight of what is important in your life. Hayley had a taste of this when she started hosting The Biggest Loser. She had been open to public scrutiny as a swimmer, but never to the same extent as on TV. After 5 years, Hayley gained invaluable insight into how to best manage other's perceptions of who you are as a person. Staying true to who you are, having self-confidence and a high self-efficacy will eliminate the 'care-factor' of what others conclude about you. This is an empowering trait to build within.
  • MC / Facilitator
    Adaptable, charming, sincere are some of the traits which describe Hayley Lewis as an MC and facilitator. As the host of The Biggest Loser and with years of experience on the conference circuit, Hayley understands the importance and impact an experienced MC has on making an event successful and memorable.

Testimonials for Hayley Lewis OAM

Hayley Lewis was easy to work with, very down to earth and friendly, and an all-round excellent presenter. She was very highly rated by our audience and many have said she is the best presenter they have ever seen.   
Australian Property Institute

Hayley Lewis was an excellent MC and Guest speaker for our event. Wonderfully professional and unexpectedly funny, our guests thought she was great and she really made the evening.
Department of Tourism and Culture

Hayley Lewis was a perfect fit for this event, some very relevant messages that were consistent throughout the day.  So genuine and down to earth, hard work pays off. 
Imagine Experiences

Hayley Lewis is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Hayley attended an informal cocktail party and next day as guest speaker at our annual Stress Less Day luncheon.  She is such a genuine, honest person and sincerely friendly.  Her speech was about work/life balance and how she dealt with it, or how sometimes not.  At the luncheon Hayley was both funny and poignant about her business dealings and how she was touched by family tragedy.  Hayley spoke for ½ hour longer than planned yet nobody left the room. A lot of the guests could not stay back for chats and photos with Hayley however those that did enjoyed the interaction immensely.  Feedback on Hayley Lewis was excellent
Worklink Employment Support Group

Hayley Lewis was a showstopper! We received overwhelming feedback that Hayley is genuine, authentic, self-depracating and so funny. She had our audience consistently in stitches. Two of our members even said they enjoyed hearing from her more than Richard Branson and Olivia Newton-John! Go Hayley, we'd love to have you back with Business Chicks any time.
Wentworth Sofitel

Everyone had good feedback and enjoyed her presentation, warming personality. She was also lovely and easy to deal with
Leading Edge Electronics