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Key Points for Anna Meares OAM

  • Anna Meares OAM has become just the sixth and youngest ever athlete elevated to “legend” status in the SA Sport Hall of Fame, 2021.
  • Anna was inducted into Sport Australia Hall of Fame, 2021.
  • In Rio Anna Meares became the first Australian Athlete to ever win four medals at four different Olympic Games.
  • Over the years Anna has collected 44 medals at Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games levels.
  • Anna Meares was honoured to be flagbearer and Team captain at the 2016 Rio Olympics and 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  • Anna overcame major life-threatening trauma in January 2008 when she broke her neck. Less than 8 months later through outstanding determination she won a Silver medal the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • An accomplished speaker, Anna Meares talks about sportsmanship, success and the power of the mind over the body. "Success is not about staying un-defeated" she says "It's about how you handle defeat - that's what makes a true champion on the track and off it".
  • 2016 Rio Olympics - flagbearer, team captain and bronze medallist.
  • 2012 London Olympics - Gold and Bronze medallist.
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics – Silver medallist.
  • 2004 Athens Olympics - Gold and Bronze medallist.
  • Anna meares is the winner of 11 World Titles making her the most successful female cyclist in history when she retired.
  • Winner of 8 Commonwealth Games medals, (5 Gold).
  • Anna Meares was inducted into the SA and Qld Sport Hall of Fame in 2018.
  • Became a qualified foster carer in 2018.
  • Appointed to General Manager of Commonwealth Games Australia, 2020.
  • Anna Meares was a commentator at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games for the Seven Network bringing unrivalled insight to the cycling competition.
  • Anna was appointed Chef de Mission of the Australian Olympic Team for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Topics for Anna Meares OAM

  • Sportsmanship
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Success 
  • The power of the mind over the body
  • Dealing with change
  • Marginal gains
  • Psychology of success
  • Goals
  • Strategy creation and execution
  • Performance under pressure
  • Self-awareness
  • Data collection and analysis

Testimonials for Anna Meares OAM

Anna’s presentation was exceptional and was well received by all attendees at our conference. Anna’s story was inspirational and highlighted key themes of resilience and overcoming adversity with the support of her family and team. Hands down the best keynote speaker we have had, it will now be hard to find a speaker who is able to meet the attendees expectations. 

Anna was fantastic - great story, great delivery, and she was really engaged with our team and our guests both before and after her keynote. Would book her again without hesitation. 
Enware/Watts Water 

It was an absolute privilege to have Anna Meares as a speaker at our event, 'Inspiring South Australian Women Impacting the World - Issues of our Time.' Anna's presence lit up the room and left a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. Anna was truly impressive, she was the most extraordinary speaker and completely embodied the title of the Event Inspiring South Australian Women. Anna's message transcended sports; it resonated with professionals, students, and advocates of all backgrounds. Her humility and authenticity made her not just an Olympic champion but a relatable and inspiring figure for all of us striving to excel in their fields. Her presence enriched our event, and her story will undoubtedly continue to motivate and empower those fortunate enough to have heard it. We are immensely grateful to Anna Meares for gracing our event and leaving an indelible mark on all of us. 
Australia Day Council

Anna was an absolutely fantastic speaker! She was a joy to work with in the lead up to the event, and her closing presentation was wonderful. Not only did she share her story with us, but we felt like we got to know her a little better. Her stage presence was excellent and her use of slides/videos complimented her speech perfectly. I would love to work with her again in the future.
Women & Leadership Australia

Absolutely amazing. Everyone thought it was brilliant. Audience was captivated.
Grain Industry Association of Victoria

Anna Meares OAM was outstanding with excellent feedback from students, parents and staff on what an impressive and inspirational speaker.
Morton Bay College

In one word AMAZING! Anna Meares' beautiful personality and professionalism shone through on Friday! She is so easy to talk to and was absolutely engaged with our guests. Her interviewing style is second to none and for 30 minutes a room of 720 people was absolutely silent. We have had many guests comment on how wonderful she was as a guest speaker. We would have her again!
St Gregory's College Campbelltown

Anna Meares absolutely nailed her keynote presentation and ensured that our Convention began on such an uplifted note. Her incredible story, lessons learned and key take-away messages resonated with all of our delegates and partners who all sat there spell-bound throughout Anna’s presentation. Two days later the most common statement still being made at our Convention is “How fantastic was Anna Meares!” Thank you Anna.
Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

Anna Meares spoke beautifully on her experiences as an athlete. She connected so well with the playing group that she spoke to and really gave perspective to the group and brought to life many of the messages and concepts we have been working on. Anna was very giving with her time and was flexible to fit with our needs.
The Scorpians
South Australian Women's Cricket Team

Anna Meares was very professional, spoke clearly and with definite direction and intention. Her overall presentation was amazing.
Women in Educational Leadership

Anna Meares drew a crowd – our exhibitors all came in for the session, and certainly didn’t disappoint anyone – people were still talking about her presentation the next day. One of the impressive things about Anna’s presentation related to her being able to weave something she had heard in the previous presentation, and which was of significant interest to the delegates, into her presentation, and to make it humorous for an issue that was a little contentious – Anna did this in a very natural way that recognised the significance but also brought some humour into it, not at all disrespectfully. Overall – amazing presentation that touched all.
Edmund Rice Education Australia

We did not have one negative comment and some of our toughest guys were moved to tears. Others commented this was our best speaker yet.
Hire and Rental Industry Association

Anna Meares OAM is an absolute inspiration.  Our clients were intrigued with her amazing journey and hanging onto every word! A few even got emotional!

Booked after hearing her at the women’s showcase a couple of years ago, Anna did not disappoint. Her story is inspiring, engaging and uplifting.  She was also a beautiful person to deal with.
National Mortgage Brokers

Anna Meares OAM was excellent. Her story and delivery was inspiring and really fit into our overall conference theme and messaging
Goldman Group

Anna Meares OAM was a fantastic speaker and consummate professional. She spoke honestly and passionately which absolutely shone through. Our audience were totally engrossed in what she had to say and we had a lot of requests for autographs and photos afterwards.
George P Johnson Australia

Absolutely outstanding and rewarded with a standing ovation - it doesn’t get much better that that! Tells a fascinating story without trying to concoct a false way to intertwine with your event.
ProVision Eyecare 

Anna Meares was so very easy to look after from the time that we greeted her when she arrived to the time that we drove her back to her hotel accommodation at the end of our event. She was very accommodating, and engaging. Anna ‘wow’ed’ us all both as guests and event staff, and made a fantastic presentation to our dinner guests that they all really connected with. Anna went ‘above & beyond’ in her readiness to stay and take photos with our guests and chat with them as they asked questions of her, etc. One of the best athlete/sport speakers I’ve heard in awhile.
Municipal Association of Victoria

Anna Meares OAM was brilliant. Our delegates instantly warmed to her and her story was breathtaking. She was generous with her time, taking questions after speaking and then staying around for at least half an hour afterwards to meet people and allow photos and sign autographs. We have had nothing but great feedback. 
Hardware and Building Traders

Anna Meares was so friendly and down to earth. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Community Living and Respite Services Inc.

Anna Meares was outstanding from her arrival to her departure. The time she took to talk with girls prior to her presentation was appreciated as was that she gave upon conclusion to sign autographs in the grounds and answer additional questions. Anna’s presentation was second to none.  Her personal warmth, good humour and ability to build a wonderful rapport with the audience resulted in a powerful and memorable talk. Our students and staff took much away on a variety of different levels. In short, she is a rocket ship and anchor all in one.
St Peters Girls School, Adelaide

An inspiring message that can be applied to business and life. A delight to work with.
Master Builders Australia

Anna Meares OAM was fantastic. Her story was inspirational and reflective of the strength of her character.
NSW Police Force

Anna Meares’ keynote was inspirational. In an industry that throws up so many challenges it was incredibly powerful for our attendees to hear how Anna has overcome those obstacles both physically and emotionally. Little wonder she is a world champion.
Cooley Auctions

Anna Meares is a delight to work with and delivered over and beyond. She had our small group enthralled for an hour.  
Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd.

Anna Meares’ speech was outstanding and an absolute highlight for our event.  She was both inspirational and motivational and was extremely generous with her time.  We especially valued the time she spent with the audience afterwards in speaking with her fans as well as allowing photos and signing autographs.  Everyone in attendance was on an absolute high following Anna’s speech and she set the scene and a high standard for what was a great week for CQ University in hosting the Northern University Games.  We cannot speak highly enough of Anna’s commitment and support of this event.
CQ University

Outstanding, better than excellent!!
QUIT Bunbury Speedway

Anna Meares OAM was an inspirational presenter and very entertaining. She was so open with her journey and shared the heart aches and successes in an inclusive way. Everyone was very moved and more determined than ever following Anna’s presentation.
Belle Property

Anna Meares is an absolute inspiration and engaging presenter.
Local Government Association SA

Anna has just delivered a keynote address to our annual Professionals Congress in Perth. Her presentation was outstanding and received rave reviews from our attendees. It was on topic, well delivered and inspirational. It was easy to see that Anna's professional approach to cycling has flowed through to her speaking. She was a pleasure to work with in the lead-in to the congress and generous with her time afterwards for photos. Another gold medal performance!
Chair, Financial Planning Association of Australia 

Anna Meares was such a lovely person, and had a wonderful story of sheer determination that moved us all
Enterprise & Training Company Limited

Anna Meares OAM was brilliant, she was warm, professional, engaging, motivating, emotional, genuine and funny. Anna had the room captured, she ran over time but that was absolutely fine because guests were loving her. Anna exceeded my expectations. We have received so many comments from guests. Anna worked the room talking to the guests at pre-dinner drinks and around the boardroom table (50 people). Anna met with me before to view the room, talk through the event and personally sign her book, which each guest received.