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Key Points for Katrina Webb OAM

  • Katrina Webb OAM is an Australian sporting legend, Paralympic athlete winner of three Gold Medals.
  • She is the Founding Director of Newday Leadership and is the Director of Silver 2 Gold High Performance Solutions.
  • Katrina Webb is a global Ambassador for the International Paralympic Committee .
  • She impressed audiences on a global scale, speaking at the United Nations International Year of Sport held in New York.
  • Katrina Webb was a reporter for Seven's Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Topics for Katrina Webb OAM

  • Tomorrows gold - Leading into uncertain futures
    The world has changed, and what looked like success yesterday has also undergone a rapid transformation. As a leader, we must adapt and evolve in a brand new world where the focus is shifting from shareholders to stakeholders, from capitalism to community and from profit to purpose. You may have stood on the winning podium yesterday, but what got you there yesterday won’t win you a gold medal tomorrow. The games have changed, and the rules are revolutionary.
    In Tomorrow’s Gold, Katrina Webb unlocks the key trends that are redefining leadership in the 21st century in addition to providing a blueprint for navigating high performance as a leader in unchartered territory. Adaptability, resilience, empathy and diversity are converging to create a new kind of alchemy. One where community, creating a new currency. A new golden thread to leadership in the next economy.
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a refreshed perspective on leadership in the 21st century. Despite an uncertain future, those who lead for gold will have an innate focus on what it is to be human, and what it is to care for humankind. The only anchor in a world that is changing before our eyes.
    Key Outcomes
    • Leading Through Uncertainty
    • Building Hope and Resilience
    • Decode Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Alchemize - Accountability in age of self leadership
    Ideas have been circulating about the gig economy and remote working for the last few years, but no one could have anticipated the impact of COVID-19 in disrupting how and where we work. Working from home also poses new challenges. In an age of rapid change, how do we alchemize performance working with an entirely new set of rules?
    In this presentation, participants are taken through a three-phase process enabling them to audit priority management, energy management and mind management. Katrina Webb provides insights and necessary tools that she has developed in her career as both an athlete and a corporate high performance coach.
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation with insights into how to maintain focus and set healthy boundaries when working independently. They will gain a better understanding of how to manage priorities effectively. They will also decode self-motivation and master the art of self-leadership in an age where the most significant influence we have is the influence we have over ourselves.
    Key Outcomes
    • Feel empowered to work from home
    • Tools in high performance
    • Master Self Leadership
  • The golden minority - Diversity’s hidden treasure
    When we think of Diversity and Inclusion, our unconscious bias often leads us to generalised examples. Examples of this include relating disability to a person visibly disabled, or on a cultural level, we may think of racial minorities. It is not often that we consider what we cannot see. The less obvious examples of disability or difference. The person who is suffering a mental health condition, the victim of an abusive situation, or someone who is living with a learning difficulty.
    In this presentation, Katrina Webb shares her journey of living with a hidden disability - Cerebral Palsy. The content has a specific focus on viewing diversity as the hidden treasure for an individual both personally and professionally. Katrina will take leaders through a process, empowering them with the tools to decode hidden diversity to ignite innovation via inclusion of what is seen, and more significantly what is unseen.
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation with the tools to amplify hidden potential and performance in people and to inspire a more inclusive and innovative culture. They will develop skills to influence with integrity and to enhance empathy and emotional intelligence. This activates a sense of purpose, adaptability and cohesion within an organisational culture. The Golden Minority is diversity’s hidden treasure.
    Key Outcomes
    • Enhance Inclusion leading to Innovation
    • Ignite Human Potential
    • Build empathy and emotional intelligence
    • Build connection and culture
  • Hosting and Emceeing
    Katrina Webb is a highly sort after host/emcee and facilitator. Her warmth, knowledge and experience will make your next event or conference an enjoyable and successful one.

Testimonials for Katrina Webb OAM

 Katrina Webb’s strong delivery of her story and the conviction she told it in, along with the tools she gave to the team and the examples of how she has applied these to help her was very well received by the team. Well done and thank you for sharing your personal story with us. Some wonderful take outs for our team as we head into closure of our site. No surprise she will be busy this year.  
Big W Monarto Regional Distribution Centre

Your speech was everything and more, and the feedback has been incredible.
Project Coordinator

Her presentation encompassed enablement, resilience and highlighted insights critical for all of us in successfully becoming adults.
Professor of Pediatrics
University of Chicago

The events at Cardiff Castle for the announcement of the Australian Flag Bearer and the Live London Dream Rio event at Australia House were hugely successful. The success was mainly due to you adding such a personal touch as an emcee to the formalities which created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The pleasure was all ours.

We would like to thank you for your involvement as MC at this year’s Roll of Excellence. The detail and humour you put into the night was well received by everyone at the event.
Jetstar Little Athletics

Absolutely terrific.
St Pauls College

Katrina Webb exceeded all expectations, inspired those who had not heard her before and re-inspired those who had. Katrina took pride in knowing her audience and had them all feeling fantastic. Very professional yet makes everyone feel very comfortable. We sincerely thank Katrina for her support.
Kerry's Consultants

Katrina Webb’s was one of the highlights from the three-week ING International Graduate Programme. Her message was on target - sharing with the group of young, high potentials from around the world, that they can make a difference even in adverse circumstances. She immediately captured and engaged the audience. I also so appreciated that she wanted to spend time getting to know the group. Her authenticity and genuine concern came through. I would not hesitate in recommending her to others and would definitely engage her again.
ING International Graduate Programme - Project Lead

What an amazing impact you had at our awards lunch on Friday. Your great stage presence, im­maculate timing and perfect perception about the audience connecting your experience to their own, all made for a magnificent presentation! Thank you so much for giving what you did - you made a difference!
First National Real Estate

Katrina Webb has spoken a number of times at The National Young Leaders Day, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. She has always made time for us in her busy schedule, as she sees the value in contributing to the lives of Australia’s future leaders. We have always received great feedback from both teachers and students who attend our event, that they have been inspired, motivated and encouraged from her presentation. Over the years, she has continued to bring a ‘fresh’ contribution, and her life is a great example of the themes she speaks about.
Halogen Foundation

Just a quick e-mail to say a big thank you for your talk last week to the GHD business school at the Hyatt in Adelaide. It made us look inside and take stock, look at where we were, where we all wanted to be and how we could get there as standing still is definitely a step backwards. Inspiring and energizing!!
GHD Goldfields Manager

Katrina Webb was fantastic and thoroughly addressed issues identified for the group. Much positive feed­back was received and several people have reported changing their daily activities as a result of Katrina’s inspirational story.
 Open Access College

Katrina Webb is an absolute gem.  On the day she was very professional, engaging and efficient.  Our audience really connected with er and she helped the day to flow beautifully.  Even with a few hiccups with speakers' timings, Katrina managed to keep the day on track.  I would highly recommend her as an MC and/or motivational speaker.  I felt privileged to have met her and have her as our events MC.
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation