29 Feb 2024

Wow Audiences at Your Next Event With Our Entertainment Roster

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When it comes to corporate events, don’t be afraid of doing something different. Our ICMI roster is a well-known resource for finding engaging and inspirational business leaders, entrepreneurs, sporting icons, journalists and MCs. However, we’re also a great hub when you’re looking to add world-class entertainment to your event. 

From magicians and illusionists to dance groups, puppeteers and circus performers, there’s plenty of ways to wow your audience. Create a memorable event with one of these highlights from our incredible entertainment roster.




Mesmerise your crowd with jaw-dropping magic demonstrations from Australia’s number one illusionist, escape artist and magician Cosentino. Known for delivering unforgettable theatrical shows with unexpected twists and turns, enjoy everything from baffling magic tricks to heart stopping escapes. Complete with audience participation and plenty of humour and fun, it’s a show to remember.

Adam & Selena


Enter the depths of mystery and illusion with world-renowned magic duo Adam & Selena. Since performing together in the 1990s, Adam and Selena have mastered their art form. They captivate audiences across the world with their unique showmanship, spectacular illusions and a slick performance style perfect for your corporate function.


Dom Chambers


Add some exciting and dynamic entertainment to your corporate event with Dom Chambers, an internationally award-winning magician and comedian known for his viral internet videos and modern magic tricks, which includes making beers appear from thin air.​ Equal parts hilarious and mind-blowing, Dom’s show is tailored for sit down dinners, end-of-year functions and other corporate events and is sure to make a long lasting impact on every guest.

Aerial Angels


If you’re looking for entertainment that leaves your attendees gasping in amazement, the stunning ballet on air style performance from the Aerial Angels may be perfect for your next event. These uncompromising aerialists are well known across the world for their unique performances. Wow your audience with a performance that showcases their strength, agility, style and grace.

Dean Atkinson


One of the funniest and unique comedians in Australia, ventriloquist Dean Atkinson turns this old art form into an exciting, fast paced comedy act that leaves every audience in hysterics. Dean’s show is a great way to add something different to your corporate event. Enjoy plenty of laughs, with his likeable personality, versatility and incredible skill capturing the hearts of crowds every time.

Sarah Rowan


Australia’s top female speed painter Sarah Rowan is a captivating and thought-provoking entertainer, with a unique talent for combining storytelling with fast-paced painting in a creative and incredibly engaging way. It’s this talent that’s captured the attention of clients like Google, ANZ, Hewlett Packard, AMP, Beam Suntory, Mi9 and the Business Chamber of NSW. 

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