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Key Points for Dr Dianne McGrath

  • Dr Dianne McGrath CMP CSP BEd (sec), GD Marketing, GD EnvMgt, GD SustPrac. is a modern-day explorer beyond what is thought possible. Her mind-set and process for exploring unfathomable opportunities is unmatched.
  • Dianne was one of the 100 candidates worldwide for Mars One, a project to set up the first human colony on Mars. Dianne prepared for a future Mars Mission, transforming her life on Earth along the way.
  • One of Australia's few biohackers, self-experiments, and researchers, Dianne McGrath applies leading edge thinking and technology to transform her health and life to become the best version of herself possible: Dianne 2.0. She has reversed vision impairment, improved bone mass, turned back the ageing process, increased cognitive function, healed 'unhealed' wounds, and guided others on their own self-optimisation journeys.
  • An expert on sustainability, Dianne McGrath is a Director on the board of the Open Food Network, a not-for-profit organisation in the food sustainability / community food space.
  • Dianne’s research focuses on the tremendous food waste in the hospitality sector, including cafes, restaurants, pubs, catering and take away.
  • With expertise in environmental management, sustainable practice, food sustainability and food security, as well as policy development, marketing, retail, hospitality and tourism, Dianne McGrath sees the issue from all sides. 
  • Other keynotes cover: social license to operate (e.g., values/ethics in decision-making; risk management; establishing business culture; upskilling oneself and the organization; trust, integrity and leadership).
  • Dianne McGrath is also a university lecturer, academic researcher, podcaster, author, artist and Director.
  • Media appearances include: ABC 24 The World, TEDxMelbourne, Studio 10, Sunrise, SpaceUp Australia conference, Women Say Something, Future Crunch, Mars Lab at Powerhouse Museum, The Project, Channel 7 News, Huddle Design Week and The Wheeler Centre, Transition Film Festival, Phenomenom and War on Waste. Diane has also featured in numerous radio, print and online articles around the world, as well as in four documentaries including Mars Calling by 5&A Films. 

Topics for Dr Dianne McGrath

  • Sustainability in your world
    Sustainability is about ensuring today’s resources are available for future use – no matter what they are. Dianne McGrath's empowering talk brings sustainability into the everyday using of case studies, examples and interaction with participants – personally and for their business.
  • Your Mars journey
    An engaging and inspiring talk about Dianne McGrath's journey to Mars. The talk touches on her history, the Mars One mission, why she signed up, how it's affected her life, and the lessons she has learnt for life on Earth.
  • It's all about perspective: ordinary people, extraordinary goals
    A motivational talk that examines courage, how we are all courageous in different ways, setting goals and having a sense of purpose or a vision, and how to take those first steps.
  • Test it, don't guess it
    A stimulating talk showing how embracing self-experimentation can teach us about ourselves and our businesses, and how to find innovative ‘hacks’ to create quantum leaps forward in health, mindset and all aspects of personal and professional life.

Testimonials for Dr Dianne McGrath

Terrific presentation, unique story and well told and perfectly pitched.   
Coleman Greig Lawyers

Dianne McGrath was engaging and thought provoking. Many people commented on why…? But we all realised we were listening to somebody who aspires to be more, and who strives to go on to inspire humanity.
ESS Support Services Worldwide

Dianne McGrath e was great and everyone enjoyed her presentation and were very interested and keen to ask questions. Dianne had a great communication style and connection with the staff. Could’ve chatted on for hours at question time. Will be following Dianne’s journey through the process.
Mentone Grammar

Dianne McGrath was fantastic, both on the day of the event and leading up to it. Dianne was also extremely approachable during the briefing process, which made our job so much easier. She was incredibly engaging and spoke exceptionally well, with guests entertained from start to finish.  

An excellent presentation and summary of an inspiring journey which resonated with the team in terms of aspirations, goals, and breaking personal and professional boundaries. A truly formidable individual, whom is in many ways is already a winner.
AMP Growth Transformation Program

Dianne McGrath was a great speaker. She was engaging, knowledgeable and on brief. Feedback from attendees was very positive and they thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.
Animal Medicines Australia

An amazing person and very personable. Happy to stay and chat with delegates after her presentation. Great feedback.
Australian Hotel Associations - SA Branch

Dianne McGrath shares her intriguing journey with detail and intimacy … the audience was mesmerized.
City of Yarra

The feedback from our guests was extremely positive. Dianne stayed around for hours speaking with guests and answering questions.  
Etihad Stadium Melbourne

Dianne McGrath’s willingness to tailor her content to our audience was first class.
Australian Football League

Dianne McGrath was fantastic to work with, she got in touch with me straight away to get a real sense of what we needed for our event. She had even researched our company and our values to ensure she linked her content to be relevant to our needs. She arrived early, was very patient and got engaged in our conference presentations. Dianne’s presentation itself was very thought provoking and engaging, she was incredibly candid in answering questions and a brilliant addition to our event.
Dimplecare Management

Excellent. Extremely well prepared, passionate and very personable. Spoke to the audience on topic and gave a lot of her time after the keynote session.
Geography Teachers Association of Victoria Inc.

Dianne McGrath was very inspirational and great to deal with.
Association of School Administrators VIC