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Key Points for Todd Sampson

  • Todd Sampson is on the hit TV show The Gruen Transfer and previously the CEO and non-executive chairman of Leo Burnett, one of Australia's top creative advertising agencies.
  • He is co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative that is recognised as one the best ideas in the world and awarded the coveted Titanium at Cannes and Yahoo Chair for Innovation.
  • Todd is the creator of his own TV series, Redesign My Brain, as seen on Channel 10.
  • Todd Sampson is a board member with Qantas and Fairfax media.
  • An entrepreneur and technology strategist, with more than a dozen years’ experience in the online sector, Todd Sampson is also one of the most awarded strategists behind some of Australia's highest profile work.

Topics for Todd Sampson

  • Brain power
    Todd Sampson is the writer, host and human guinea pig of the award-winning Discovery Science Series called REDESIGN MY BRAIN.  The premise of the series was simple.  For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed.  You are born with the brain you have, it develops rapidly until age 7 and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until you die.  There was nothing you could do about it.  But science has now proven that to be false.  In fact, modern science has now shown that our brain is plastic and that we ALL have the ability to improve it at any age and at any time. 
    This presentation will show you how to boost your Creativity and Brain Power. Todd Sampson will not only take you behind the scenes of this extraordinary scientific journey, he will also provide you with the practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve your brain.  We are all capable of more than we realise … and modern science is showing us how.

Testimonials for Todd Sampson

Todd Sampson is a great entertainer and very accommodating.
Fluid Management Technology

Todd Sampson was simply awesome! He gave one of the best talks I have ever had the pleasure to listen to and having the chance to have him in our Sydney office was just the cherry on top! He was very down to earth and keen to know more about us as well. An amazing experience overall!   

Wow, what a stand out! Engaging, inspiring and incredibly easy to work with – Todd Sampson was the perfect inclusion on our conference program!
Australian Institute of Project Management

Todd Sampson was excellent ... His presentation was the highlight of the day for the majority of our attendees. Todd then took the time to speak with many delegates and have photos with them.
Healthshare NSW

Todd Sampson was fantastic. His Brain Power presentation is a must for every organization. Really relevant, extremely well delivered.
Leishman Associates 

Thank you, Todd, for an outstanding presentation.
Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC)

Todd Sampson was a phenomenal presenter, engaging and inspiring.  We have had nothing but overwhelming positive feedback about his presentation. Todd was also lovely to deal with, very professional and down to earth, he was happy to chat with people and pose for photos before and after his presentation which was really appreciated by a lot of people.
Employers Mutual Limited

Todd Sampson was the consummate professional. He was extremely generous and accommodating with his time, knowledge and expertise. Despite the obvious timeframe limitations he displayed the utmost patience and consideration for our guests and audience with their questions and requests. Our events seek to challenge guests to think "beyond possible" and "get comfortable being uncomfortable" to make things is possible. Todd inspired our audience to have confidence to believe this to be true, whilst giving practical and insightful tips on how to do so - backed by science.

From the feedback we received at the event, we are pleased to share the following: 64% of our audience was female. Our event attracted attendees from Burdekin (1.5hrs drive south), Hinchinbrook (1.5hrs drive north) and Cairns (3.5hrs drive north). 100% rated Todd's presentation 4 or 5 on a scale out of 5. 83% rated Todd's presentation 5 out of 5, with 1 inserting a "10" and 23 separate respondees indicating 5+ on their forms. Comments included - "Will definitely watch his show now" (this was recorded numerous time), "Todd was awesome", "So happy you got Todd here!", and when asked what they will change as result of the event, two respondees separately indicated - "Change my career", "My life", We are grateful to have been able to have Todd here as part of our #imagineTSV series and would be very pleased to have him back again in the future should he be available and willing. We highly recommend Todd to anyone who is seeking a unique presenter who will challenge, engage and inspire audiences.
Townsville Business Development Centre

Absolutely amazing – the best presentation of the day. Need to speak to you about having him again.

Todd Sampson was fantastic in his delivery and interaction with the team. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the Todd and would recommend this presentation to any organisation. Todd was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly and casual in his approach which was appreciated. He changed his talk on the day after chatting without GM and this showed his flexibility. His speech was rated the highlight of the conference and his easy going manner was a breath of fresh air. He gave additional time at the end to meet staff and have photos taken. He’s a top bloke. 

Since 2005, we have been running a bi-annual speaker event with some of the top speakers in Australia and Todd Sampson's feedback from the students is the most positive so far. Todd is an engaging and well-prepared speaker who builds instant and effective rapport with his audience. Not only was he a fantastic speaker but he was also a friendly and relaxed guest. We could not have been more pleased with Todd as a keynote speaker. His ability to blend captivating stories, humour and honest advice about leadership, creativity and life challenges was refreshing and really spoke to our audience. I would recommend Todd as a speaker to anyone. Many, many thanks!
Macquarie University

I have been to a lot of conferences and heard a lot of speakers but that was the most inspirational and honest speech I have ever heard.
Macquarie Bank Global Investments

Todd Sampson was fantastic! Everyone loved him and followed him out of the hall, buzzing with questions. He was so friendly, down to earth and engaging. He was not only inspirational but funny and approachable, and a leader through practice. He stayed on for a long time
just chatting. We couldn’t have been happier.
Golden Key International Conference

I was just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the speech you gave to us last week. Being a rugby player, I've been lucky enough to have seen a lot of inspirational people speak. However, I can honestly say that I think your talk was easily the best one I've ever seen, and definitely the most inspirational. I think a few of us in the room had the same sort of experience you had when you were listening to that drunk CD at uni all those years ago, not necessarily regarding just advertising, but living in general. Thanks especially for taking the time to come and speak to us on your birthday, and good luck in the future.

The guys were all raving about it and are all talking about how to make some tangible changes as a result of Todd Sampson's message and how we turn ideas into executable outcomes. He also hit the nail on the head with two key points, 1) difference between art and creativity and 2) problem identification in addition to his main message of fear stifling creativity. Yes.... lots to think about. He's also a great can see why he is so well regarded.

Wow, Wednesday night really kicked the group into a place they needed. I have had people tell me your presentation was the best thing they have ever seen and heard in their working lives. Today I am still getting feedback and many actually are thinking of
following through on your concepts. We will definitely be keen to get you again next year to stir them up again, hopefully you won't have to kiss anyone next time!
IDP Education Australia

The feedback from our customers, partners and employees has been fantastic – you scored 4.65 out of 5 in the evaluations. This is a great score and one of our highest in the last few years for our guest keynote speaker. The verbal feedback we received was also incredible – words to describe the experience: passionate, engaging, energetic, emotional, fresh, current and inspirational.

Todd Sampson's presentation was fresh, fun and engaging. He challenged the audience to move a bit out of their comfort zone and take risks, be creative and be brave just 5 mins longer. Brilliant!
Wyndham City Council