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Key Points for Rachael Robertson

  • Rachael Robertson has 20 years leadership experience in challenging and remote workplaces.
  • She is the second woman ever to lead an Antarctic expedition to Davis Station.
  • At 32, Rachael Robertson was Victoria's youngest ever Chief Ranger.
  • She has worked with over 2000 organisations around the globe.
  • Rachael Robertson is author of the best selling book Leading on the Edge and Respect Trumps Harmony.
  • Rachael is creator of the rule of "No Triangles" and why direct conversations are critical.

Topics for Rachael Robertson

  • Safety leadership
    Rachael led a team in one of the most inherently unsafe workplaces in the world and has researched and written a book and created a safety-specific keynote with a focus on:
    • How to create a safety leadership culture as the best mitigation for workplace incidents.
    • Why psychological safety (and the willingness to speak up) in a team only happens when there is a culture of inclusion and where respect trumps harmony
    • Why employees and the wider community have an expectation that companies will always place safety first, particularly in higher risk industries such as mining, utilities and manufacturing and how to achieve this goal.
  • Respect trumps Harmony
    How to build resilience and respect in your team
    The highest performing teams are those that let go of harmony and focus on respect, diversity of opinions and difficult conversations – all in the service of creating resilience and results.
    Collaboration requires the ability to raise issues and ideas, in a professional, timely and respectful manner. To build a resilient, adaptable and high-performing team that maximizes the benefits of personal difference requires a rock solid foundation of respect.
    We all agree that diversity is great, and the evidence is unequivocal that it has an impact on the bottom line. But as our teams get more and more diverse we won’t always see eye-to-eye, we won’t always agree on things.
    So how do we create a culture where that’s OK? How do we encourage debate and robust discussion? How do we address issues directly and professionally?
  • Leading on the edge - Leadership, inspiration
    The job of a leader is to create more leaders, not more followers! This keynote explores how great leaders build and invest in those around them and turn "moments into momentum" by paying attention to the little things. This is all about showing BIG leadership in SMALL moments.
  • Future. Woman. Leader - Women, leadership
    How did Rachael Robertson become the youngest female leader to Antarctica, or the youngest Chief Ranger? In this keynote Rachael outlines the key personal mantras, commitments and career tools that every woman must use to progress effectively. Perfect for both women's and mixed events.
  • 365 shades of white - Inspiration, entertainment
    An hilarious and compelling account of Rachael Robertson's time leading up to 120 people on in the remotest corner of the earth for a year. Hear about "life in the freezer", the plane crash, how "the bacon war" nearly derailed a $20M science program and other unique stories backed by uncommon insight and useful tools.
  • The future of teamwork - Teamwork, Leadership
    Today's and future teams are very different from what they once were. Now we come together quickly, remotely and are expected to perform immediately. In this keynote Rachael Robertson uncovers the critical tools she uses to quickly create cohesion, purpose and resilience in teams. Practical tools you can put to work straight away.
  • Change is the new business as usual - Leadership, change
    It's a truism, but change is the new constant. It can be unsettling, energising but create extreme fatigue. In this keynote Rachael Robertson provides the tools to navigate this world of "flux" that dominates business today.  Self-leadership, resilience, and persistence are the keys to succeeding in a world of seemingly constant change.
  • Remote and dangerous - Safety, leadership, teamwork
    Workplace health and safety insights from the harshest, coldest, most isolated workplace on earth. Rachael Robertson recounts how she kept her team safe and sane through the long, dark Antarctic winter by building a culture of safety leadership. She provides practical tools each person can use to create leadership around them.

Testimonials for Rachael Robertson

Her presence on stage, the way she interacted with the audience and how she tied her presentation into the theme of our conference.  
Women in Education Leadership

Down to earth, great story and message / takeaways.
Kestrel Coal Resources

An inspiring and uplifting story with an engaging and energetic delivery. The message was in perfect alignment with our conference theme of Leadership. Rachael hit the mark when it came to achieving the outcome we were looking for from a keynote speaker.  
Story House Early Learning

Rachael is entertaining, keeps the audience engaged, funny and overall provides hands on tools that we can use in the field.   
Fire and Rescue NSW

Rachael Robertson was engaging, humorous and provided actionable steps to support better team work and authentic leadership.
Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority

Rachael Robertson is just a genuinely nice person, her presentation was not only brilliant it forced people to think outside the box. Over the course of the day attendees started quoting her no triangles theory. Big thanks to Rachael for making the time.

Authentic, well-prepared, warm, very engaging.

Rachael Robertson was a pleasure to have at our event. She was super friendly and chatty during her rehearsal and backstage before her talk. A crowd pleaser, she had the audience enthralled with her incredible story. She was happy to participate in a Q&A onstage and provide a few video quotes for social media afterwards. After her talk we decided we wanted to give away copies of her books to all attendees. She happily organised for 75 signed copies to be delivered to me the following week so that we could hand them out to guests. Rachael was a delight from the first conversation we had pre-event, to the end. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational speaker for their event.
Indeed Inc.

Rachael Robertson was real and connected with the target audience.
City Venue Management

Rachael Robertson is so inspirational but more importantly her keynote and No Triangles workshop were full of practical and important tools that our delegates can take back and implement into their own business. An absolute highlight of our conference.
United Vets Group

Rachael Robertson is a very competent speaker with an amazing story to tell. I was impressed with the way Rachael was able to communicate her message on topic and referred back to the conference theme. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachael to any future clients.
The Launch Box

Great leadership messages delivered with humour and super video and photos.
Victorian Caravan Parks Association

Rachael Robertson was exceptionally approachable, very down to earth and a great speaker.
The Big Ideas Summit

Absolutely captivating – very inspirational – could have listened to Rachael Robertson all day long!
Ambulance Victoria

Very appropriate, interesting and relevant.
Marshall White Real Estate

Astounding! The interactions in our senior management team have been transformed in the last few months by simply applying a few of the many ideas from Rachael's session. This is an excellent program for a technical team!  
CIO, Federal Government Department

Rachael Robertson was simply wonderful - the evaluations gave her an enormous rating - 4.8 out of 5!!! - "Could have listened to her all day - Brilliant - made me think of leadership in a different light" - "Fabulous - all about leading in a difficult situation and what works
Department of Education & Training NSW, Women in Education Leadership

Rachael Robertson really inspired us with her story of life in Antarctica and was able to link her leadership challenges and experiences to what we as team leaders face in the office.
ANZ Internal Audit

Rachael Robertson was beyond excellent – one of the best key note speakers we have ever had for our Leadership group.
Marshall White

Great, very informative, relaxed, funny and inspirational. So easy to work with.
BT Financial Group

Rachael Robertson was kind, funny, relatable and engaging. Our students adored hearing her speak and spoke very highly of her presentation. They found her real-world leadership skills and examples easy for them to put into practice. We cannot speak highly enough of Rachael. She was a dream to work with.
LaTrobe University

Rachael Robertson was engaging and responded well to the group. Her experiences are extraordinary and she did a great job of relating what she learnt. She was also able to illustrate the similarities between her roles and those of my team. In one word, "Terrific!" 
ANZ Bank

We were delighted with the feedback on Rachael Robertson from our advisers. Evaluation forms contained phrases such as: "Excellent", "Truly inspiring", "Interesting" and "Fantastic presenter - very informative and interesting". Working with Rachael over five events around Australia was a delight. She has a very professional and flexible approach.

I have seen a number of speakers over the years, however Rachael Robertson was amongst the absolute best of them. I took so much away from her amazing story, and have relayed some of her messages to other people. Love the bacon war!

Rachael Robertson is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker. She has that magic mix of tangible down-to-earth stories that give way to strong and inspiring messages on leadership, relationships and life. She fully engages with the participants from the moment she arrives right through to the moment she leaves.

Inspirational leadership, real and fascinating stories.. Great safety insights…simply excellent.
Exxon Mobil

Rachael Robertson's safety insights were spot-on, practical and eminently useful. Fantastic presentation.

Rachael Robertson's experience itself was incredibly interesting and different to most speakers you usually see at these kind of events. She was honest, engaging and made her experience relevant to us. Having her for dinner to chat more informally after the presentation was great as she was interested in what we do, our challenges, etc. and gave us excellent advice by relating to some of the adversity she went through in Antarctica.

Rachael Robertson's warm, down to earth nature were themes that were repeated in the positive feedback we’ve received and would have to be among Rachel’s best assets.
Worley Parsons Group

I have never received so much positive feedback from a guest speaker as I have this time. People continue to tell me how impressed they were with Rachael Robertson's story. She provided a fantastic insight into difficulties around management in a remote site. Her messages and insights can be applied within our business. She shared a range of unusual and interesting stories which made her message even stronger.
Crown Casinos & Hotels

Rachael Robertson provided insights and inspiration of leadership in a truly challenging environment engaging both new and experienced executives within our own "Challenging workplace"
Village Cinemas International

Rachael Robertson presented in a casual manner which I think was really appropriate for our group of delegates, especially after 3 full days of workshops. Rachael’s down to earth story of an ordinary person achieving extraordinary things inspires us all to work with all the tools available to us and to make our own opportunities and not just wait for them to come to us!
Choice Hotels Australasia

Super relevant content and delivered in a very natural and humble way.  Engaged with the audience very well.

Rachael Robertson was a perfect speaker for our audience as the tools and ideas she uses to lead people can be easily adapted in our worplaces immediately.  Our audience could relate to Rachael on many levels and found her to be a very 'real' person who was interesting and easy to listen to. Rachael's willingness to stay on after her presentation and speak to our manager's on a personal level was very much appreciated. It was great that Rachael was available to sell & sign her book which many people were happy to purchase on the day. Overall a lovely person who was an absolute delight to deal with. 
Bendigo Bank