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Key Points for Samantha Jewel

  • Samantha Jewel comes from the pioneering family that brought Australia “The Pancake Parlour” back in 1965. As a result, she understands not only the economic realties of food but also how people relate to food, like no other.
  • The Pancake Parlour via her food and nutrition research was the first organisation in Australia to buy a Soil Carbon Credit.
  • Where possible, she introduced organic products into the restaurants and was instrumental in seeing the creation of an organic ice cream that was introduced to the menu at a cost of $100k per annum to the business that was not passed on the customer.
  • She is the author of 3 books, all of which were championed by the headmaster of Trinity Grammar who did his thesis on Climate change considered them visionary; “Elegant Solutions to Addressing the Climate Change for adults and two children’s books for ages 5 and 10.

Topics for Samantha Jewel

  • The why behind gut disorders
    Samantha has done deep research into the role ag chemicals like round up weed killer and the human gut have in the proliferation of disorders presenting in many aspects of human health - not least of which are the gut disorder presentations most widely known as a gluten and/or peanut intolerance, mental health, acne, severe hormone imbalances, infertility, autism issues and a many other diseases mainly originating from nutrient deficiency and toxins in our food and water.
  • The importance of microbes and biodiversity
    Samantha's work on microbes is even more relevant now.
  • The avenues of how to heal
    Samantha is currently supporting her studies with a Botanical Herbal Medicines for Women certificate via Yale trained MD and world renowned herbalist, Dr Aviva Romm to help suggest some gentle starting points for healing.
  • Solutions for farmer transitions and survival
    Samantha is also concurrently working on simple tools for farmers to migrate away from chemical dependency using agtech that she am involved in and follow deeply in tech innovation like blockchain for supply chains and international trade. She also contributing in the community of triple board certified MD Zach Bush’s Farmers Footprint soon to be opened in Australia and interact regularly on several regenerative ag communities.
  • Into the future
    Coming soon are technologies Samantha has been researching we need for this change with developments in the nutrient detection spectrometer innovation and satellite space that while she waits for these to mature she tries to help people understand how to develop their own bio radar that is much like the ‘volume switch’ pregnant women experience.
  • Supporting innovation to solve the climate
    Samantha has opened an accelerator for climate solution startups in hawthorn focused around ag via
  • Where to find real food
    Samantha is also provide an e-commerce solution for people to access direct orders for regenerative food and fibre on where we are first specialising in delivered organic doggie dinners from a regenerative organic turkey and chicken farmer in Queensland.

Testimonials for Samantha Jewel

Sam's workshops are so knowledgeable and packed with content, it is easy to hear her talk about climate / sex and health, and she makes it easy to understand this content, which could be difficult for some people.