Ask about Samantha Jewel
Key Points
  • Samantha comes from the pioneering family that brought Australia “The Pancake Parlour” back in 1965. As a result, she understands not only the economic realties of food but also how people relate to food, like no other.
  • The Pancake Parlour was the first family restaurant in Australia.
  • The Pancake Parlour via her food and nutrition research was the first organisation in Australia to buy a Soil Carbon Credit.
  • Where possible, she introduced organic products into the restaurants and was instrumental in seeing the creation of an organic ice cream that was introduced to the menu at a cost of $100k per annum to the business that was not passed on the customer.
  • She is the author of 3 books, all of which were championed by the headmaster of Trinity Grammar who did his thesis on Climate change considered them visionary; “Elegant Solutions to Addressing the Climate Change for adults and two children’s books for ages 5 and 10.
  • She presented papers and presented the books in Modena, New Zealand, China and Australia for IFOAM and the organic sectors on the need to interface with conventional restaurant industry to open the markets for the global community to be able to afford clean food.
  • know exactly what you can do and why you do it, to position yourself, your family and/or your business as a contribution to the climate change solution (participation).
  • gain new insights on what are the major trends redefining what it means to feed your family and the greater planet (foresight).
  • arm yourself with stories to sell the collective vision and influence others so they share in climate solution ideals (enrolment)
  • learn how to engage others and use this knowledge to create more effective consensus in your world. (mindset).
  • gain a 9-step process to follow, as well as inviting people to buy in more effectively(modelling).
  • appreciate a different level of meaning for the term “Health and Well Being” (health)
  • identify what you know, what you need to find out and how you may even be able to do this with others around you (talent).
  • develop an ability to quickly distil information from all walks of life so you can use it in your quest (expertise).