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Key Points for Stephen Yarwood

  • Stephen Yarwood, a former Lord Mayor, leverages his diverse background in planning, strategy, and policy to foresee and shape the future of cities and organizations globally.
  • Highly immersed in AI evolution, Yarwood provides valuable insights into its influence on communities and corporations, emphasizing technology's role in achieving organizational goals.
  • Recognized internationally for his expertise on "the future citizen," Yarwood champions collaborative leadership, aiding leaders in navigating complex landscapes for preferred outcomes.
  • With a wealth of international experience and a consultancy specializing in future-focused governance and strategy, he influences cities, communities, and corporations preparing for a transformative future.

Topics for Stephen Yarwood

  • Understanding the future citizen
    Implications for your lives today and tomorrow both professionally and personally.
  • AI unleashed
    Implications for business, industries, communities & corporations.
  • Advanced urbanism and city futures
    Planning tomorrow, today.
  • Innovation & excellence
    In Governance, corporate planning & strategic planning.
  • Social, economic, environmental, transport & infrastructure futures
    How it affects you and your industry.

Testimonials for Stephen Yarwood

Entertaining and thoughtful presentation. Challenged the status quo and encouraged everyone to look beyond the present and consider opportunities and innovation into the future. 
City of Stonnington

Stephen Yarwood intimately understands cities and the role of innovation and technology in their evolution.  He is a dynamic thinker, effective collaborator and articulate communicator.
South Australia

Stephen Yarwoos is a big picture thinker able to distill complex ideas into useful solutions and real outcomes. His understanding of how cities work is outstanding and his commitment to advancing the planning profession, in a time of rapid change, is highly regarded in Australia.
Commonwealth Association of Planners & Past President, Planning Institute of Australia

Stephen Yarwood is an extremely well respected innovative and creative urban expert that is visionary but practical. His knowledge and experience would be a valuable asset to cities preparing for the future.
Past President
Australian Local Government Association & former Mayor of Marion

Stephen Yarwood is a visionary urbanist. A strategic thinker with an intimate understanding of how cities work today and should work in the future. Any city would benefit from his ideas and efforts.
Lord Mayor
Perth, Australia

A brilliantly innovative talk – clearly the best delivery for the last few years.
Former Mayor
Waitakere City, New Zealand

Stephen Yarwood really helped shift Adelaide into a 'can do' place. He has the capacity to see the big picture and has tremendous energy.
International authority on creative cities

Stephen Yarwood exudes energy and vitality, has a flair for future visioning and combines technical expertise with common sense pragmatism. Stephen was a strong and visionary Lord Mayor and is sought after as an international conference speaker.
Former Lord Mayor