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Key Points for Professor Jack Sim

  • TEDx Salford - Why we need to talk about s*!t.
  • Founded 16 successful businesses. Retired at 40 to dedicate his life for social work.
  • Queen Elisabeth’s Commonwealth Points of Light Award 2018.
  • Time Magazine Hero of the Environment 2008.
  • Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum 2005.
  • Biopic based on Jack, Mr Toilet World’s #2 Man.

Topics for Professor Jack Sim

  • How to Create a Global Movement
    How to align the motivations of all stakeholders into synergy.
  • How to End Global Poverty
    Why Market-based solutions is the only way to end poverty sustainably.
  • How to Survive the Anti-Job Future
  • How to Imagine the Future and Make it Happen
    The exponential mindsets.
  • The Search for Meaning and Purpose
  • How to handle Stress

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