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Key Points for Josh Howard

  • Josh Howard is the CEO & Founder of Single Use Ain’t Sexy: Soap Tablets, Australia’s first ever dissolvable hand soap tablets & reusable glass bottles.
  • Some of Josh's business achievements include: Top 50 – Named as one of the Top 50 people in Australian eCommerce 2022; The Age/Sydney Morning Herald – “The brand turbo-charging Australia’s sustainability movement”; winner of 2 Good Design Australia Awards – for social impact & communication design.
  • Josh Howard has been featured in The Guardian, AFR, The Aus, Popsugar, The Design Files, SMH, Yahoo News, Hit FM.
  • He hosted Ticker Green on Ticker News, Australia’s leading live news destination for sustainable innovation & entrepreneurship with guests including; Michael Klim, Russel Howcroft, Kirsty Clements, Carolyn Creswell, Jimmy Halfcut, Simon Griffiths, Gabby Leibovich and many more.

Topics for Josh Howard

  • Impact business
    How Josh built “the brand turbo-charging Australia’s sustainability movement” (The Age) by telling Australians not to be Tossers.
  • Making sustainability sexy
    How Aussies who look good and do good can save the planet in style.
  • Profit & Purpose
    Creating a world in which business.
  • Sustainability
    • How to make sustainability sexy
    • How to make sustainability fun
    • How to create an eco-friendly brand that cuts through the noise
    • How to be the rock’n’roll child of the sustainability movement
    • How to create sexy products that save the world
      How to make your brand famous and your mission matter
    • How to tell Aussies not to be tossers
    • How to launch a new impact brand that doesn’t preach
    • How to make people feel like they’re making a difference
    • How to empower people to care about our planet
  • Make your brand famous without spending a dime
    Josh Howard will show you exactly how to get everyone raving about your brand for free. You'll get his community-building tactics,and find out how to express your brand opinion without being alienating. Josh will reveal how to boost your social engagement by 800%, understand your customer to serve them better, and grow your business through trademarks. He'll give you his unique LinkedIn strategies, uncover how to make any topic fun and buzzworthy, and ways to use customer feedback to boost your average monthly revenue by 30%.
  • Making business sexy
    How the right brand and marketing can make your business win!
  • Personal brand building
    How Josh used his community of 9,000 Linkedin followers as a scalable business engine for 300% yearly growth.
  • How Josh Howard raised $600k in 2 days
    Hacks, lessons & insights to win over investors from one of Australia’s fastest equity crowdfunds.
  • How to follow your passion without following the crowd
    Raising money and raising the bar, one investor at a time.
  • How to raise money
    Turning your passion into purpose & profit.

Testimonials for Josh Howard

Josh is an incredibly engaging and exciting speaker, with a clear passion for not only his product, but for sharing his experience and learnings to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.
Red Bull

Josh was a superstar to work with and delivered words of wisdom. He inspired our audience and left them with the tools and takeaways needed to create impactful change. We received some incredible feedback and look forward to working with Josh again in the future.

We've rarely seen a speaker who manages to engage in the same way Josh does. He naturally brings a great energy to every conversation and always gets the most important points across. People leave feeling pumped and inspired.
Asahi Josh was invited to present to Asahi to share his founders story. He was an engaging presenter that offered thought provoking conversation and stimulus for the team.

Josh is a super engaging and relatable speaker. Our employees loved hearing about Single Use Ain't Sexy, as well as Josh's own personal motivations and his journey as an eco-entrepreneur. The process with Josh was smooth, professional and no-fuss. We would have him back to speak again anytime!

Josh had the entire room transfixed. He is an extremely charismatic, eloquent and natural speaker. He spoke to our Airwallex team & broader business community and absolutely killed it. His personal, heartfelt passion for social impact had a unique way of inspiring the audience to be part of change for good.

Josh is a great natural speaker, his passion for making positive change is clear and contagious.

Josh brought the house down, delivering a bunch of sellout events. He spoke about scaling a sustainable brand, creating business and shared practical frameworks to embed purpose into any business. It’s always a pleasure working with Josh and we can’t wait to do it again!
General Assembly

Josh is one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet and the speaker we all need to hear from. His stories are fascinating, his insights will make you wiser & and his comedic timing is second to none. But what really makes him a great speaker is how down-to-earth, open and honest he is. He left our audience feeling inspired and reinvigorated.
RMIT University

Josh's passion for impact, innovation & cutting edge change is setting the bar for a new generation of retail leaders. We want him to come back again for a 3rd year in a row!
Retail Global

Josh is not only a high-energy, captivating and engaging presenter, but he’s got the unique ability to tailor his message for his audience. This makes Josh an educator as much as an expert, which means a greater chance of real impact from his work.
Wesley College

Hearing Josh speak was absolutely fantastic. He is authentic, inspiring, analytical and all whilst having fun and making us feel like the future is bright. We are already planning for when we can have him back again!

Josh was tremendously energetic and insightful. He was honest, straightforward and at the same time inspirational and full of wisdom. Everyone in the audience enjoyed the experience of listening to Josh speak, while also getting a heap of value out of his story.
Startupbootcamp Australia

Josh delivers his ideas in a concise and brilliant way. It was incredible hearing his insights into raising capital and he so generously shared his strategy on his incredible $600,000 raise in just 2 days! It was refreshingly honest and candid. People loved it!

Josh is one of those speakers who makes audience stop what they're doing and actually listen.
International Supply Chain Education Alliance

Josh Howard is a strong and knowledgeable speaker. It’s been great having him on board for Ecom World 2 years in a row.
Ecom World Conference

Hearing Josh speak is inspiring. He has this amazing way of weaving his personal & professional experiences into a broader story that is energising & motivating. It makes you feel like you can go out there and change the world, too. He’s also an absolute delight to work with – easy going, kind, organised, prepared & very funny.
The Commons

After any session with Josh, you are not only inspired by his enthusiasm, passion and pragmatism but the obvious joy he has in speaking to the next wave of innovators. A truly excellent speaker!

Josh is a fantastic speaker – he is passionate about the topic and able to inspire the audience about the methods and the message.
B2B eCommerce Show