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Key Points for Tracee Hutchison

  • Tracee Hutchison pioneered national radio broadcasting at Triple J, setting the standard for excellence in journalism.
  • A committed advocate for gender equity, social justice, and environmental causes, she has led initiatives for the Wilderness Society and Music Victoria.
  • As Chair of Green Music Australia, she orchestrates efforts to make the Australian music scene more eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Hutchison's impact transcends the airwaves; she authored 'Your Name's on the Door – Australian Music in the 1980s' and even inspired a power-pop song, 'Tracee Lee', in the 1990s.

Topics for Tracee Hutchison

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Television, radio and print

Testimonials for Tracee Hutchison

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tracee at the Social Enterprise World Forum. Across our time together Tracee seamlessly wove together her questions with just the right dose of insight, honesty and candour. And as a highly perceptive interviewer she has an ability to gently coax vulnerability or disarmingly pinpoint truths. Our hour together felt more like sharing a cup of tea with a friend rather than being interviewed in front of a large audience.

After taking part in almost too many panels in various academic and practitioners’ conferences around the world, participating in a panel orchestrated by Tracee was a refreshing surprise. Not only did she know about the topics almost as much as the panellist themselves (obviously the result of deep, good old-fashioned journalistic research), but she also approached the issues from new and insightful angles and did so with a perfect combination of curiosity, seriousness and grace. When one adds to all this Tracee’s profound menschlichkeit and empathetic sense of humour, one probably starts to understand why both the panellist and the audience wanted this experience to go way beyond the allocated 90 minutes. 
Managing Director
Ashoka Israel 

Tracee Hutchison asks the difficult questions where others fear to tread! I have engaged Tracee as a moderator/MC on four different occasions since 2002 when I established the City of Melbourne’s program of free talks – Melbourne Conversations. Over that time the program has established a reputation for being the premier event for popular discussion and debate for Melbournians and their concerns. Tracee was humorous and tuned into Melbourne’s street scene when she hosted Café Culture - Are we still the café capital? In 2008 we saw the social engagement side of Tracee’s caring personality during the Homeless World Cup. Tracee MC’d three talks for me and navigated the very sensitive topic of homelessness over three days. I have very high standards and loved working with Tracee – she delivers.
Creative Producer Melbourne Conversations
City of Melbourne

Tracee Hutchison was the perfect MC for the 2006 World Environment Day Rally for Victoria's forests - warm, engaging, adaptive, on message. MC'ing this rally was extremely challenging, Tracee had to coordinate 150,000 people through the streets of Melbourne from the back of a truck, then leading a march and finally at Fed Square. She had to handle celebrities, musicians, campaigners and fundraisers. No rally ever goes exactly to plan, and Tracee's ability to adapt calmly and happily to changing circumstances was brilliant.
Wilderness Society 

As a long time supporter of the Mirabel Foundation, Tracee Hutchison was the perfect choice by the author and publisher to launch my biography 'The Damage Undone' - both from a personal and professional perspective. Tracee's deep understanding of social issues combined with her compassion, integrity and ability to engage any audience made for a heartfelt tribute which set the tone for a wonderful evening.
The Mirabel Foundation 

I highly recommend Tracee Hutchison as a keynote speaker. Her energy, passion, sense of social justice and humour delighted the audience at a recent Southern Women's Action Network (SWAN) meeting as well as provoking much debate about maintaining integrity and idealism in the media.

Tracee Hutchison was an easy choice as co-host for DIG TV, the ABC’s new TV series on music on ABC2. Tracee has a long, highly credentialed and credible background as a dj, writer, TV host and commentator, as well as being an unashamed fan. Her knowledge and experience is matched by her warmth, charm and sense of humour as a broadcaster and her on-camera appeal.

Tracee Hutchison was our guest speaker at a Melbourne Girls' College dinner for International Women's Day in March 2007. Tracee spoke with enthusiasm to a very mixed audience of mothers, girls from 13 to 18 years of age, grandmothers and teachers. She managed to enthral the audience with her interesting tale of the challenges and delights in her career and personal life. The audience responded to Tracee's honesty in her portrayal of the events that had shaped her career. Her great sense of humour and her fantastic presence meant that all members of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I have had great feedback about the evening from many members of the College community.
Melbourne Girls' College

A superb effort, the evaluations were all very positive and the working group was very impressed. Tracee was terrific to work with, a true professional who is so easy to converse with.
Bendigo Mens Health Week

We were delighted to have Tracee host the 2009 Annual Earthwatch Dinner and Oration.  This was the first time the event had featured an MC and Tracee’s knowledge, warmth, humour and consummate stagecraft ensured our decision was the correct one - it was a spectacular success.  We look forward to working with Tracee again.    
Executive Director
Earthwatch Institute

Tracee is one of the best prepared and well researched presenters I have worked with.  She has a warm, engaging style which puts interviewees at ease and the fact that she has a deep understanding of her subject as well as the non-profit sector is clearly evident.  We had some terrific feedback from Tracee's sessions at Social Enterprise World Forum, SEWF09, and she worked well in the team to help deliver an outstanding event.
Social Ventures Australia