Ask about Clare Feeney
Key Points
  • Clare Feeney is The Sustainability Strategist – she assists clients to solve environmental problems and improve their processes to become more environmentally friendly.
  • She has a Masters degree (First Class Honours) in physical/environmental geography and is a former sewage scientist.
  • She is also the Author of How to Change the World: a practical guide to successful environmental training programs, published in 2013.
  • 2009 Joint winner "Outstanding Contribution Award", NZ Association of Resource Management.
  • 2009 "Bright Star" of the Year, Auckland Branch of the National Speakers Association.
  • Previous clients include BUPA, Brookfield Multiplex, Local Government NZ, Downer NZ, Auckland Council, Environment Canterbury and Wellington Water.
  • From “Ow!” to “Wow!”
    4 simple steps to help you leverage the environment to build a more profitable business

    This keynote overviews the business risks posed by some major environmental trends that every smart business should have on its radar. Every risk provides business opportunities with bottom line benefits. This four-step journey sets out the business case for excellent environmental management and it comes with a free e-book with simple, practical tips and tools to get you started without speed wobbles.

  • 50 Great Excuses
    The reasons companies give for avoiding sustainability – and how you can unlock the blocked productivity and profitability in your firm

    “The bus was late.” “The car broke down.” “The dog ate my homework.” Excuses – in 30 years of working with business and the environment, I’ve heard them all – and I’ve made some pretty good ones myself! Here you can learn to delve down to the precious information buried deep within our excuses for not doing sustainability. Find out how this unlocks much stymied productivity. This keynote comes with a free handout and a pre-conference online survey of your audience’s own sustainability excuses. I’ll report the results to them and reveal the best and worst of the 50 Great Sustainability Excuses I’ve collected over many years.

  • How to Change the World
    The secret to successful environmental training programs that create jobs and grow profits while improving the environment – and find out how green jobs grow the economy faster and better!

    Based on my published book and 20 years hands-on experience, this keynote sets out the seven elements of successful environmental training programs and describes the economic transformation that green jobs deliver. This keynote is ideal for government bodies, big firms, business associations or tertiary trainers. It will help any sector to lift the environmental performance and productivity of its members.

  • The Existential Doughnut
    How to navigate our intensifying economic, ecological and existential crises, to find new meaning in work and life (keynote only)

    For everyone worried about where the economy is going and those of us it’s leaving behind, this keynote explains how classical economics ignores people and the environment – and how including them is already building a more productive and equitable economy from within the old one. A truly sustainable economy puts a high value on people and the environment, and getting there helps us reconnect with things that meet our human need for a happy and meaningful life.

  • Risk and Opportunity
    What environment and sustainability REALLY mean for your business – or, how one construction firm TRIPLED ITS TURNOVER in just four years by making just ONE change

    What if the seven invisible risks that threaten your business could actually become the environmental advantage that makes you more money and attracts and retains staff and customers? Test your Risk IQ against the World Economic Forum’s global risks and against some key reputational, financial and other business risks. Get up to speed on how rolling out environment and sustainability training from top floor to shop floor can transform these very real risks into business opportunities.

  • ROI on environment and sustainability training
    How one company identified a $150k loss from one small spill

    Use my unique checklists to track the TRUE costs to your company of even small environmental incidents – and learn how to calculate the REAL Return On Inve$tment of your environment and sustainability training. As well as cutting hidden costs, good environment and sustainability training yields significant financial benefits by growing staff engagement and retention, as well productivity, profitability and company value. Count the dollar impact on your business bottom line and you’ll realise that every firm needs to be doing this.

  • Strategy
    Priorities and processes for your environment and sustainability risks and training needs that add real value to your business bottom line

    Most change strategies fail. This unique workshop combines leading business and professional training perspectives to help you to build a robust environment and sustainability training strategy for your business – or your whole sector. Identify the topics on which you need training. Gain internal traction for development, delivery and evaluation. This workshop is invaluable for businesses and government bodies who are grappling with a range of environmental issues on which great training can make a difference to your bottom line.

  • How to set up successful environment and sustainability training programs
    The secret of successful programs that create jobs and grow profits while improving the environment. Create your own green collar professionals!

    This workshop is based on my published book and links to my keynote “How to Change the World”. It helps attendees to use a proven success template developed over many years work with a wide range of firms and government bodies. They will go back to work confident that they can develop and deliver great a training program and measure its learning, business and environmental outcomes. This workshop is ideal for government bodies, big firms, business associations and tertiary and vocational trainers. It comes with access to a web page with over 30 free resources to get attendees up to speed faster.

Since your talk I've had two of the members come in to the shop to tell me it was the best talk they've heard!!!! Mainly because you'd brought the concept of carbon footprint right down to the local level, and it made sense to them!! Well done
Speakers Programme Assistant
Rotary Club of Epsom

You presented some very well-developed thoughts on environmental performance and business success which went down extremely well with the contractors, who are a very tough-minded audience.
HEB Construction Ltd

It was a pure inspiration to listen to your speech yesterday afternoon!

I was really impressed with your presentation… such huge potential for making a real difference to environmental outcomes.
ECO (Environment & Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa)

I always wondered why my best ideas came to me on my 100-kilometer cycling trips on the long straight road out to our beach house. They were always about my work, and I could never figure it out. After hearing Clare speak on innovation, now I know! And I'll be making the most of this opportunity to continually improve the business.
Business Development Manager
Geofabrics, Victoria, Australia

What a great presentation! A very different take on innovation for the contractors in the audience, and it really worked - a lot of people said how much they got out of it.
Environmental Manager
HEB Construction Ltd

Clare was the standout speaker at the Annual Stormwater and Sediment Field Day. This annual event is held outside and it is a feat to address approximately 300 attendees in this environment. As the final speaker, Clare captivated and engaged the audience, finishing the presentations on a high note.
Education Officer
Auckland Regional Council

Straightaway Clare cast a spell over our group with her friendly and engaging manner. Passion and experience could be felt in her words and her ability to shape the message to the PR industry made it all the more impressive. Clare’s presentation is brought up time and time again as one of the best speakers we had the privilege of hosting this year.

You bring a fresh perspective to the most critical issues of our time with such wit and vitality. Your talk is a hot exam topic – you are acclaimed as an existential donut theorist! People commented on how much they appreciated your humorous, insightful and inspiring presentation on concerns often portrayed as intractable and depressing. One of them told me ‘I really enjoyed the lectures and found them incredibly inspiring and hopeful. The work Clare does is amazing and I think she opened up a lot of new horizons for all of us’.
Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture and Planning, Auckland University

You provided concrete suggestions on the roles and actions we might take as professional planners and individuals to make their communities more sustainable, flourishing places – and you are one of the few people who could make being ‘splattered with sewage’ sound like an attractive employment opportunity!
Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture and Planning, Auckland University

Inspiring to talk about sustainability from many perspectives and think how we can implement it; I will go back and see what sustainability measures I can make and make a carbon footprint difference!; Clare changed my viewpoint on what sustainability means and helped me think more laterally about what can be done.; Clare expanded on sustainability issues in a great way and I will apply this by explaining it to staff I interact with day to day.
BUPA staff via the conference organiser

Your brilliance – you're amazing! Clare, I loved your presentation and your vibrant personality! Your statistics blew me away and your stories were poignant, original and heartfelt without blaming me for environmental pollution! I looked around the room while you were speaking to gauge the audience reaction and they were riveted to you. I feel privileged to have met you Clare, because you're passionate about your subject, you give high-value information and you're approachable at the same time.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was exactly what I needed to help me achieve my objectives.
Constance Kola-Lawal, UK

It was great to work with you last week at the Training Strategy workshop. I loved the use of themes and the reflection points in the presentation and the workbooks. It was such an encouraging discussion and I loved learning from the different perspectives and experiences we all have … I hope this is just the beginning! Thanks again for a great training session and here’s to progressing our Training Strategies!!!
Sustainability, KiwiRail

Many many thanks again for the great workshop! It was a wonderful and inspiring group indeed, humorous and delightful. And I did learn heaps. A big compliment to you as a presenter – you were really wonderful.

A highlight of the workshop was its informal and workshop-style, collaboratively learning with everyone – learning from all their and your experiences. Thank you for a great workshop, Clare.
Koru Environmental Ltd

I am impressed by Clare’s clarity. She always has interesting, practical examples of the points she is making so you can understand and remember the message she is getting across. She is lively, fun and full of enthusiasm. She is approachable and friendly, drawing people into group discussions. She is interested in people, which makes them feel valued and puts them at ease. Clare is an accomplished and fun communicator who is able to capture, engage and maintain the interest of even rugged earthworks contractors.
Canterbury Regional Council

I left Clare’s workshop confident in myself as a trainer. The workshop exceeded my expectations: it brought together like-minded people and gave me the support I needed to go away and set clear training objectives for my team.
Environmental Specialist
Fletcher Construction

Clare is a relaxed and good-humoured facilitator who gets everyone fully engaged with useful and relevant practical activities. She is clear and articulate and a very entertaining presenter.
Auckland Council

Feedback on Clare’s session was overwhelmingly positive, the audience finding it insightful, interesting and immediately applicable to their fields of work.
Landcare Research

My Quarry Manager attended your 1-day workshop – he couldn’t stop raving about the two presenters and the content. His only comment was that he wished it was longer.
Hopper Developments

Clare has a very engaging and natural approach that draws out the trainees and makes for a very enjoyable as well as informative experience for all of them. It’s a pleasure to work with her.
RidleyDunphy Environmental

Clare has an ability to develop strong relationships and create an environment where barriers to participation are broken down and ideas can be shared.
Canterbury Regional Council

Clare created a stimulating learning environment and her lively personality soon had people working together on practical tasks. The feedback sessions drew out key principles so that we learned from each other’s experiences and from personal reflection. Clare planned the workshop programme carefully, as the variety of presentations and activities sustained the group’s creative energy for the whole day.
Planning Consultants Ltd