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Key Points for Dr Chadden Hunter

  • Dr Chadden Hunter has produced some of the world’s most famous wildlife series. Planet Earth 1 & 2, Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds One Planet, have won over 20 Emmys and Baftas. 
  • To complete his ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ PhD, Dr. Hunter dodged armed bandits and survived brain parasites while studying gelada baboons in the highlands of Ethiopia.
  • While making the original Planet Earth series with Sir David Attenborough, Chadden became known as ‘the guy covered in bat poop’ for his staring role in the ‘Behind the Scenes’.
  • He spent 3 years in the Arctic and Antarctic directing the Frozen Planet series where he learnt that -40C was cold enough to freeze his eyes shut.
  • Has spoken at dozens of major events. Keynotes, after-dinners talks, festivals, TED-style free-stage conferences and individual sell-out shows in London and San Francisco.
  • Chadden has presented multiple international television programmes and appeared on live chat shows including BBC, Discovery, 60 Minutes, ITV and National Geographic.

Topics for Dr Chadden Hunter

  • Inspiration
    Chadden tells the fascinating and inspirational story of how his childhood passion for nature lead him to work alongside Sir David Attenborough.
  • Communication
    Chadden uses the genre of wildlife filmmaking to explore ways to make communication broader and more powerful to our audiences and customers.
  • Leadership
    Chadden shares entertaining stories of grizzly-bear encounters and scuba-diving under the Antarctic ice cap to discuss innovative ways to improve leadership.
  • Teamwork
    Anecdotes involving everything from Anacondas in the Amazon to sharing Absinthe  with Attenborough, provide lessons in creative team building.
  • Sustainability
    Do BBC blockbuster wildlife series do anything for the environment or are they just glossy screensavers?  Chadden digs deep into what industry and individuals can do to help the planet.  
  • Motivation
    How do we inspire ourselves and our teams to push that little bit harder for long-term goals?  Chadden uses examples from the field to demonstrate how exceptional results can come from perseverance and ingenious problem solving.

Testimonials for Dr Chadden Hunter

Chadden Hunter is a remarkable storyteller who took our audience on a captivating journey where every audience member was enthralled. Supported by incredible visuals, he connected our audience with the wonders of nature and shared stories that had everyone hanging on every word. As a storyteller and conservationist, he exemplifies the profound impact that video and community engagement can have on driving meaningful action. These lessons can also be applied to any number of aspects of business and society. His presentation was inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking, and had everyone Googling about the fate of baby turtles for days after. He was the highest-rated speaker in our post-event feedback, a further testament to his talent.  
Bare Digital

Dr. Chadden Hunter demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and captivated the audience with his engaging demeanor. His presentation was of an advanced caliber, and he maintained a robust delivery throughout. 

Very engaging, thought provoking and we received a huge number of comments at the conclusion of Chadden's address about what a wonderful presentation it was.
Informa Australia

Chadden Hunter was most accommodating to our needs and attended the conference the day prior to his presentation. He put himself out to attend our conference dinner on the Saturday night and mixed with the delegates. His presentation was second to none as he tailored the content to fit in with our conference them of "Regeneration". He was educational, entertaining and humorous and gave freely of his time to answer the many questions that his talk evoked. I would readily recommend him to anyone looking for a Keynote Speaker.   
Rotary International District 9710

In our line of work, one gauges the strength of a speaker by how engaged they leave their audience. A masterful storyteller, I've had the pleasure of seeing Chadden in action on several occasions over the last couple of years, and with each presentation, he leaves the audience on the edge of their seats with suspense and intrigue. A natural history producer and director, Chadden has worked alongside David Attenborough on programmes like Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds, One Planet. Whether it's braving the conditions of the Arctic poles in pursuit of Polar Bears or his conservation efforts in Africa, Chadden's presentations will leave you both motivated and entertained. A consummate professional, he's easy to work with and aims to fulfill every brief he's presented with.
LA Speakers Agency, London

Delegates went away buzzing!
Delta Academies Trust, UK 

Amazing! Thank you so much for your help securing him.
Haymarket Media Group