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Key Points for Holly Budge

  • Holly Budge was quite literally on top of the world when she summited Mount Everest to raise awareness and funds for anti-poaching projects. To date, she has helped raise over £300k for a diverse range of charities through her adventures and charity work.
  • She is a noted speaker who has spoken around the world about design, wildlife conservation and adventure. Her clients include British Airways, Shell, JPMorgan and The North Face.
  • She became the first woman to Skydive Everest by successfully jumping out of a plane at 29,500ft, just higher than the summit of Mount Everest before landing on the world’s highest landing area at 12,350ft!
  • Holly is the sustainable designer and founder of How Many Elephants, a powerful design-led campaign that presents a physical commentary on the devastating impact of the elephant ivory trade, to raise awareness and funds to support anti-poaching projects.
  • Holly spent up to 13 hours in the saddle each day for 9 days, navigating through the vast Mongolian wilderness, overcoming a hazardous night in the mountains without water, losing one of her steeds and recovered another from sinking in a bog.
  • She is a social entrepreneur and Himalayan expedition leader who set up Trekaneering with the Sherpas, an expedition company which values fair and honest practices and delivers journeys with purpose.

Topics for Holly Budge

  • The Everest Effect - Turning fear into action
    In this motivational experience, Holly's honest and engaging style of storytelling, combined with her down-to-earth approach to life, will drive you to feel inspired, rejuvenated and ready to scale your Everest. Holly will demonstrate how taking purposeful, actionable steps will propel you to reach big goals in your life and work.

    From falling out of a plane over Everest to ambushing wildlife poachers on the front line, Holly is no stranger to taking action. She demonstrates the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and backing yourself to make good decisions, especially in times of adversity. Through real life examples, Holly shows us why we should never underestimate the sheer power of the human mind and body. We can do so much more and go so much further than we think we can.

    Key Takeouts
    • Believe in the power of YOU to effect positive change
    • Take that first step to climb your Everest
    • Learn how to say ‘yes’
    • See how overwhelming challenges can become manageable and achievable tasks
    • Identify with ‘real’ role models, surround yourself with passionate and purpose-driven people

  • Nurturing passion
    Passion is the golden key to success and fulfilment. It’s contagious and has the power to make change in this world.

  • Self-belief and determination
    Life can teach us to limit our self-belief. We need to THINK BIG, DREAM BIGGER and surround ourselves with like-minded others.

  • Positive active thinking
    Dance to the beat of your own drum. We are in control of our mindsets. This is one of the only things we truly do have control of.

  • Good decision making
    On a mountain, good decision making could be the difference between life and death. It is important to back yourself to make good solid decisions in the outdoors and in life.

  • Dreams are real
    There is power and magic in turning your ambitions into destinations, starting with learning how to break down big ideas into bite-sized, manageable chunks and act on them.

  • Pushing your limits
    To push your limits you first have to test your limits. It is truly exhilarating to push yourself harder than ever before and discover you have more stamina, determination, and resilience than you ever would have thought.

  • Say yes more
    Committing to something can be the hardest step. Take the leap.

  • Thing big, dream bigger
    You will truly be amazed at what you CAN achieve when you think big.

Testimonials for Holly Budge

Holly is down to earth, funny and incredibly inspiring.
HRH Prince Edward

One of the UK’s most accomplished female adventurers.
British Airways

Holly pushes boundaries – and then some.
Red Bull

Bloody brilliant!
Sunday Papers Live

Holly is a remarkable lady with a string of talents. Her passion shines through and her creative talent and commitment to a cause she really cares about has led to her amazing exhibition ‘How Many Elephants’ designed to both educate and stop this horrific cull.
Founder and Chair
Just a Drop

Holly is an engaging, thought provoking and inspirational speaker.
Financial Advisor
St. James’s Place