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ICMI Celebrates ANZAC Day Speakers

Lest we forget is a phrase of great significance to any Australian or New Zealander. We don’t hear it often but its utterance immediately brings to mind stories of mateship and sacrifice, terrible sadness and immense pride.

Anzac Day - 100 years

2015 marked 100 years since a contingent representing the combined forces of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed at dawn on Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula. The soldiers who fought for us are long passed yet our obligation to honour their memory will never wane.

For most of us, an annual dawn service and quiet reflection is our commitment to ensure these memories endure. Others take inspiration from the great soldiers of our history to forge their own stories and their own memories in the service of our great countries.

Inspirational ANZAC Stories

The likes of VC winners Benjamin Roberts-Smith, Mark Donaldson and Daniel Keighran. Three heroes who have made our country and the world a safer place.

National service and sacrifice is not solely the domain of men either. Consider Neryl Joyce, author of “Mercenary Mum” who went from the checkout at Woolworths to the world’s most dangerous battlefields. Matina Jewell was a United Nations peacekeeper caught in tragic circumstances when war broke out on the Lebanese/Israeli.

The ANZAC ideals certainly live on in these and all our brave service people however in recent memory, one person stands out in Jim Molan. Jim led the 300,000 allied forces into Iraq in 2007. He is respected on both a national and global basis due to his incredible ability to unite that enormous number of allied forces from many, many different countries.

Lets celebrate our ANZAC heroes

There are so many stories that run much deeper than any superficial understanding of ANZAC day and what it represents. We owe it to the brave soldiers of years gone by and those who fight for us today to hear the stories and never ever forget the commitment and sacrifices of the people who tell them.

Anzac Day Speakers

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