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Key Points for Neryl Joyce

  • Neryl Joyce's upbringing in diverse locales, including various regions of Australia and Papua New Guinea, cultivated resilience and adaptability from an early age.
  • Transitioning from the structured environment of the military to the complex dynamics of private military companies in Iraq exposed Neryl to the harsh realities of workplace culture and leadership deficiencies.
  • Enduring challenges such as threats to her life, lip sewing, and managing riots on Christmas Island's Immigration Detention Centre underscore Neryl's capacity to navigate extreme adversity with courage and determination.
  • Through her published memoir "Mercenary Mum" and subsequent work, Neryl shares her transformative journey, advocating for women's empowerment and resilience in high-risk security environments.

Topics for Neryl Joyce

  • Mercenary Mum
    A gripping and tragic story referencing leadership, organisational culture and adversity in a challenging and high stakes environment. Neryl Joyce will take you on a journey where every decision has a risk and every action can have a devastating consequence. Follow her story as she takes you from training to be a Jedi warrior as a child, to protecting VIPs on the streets of war-torn Baghdad. Experience the raw emotion; but more importantly, discover something about yourself and the everyday superhero within.
  • Importance of ethical leadership
  • Importance of team training and preparing for unknown events
  • Women in leadership/ Women in male dominated industry/ Empowering women
  • Overcoming adversity and thriving
  • Organisational culture
  • Assessing risk in the workplace

Testimonials for Neryl Joyce

The story was riveting!  
National Electrical and Communications Association WA 

Neryl Joyce was engaging and proved an amazing individual in the face of adversity.
Catholic Education

Neryl Joyce was warm, funny, strong and open in her presentation. She contextualised her story to meet our conference theme- Choose to Challenge. Participants were engaged and inspired by Neryl's story of courage. Thanks.   
State School Teachers Union of Western Australia (SSTUWA)

Neryl had a powerful story and was both very approachable and down to earth. She was interactive and her presentation was a combination of humour and tough life issues which left the audience feeling inspired.   

Neryl Joyce was an incredibly engaging presenter, who had everyone rapt from the minute she started speaking. Her keynote was funny, insightful, shocking and inspiring. We couldn't have asked for a better speaker. She was a delight to work with and very accommodating of our needs - modifying her presentation to fit our run sheets and taking part in a panel discussion with short notice. Thank you Neryl! 
Therapy Focus

Neryl Joyce delivered a fabulous presentation with the right out of humour, sarcasm, wit and insight which had our audience full engrossed with a mixture of laughs, tears and awe.  
Schneider Electric

Neryl Joyce was most pleasant and down to earth. She kept our audience captivated and her story was like a good novel - full of twists and turns. Fantastic presentation especially to a forum of ladies.