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Key Points for Christian 'Boo' Boucousis CSP

  • Christian 'Boo' Boucousis is a former Australian fighter pilot who helps empower and motivate teams by sharing the secrets of an elite fighter-pilot team.
  • From an elite fighter pilot to an elite speaker’s club, Boo is one of 600 speakers in the world to have a CSP awarded (Certified Speaking Professional).
  • He is a former mission commander in the Royal Australian Air Force leading 100’s of men and women on complex missions.
  • A successful businessman and entrepreneur for over 15 years, founding and growing businesses in the Middle East and Australia in industries spanning humanitarian relief projects to a five-star hotel development.
  • Transformed one of Australia’s favourite aviation magazines into a multi-million-dollar global aviation publishing business.
  • Clients include Woolworths, NRL, Rio Tinto, Zurich, Westfield and McDonalds.

Topics for Christian 'Boo' Boucousis CSP

  • Deep performance
    Be the best of the best
    For leaders, sales and marketing teams, operational teams and general team performance
    High performance has its place in an organisation and deep down, we all need and want to perform and to be part of a high-performing, winning team. However, research highlights the stark reality, that not everyone can be, or wants to be, a high performer. However, we can all be deep performers!
    This topic explores the power of deep performance. You'll gain insights into the simple lessons and habits of the best of the best, from business leaders, the GOATs (that's Greatest of All Time for the uninitiated!) and the uncompromising world of fighter pilots, and how to apply them in your business.
    In this session you will learn:
    • The trust-based "nameless and rankless" methods used by fighter pilots globally to deliver exceptional outcomes and a win rate of 98%.
    • The relationship between Purpose, Time and Trust. Three powerful elements that can't be bought and must be created, to drive organisational-wide velocity and sustained high performance.
    • How to create an agile and adaptive mindset, without the chaos and confusion.
    • How to create more time by investing in the right things and saying NO purposefully.
  • The GID mindset - Get it done
    The secret to unlocking 400% more of everything
    For sales. Productivity, engagement, resilience, agile ways of working and change management
    The world around you is accelerating. We look at emerging research on how organisations can take advantage of disruption to not only keep pace with change, but to accelerate ahead of it. We've all heard the phrase "We need to buy time"? Well unfortunately you can't! In an accelerating world, mastering the time you have is fundamental to success.
    If we can't buy more time, how do we create it? The GID mindset is a way of getting your people to think fast and work in unprecedented synchronicity - it's the future for humans to work in the era of digitalization and automation. It's about focus, getting "it" done rather than "things" or "stuff "done.
    In this session you will learn:
    • The value of sustained high performance (or "deep" performance) for you, your team and your customers.
    • A simple four step structure that helps you "think quick" and create velocity to gain the competitive edge.
    • Keep it simple. How to create more time in your day through greater alignment in thought, action and impact.
    • The "GID" mantra and why focusing on big picture outcomes rather than tasks is the key to success.
    • Close the "Say-Do" gap. How to build trust by "doing" what we say we're going to do (and do the right things in the first place!)
  • Be exceptional
    How to stand out from the crowd
    For leaders, sales and marketing teams, resilience, high performing teams and change
    In a world where every brand, product and service feel the same, this session will show you the methods to stand out by becoming an exceptional organisation. The formula for driving success?
    Developing the courage to dive deep into your organisation's mis-steps and failures, to extract incredible lessons and to act on them quickly to rapidly improve your existing products and services, drive innovation and create exceptional people. Transition from a FAILURE mindset, to an experimental mindset and strike the balance between delivering your business of today with your business of the future
    In this session you will learn:
    • How to futureproof your business with the ultimate secret weapon, debriefing.
    • The optimism bias and how we unintentionally set ourselves up to fail.
    • The transformative "Three R's" three step debriefing process used by fighter pilots to drive a 98% success rate
      The art of debriefing with customers to discover their purpose, their needs, solve their problems and transition from value to invaluable.
    • The performance high – the neuroscience hack that turns failure into success and gives you a free energy boost
  • Be the organization (or person!) you can't live without
    For leaders, strategic thinking, sales and marketing, resilience, motivation and inspiration
    What's the point of every action, meeting, or product in your organisation, or to put it another way, the purpose? This keynote explores why creating purpose, understanding purpose at different levels of your business, and understanding our customers purpose is the key to becoming indispensable.
    Having a Vision, Mission and goals is one thing, helping everyone in the organisation connect to them is another.
    We'll take a dive deep into connecting daily purposeful actions to your organisations "Big Purpose" to help improve engagement, productivity and wellbeing across all levels of your business.
    In this session you will learn:
    • The rule of three. The simple patterns of communication that will help you stay forefront of mind.
    • How to create long term "Big" purpose with a capital P to align the hearts and minds of your organisation and drive purposeful activity each day.
    • How to create small wins by asking "what's the point" before we launch into time consuming action.
    • Is your yes, a "Hell yes!"? How to say NO to unnecessary "stuff" and YES to the ideas that drive innovation in your business.
      Never give up – the key role resilience plays in leadership and within a team to get the job done.
  • From chaos to clarity
    In a chaotic world, be the oasis of calm
    For leaders, teams, strategic planning, offsites, product launch, remote teams
    We all need clarity, especially in today's chaotic disconnected world. In the military they call it VUCA; Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It's during these periods exceptional companies find opportunity, rally their people and shift into the new norm, at speed. We'll explore the importance of creating an execution rhythm, the concept of situationally aware thinking and how to create time to focus and collaborate.
    In this session you will learn:
    • How to be adaptable by creating "situational awareness" each day – the key to staying one step ahead.
    • The distraction hack, how to claw back the 2.5 days of lost productivity every week we experience due to distraction.
    • How to talk less and say more using the "Pose, pause, pounce" influence technique Boo used to build a $200m global business and a $42 million hotel, on time and under budget.
    • The eight steps to rewire your brain and create "total awareness", the ninja like skill of leading your team through disruption.
    • How to "sell" situational awareness to your customers and make yourself indispensable.


Testimonials for Christian 'Boo' Boucousis CSP

Boo was very well prepared and gave a very focused and relevant presentation to our team. He carried a lot of energy and had the right balance of highly engaging content referencing his fighter pilot background but also very relevant examples for the business challenges of our sales team.
Medtronic Cardiac Ablation Solutions

The translation from 'cockpit' to 'meeting room' made it a highly engaging way to learn strategies for getting our strategy executed!
Head of Communication and Marketing

Best corporate training program I've ever experienced

Real life methods that can be applied in our professional lives.
Head of Network Optimisation

The simplicity of the approach was so eloquently explained, and can be used in day to day objectives, small business to large corporations.
Badalya and GKS

Boo's presentation was amazing. He brought humour and charisma and his amazing life experiences to show how we can bring situational awareness to our roles and look to strive to achieve (and debrief!).
Corporate FX Dealer

Boo was a highlight! His session was both high impact and engaging with actionable take-aways for teams and individuals. The incorporation of videos and AV production throughout his keynote made his performance captivating from start to end. We toured Boo across 4 states and he was a hit with all demographics.
Momentum Connect Events

Absolutely inspirational. Plan and Debrief! A sensational message that was very aligned to our business.
Group Sales
Domain Group (

We enjoyed this talk. It was inspirational and definitely contained practices to put in place in our restaurants.
Restaurant Owner

Boo resonated with our people in every way.
Head of Growth
Belle Property

A great experience to move towards high performance. Boo presentation was relevant to all our teams and ways of working. My key takeaway is the benefit of a debrief and how to use it regularly.
Head of People and Culture
Australian Olympic Committee

What a phenomenal experience. I'm looking forward to taking this into my everyday. If I can apply even a little bit every day I'll be in front!
Senior Medical Manager, Neuroscience