Ask about Christian Boo Boucousis
Key Points
  • Christian 'Boo' Boucousis is a former Australian fighter pilot who helps empower and motivate team by learning the secrets of this very small and elite team.
  • He is a former mission commander in the Royal Australian Air Force leading 100’s of men and women on complex missions.
  • A successful businessman and entrepreneur for over 15 years, founding and growing businesses in the Middle East and Australia in industries spanning humanitarian relief projects to five star hotel development. 
  • Clients include Woolworths, NRL, Rio Tinto, Zurich, Westfield and McDonalds.
  • Own disruption - How boo utilizes his fighter pilot training to deal with, or create disruption
    Boo explores the concept of VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environments and how his training equipped him with a simple process and mindset to make better decisions, align team-members and succeed where others struggle.
  • Own the grey – Fighter pilots are very uncomfortable with grey areas!
    Making 100’s of decisions per mission, Boo has mastered the art of decision making at pace. Through collaborative goal setting, contingency planning and simple team “check-ins” to monitor and adapt activity on a daily basis, leaders are able to maintain momentum and motivation within their teams.
  • Small wins – Winning big or small, it makes no difference to your mind or body
    How do you take a big audacious goal and create the small wins each day that keep our people motivated and engaged? Boo explores the amazing neurochemistry behind winning and why his training as a fighter pilot “training to win” can easily be adapted to individuals and teams.
  • 98% - Fighter pilots train to successfully deliver on their discrete goals 98% of the time
    No one’s perfect! Why the high execution rate?? Because the consequences are too significant to ponder. Boo explores the power of the peer group and how effective collaboration and review, what fighter pilots call debriefing, creates strong and enduring bonds within high performing teams.
  • Embracing Failure – Imagine a world where your failures are as celebrated as your success
    Where the daily review of your performance was MORE important than the activities you undertook each day. Learn the amazing power of the fighter pilot debrief, the open and honest process where we ask ourselves, what could I have done better today and what will I do tomorrow to close my personal execution gaps and those of the team. Boo will demonstrate the positive psychological effects of debriefing and the creation of small wins from failure and mistakes.
  • Never Give Up
    Boo never graduated at the top of his class, the reality was he repeated his final year in high-school twice and didn’t do much better the second time around! Having no specific skills are natural talents Boo was your typical everyday Joe! He attributes much of his success in life to his resilience and motto “Never Give Up”, and how he uses a frog to stay motivated!
  • Future Human – Cyborgs, biological computers, embedded technology…..What is the future for the human being?
    Boo has lived at the cutting edge of man and machine, sparking a curiosity in the man/machine interface. How will humanity and the workplace deal with AI, AR, privacy, remote workplaces and the trends that have been accelerated thanks to the COVID pandemic.