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Key Points for Aidan Grimes

  • Aidan Grimes is one of the most respected operators on the Kokoda trek, who has personally led 124 Kokoda Treks in PNG and remains the only Kokoda operator to have a 100% success rate.
  • Clients include Microsoft, Ericsson, Intel, Apple, Nine MSN, Vodafone and Monash and Federation Universities.
  • Has worked extensively with Youth at Risk, both here in Australia and overseas with various reputable agencies including the British SAS and ADF. Also worked or working with the Brisbane Broncos, Hawthorn Football Club, Geelong, AIS Olympic Kayak team, QLD Cycling and the NSW Cricket team.
  • Was honoured as ‘NSW Community Father of the Year’ in 2000.
  • Received the RSL National Anzac Award 2012.
  • Has contributed to raising over $3.5 million to various charities and his organisation over the past 20 years.

Topics for Aidan Grimes

  • Building a high performance team involves more than just assembling a group of talented individuals.
    In this keynote Aidan Grimes combines his encyclopedic knowledge of history and high performance to challenge the audience that the greatest team to represent Australia was a bunch of “ragged bloody heroes”.

  • Building High Performing Teams in the New Normal
    In this dynamic presentation Aidan grimes brings to life the key factors of High Performing teams. Using his vast understanding of History and performance, watch as he brings the voices of the past to life again as they once more offer sage advice to what are the true success factors?. Listen, as he unearths the key cornerstones as to why Australians are better placed than most to beat this current pandemic and how those stones can be used to create high performing teams.

  • Igniting the Potential
    Success within your chosen tribe (be that your family, community or your place of work) is achieved by being the best person you can be today with the skills you have today. It’s about contributing all that you have to give. But many of us don’t know what “giving all we have” is, as we’ve never pushed ourselves beyond what we thought was possible.

    Aidan will have you experience how you can push yourself to the limit, then, by applying marginal gains, show you how you can push yourself beyond those limits to uncover your potential.

    Only by pushing yourself to the absolute limit, can you truly be present, be in the now. Only by being truly present can you discover what your core values, beliefs, skills and abilities are. Then ask “are those aligned with the values and needs of your tribe?” and decide how best to use the skills you have to make the most valuable contribution.

    Aidan teaches you how to re-programme your brain - change your perspective, assess the situation, access all those newly discovered values, beliefs and skills, then apply them so you can act instinctively and appropriately in any situation. He teaches self-awareness, mindset, resilience, adaptability and endurance.

    Sharing his own life experiences, Aidan explains what it is to be part of a tribe. He takes you on his journey from the fields of professional soccer in Ireland, across to Australia and the mateship of the diggers, through to the tribal culture of Papua New Guinea where an individual’s mindset and actions can mean the difference between life and death (for themselves and their tribe).

    He will give you tools so you can learn, problem solve and communicate. Then, using Practical Intelligence (taking what you learn and applying it the circumstances you’re faced with), will have you test these new skills in a practical way.

    He will challenge you to take a step back, then step up, back yourself, demonstrate your commitment, courage and leadership and take ownership and responsibility for yourself and your role within your tribe.

    • Builds self awareness and confidence.
    • Increased engagement, performance and productivity.
    • Team cohesion - creates a strong tribal culture.
    • Provides an environment to identify each individual’s strengths and abilities.
    • Leadership qualities revealed.

Testimonials for Aidan Grimes

Aidan was a valuable asset to our Conference. He is motivating, relatable and very knowledgeable. Aidan was able to read our audience well and engaged everyone in the room with his passion for Australian history. The points he highlighted about the importance of communication, feedback and respect resonated with our team. Many are now keen to walk the Kokoda track and will no doubt choose Aidan to lead them on the trip.  
Protector Aluminium

Aidan is a very clear and engaging communicator and can use his skills in this area not only as ‘coach’ for this process but also as a basis to turn the communication and motivation in your company to much better effect particularly in reference to your customers. His keynotes are very inspiring and align with simple but, yet highly effective method to deliver a very powerful message each time.  

Aidan was an outstanding speaker – prompt, sharp, personable and highly accommodating. His style is one that captivates the audience. Combined with his stunning photos and in depth knowledge, Aidan’s message riveted everyone’s attention to the stage. I can’t remember any previous audience following a speaker as intently as on this occasion. We want him back. 
Vice Chancellor
Federation University

I just wanted to thank you for allowing 1 CSSB the opportunity to host Aidan Grime's visit this week. It was very valuable and all members participated enthusiastically. Aidan was inspirational, informative and was able to draw every member into the discussions to the extent that workplace issues and concerns were discussed in non-threatening and fun ways.
It is hoped that this will have a positive impact on workplace relationships in the future, particular for the members concerned. Members were able to reflect on themselves and how their actions and attitudes might inhibit or enhance workplace cohesiveness, as well as improve individual general health and wellbeing. This was most beneficial when related to workplace morale.  
Robertson Barracks