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Key Points
  • Kevin Humphreys is the Mental Health Ambassador for AIRBUS Australia Pacific and Community Ambassador for Mates4Mates.
  • He is a former combat helicopter pilot who found himself contemplating suicide due to mental illness and toxic workplace, now a successful search and rescue pilot.
  • He featured in videos in the Australian War Memorial, books detailing special operations in Afghanistan and aviation podcasts talking about his operations and mental health.
  • Kevin’s passionate belief is that mental illness is normal, manageable and recoverable for the majority of people.
  • He is recognised as the role model for the most recent Military Order of William (equivalent to the Victoria Cross) recipient in the Netherlands.
  • He has a track record of achieving 25,000+ and 68,000+ views of social media posts on mental health and breaking down stigma.
  • Perception, Permission and Purpose
    Experience the highs and lows of Kevin’s life as though you were there with him, then share the lessons of his journey. Walk away transformed and ready to take action in your own life and to inspire the lives of others.
  • Discipline - it's P.U.R.E. Desire
    Drawing upon his own professional and personal hard fought experiences, Kevin explores the topic of discipline in plain language. He not only motivates listeners for action, he also provides a practical framework to apply immediately.
  • Mental Health Leadership - Leading yourself and others
    Recent national research shows how a toxic workplace is just as debilitating as exposure to trauma, whilst being in a positive workplace is like receiving a mental health inoculation. Which will you contribute to and how will you know?

This was a tough brief but will stick with me for some time. I think these types of presentations need to occur more often at work.
Very powerful message, stays with you. Should be rolled out further to all the company.
Kevin is an amazing man with a very pertinent story. This needs to be disseminated across the company.
Fantastic presentation from someone who has lived through the battles and demons of mental health and the tools available to help work through it
Absolutely great, provided first-hand experience, which I was not exposed before.
A powerful personal story and the importance of admitting you have a problem and then seeking help
Kevin gave an open account of his personal experience which was both enlightening and confronting. I gained some good insight into signs that my team may not be well
No explanation required. More people should see his presentation.
Really good in raising awareness of mental health and removing stigma attached to it.
Excellent firsthand experience regarding mental health and how good leadership drives improvement.
Kevin Humphreys was awesome.
Presentation was fantastic and story inspirational. Good points on how to look after team.
Very powerful presentation with personal stories that Kevin has shared, highlights the importance to me how individual acts / thinks a certain way with their background and experience.
Somewhat confronting but thought provoking – exceptional. The second time I have heard Kevin speak and it still had a huge impact for me.
Exceptional – best of the week. Pulled on the heart strings.
A critical message delivered with honesty and humility. Thank you. Quite possibly the most compelling and deeply moving presentation / discussion I have been part of in a long time.
Mental Health Leadership presentation
Leadership Course Series

Kevin, Thank you. You smashed the stereotype of an individual with a mental illness. Having the courage to speak so openly as our keynote speaker and sharing your first-hand experience was compelling, candid and provocative. Everyone left not just informed, but transformed. You helped us understand that we need to be “doing it better” and that there is hope for recovery and the small things that we do on a daily basis can make a difference.

Safety Manager
Airbus Australia Pacific

Highly recommended!  Listening to his story, what struck me most was the personal courage he demonstrated time and again. Kevin’s messages are positive and he is living proof that despite PTSD, you can get back to the top of your game.
Senior Manager Defence Liaison
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Kevin was an incredibly engaging speaker with a remarkable story to tell. Kevin’s telling of how he reached the top of his game in the military and then experiencing the depths of PTSD and depression, followed by working his way out from those dark days is motivating and inspirational. Kevin’s messages are powerful and important; his story is one you need to hear.
Corporate Affairs Manager
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Kevin has a gift for sharing insights and spreading empathy and compassion. He is an excellent presenter.
I enjoyed the presenter and how he engaged the audience … great session.
I intend to be more open minded and empathetic about mental illness.
Listen more to my feelings try to be aware of mental health issues.
Audience Members
Queensland Government
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

I’ve never seen a room of 160+ construction workers so silent – you could’ve heard a pin drop.
Site Supervisor
Hutchinson Builders

Kevin gave a heartfelt and illuminating presentation at our conference. Thank you for putting us in touch with Kevin – it was the best thing we did.
Aged care conference organiser