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Key Points for Penelope Twemlow

  • Penelope is a multi-degree qualified professional with over 20 years’ experience in strategic and operational management, program, project and risk management, and governance and compliance. Penelope also demonstrates people management, organisational culture and communications skills across a wide demographic and range of disciplines, including time in the Australian Defence Force.

  • Penelope’s service in the Royal Australian Navy has seen her undertake strategic level appointments in project, human resource, safety, culture and risk, as well as being a member of the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service. Penelope can also boast the ability to drive an 8,500 tonne armed warship.

  • From 2010 to 2015, Penelope was the Chief Executive Officer of General Manager Pty Ltd, providing services for national and international clients in the government sector, mining and resources, oil and gas, public utilities, transport and civil construction as a consultant.

  • From 2015 to 2018, Penelope was the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Skills Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation working in the electrotechnology, telecommunications, mining, gas, energy and rail sectors nationally. During this tenure, Penelope was a national representative for industry in matters pertaining to training and skilling, and workforce planning and development.

  • Penelope is currently a Director within the KPMG Transformational Program team, providing experience and expertise to multifaceted Defence clients across the nation.

  • Penelope is a sought-after speaker and author and her compassionate nature and high level of emotional intelligence allow her to provide support to all stakeholders. Penelope’s work in the diversity and inclusion fields is vast, having co-founded and now Chairing the not-for-profit organisation titled Women in Power. She is also a national Ambassador for various domestic violence and mental health organisations and is a Director on the Durack College, Department of Veterans Affairs and Women United by Defence Service Boards.

  • Penelope is a true leader of people and operations. She has been recognised as an innovator with unsurpassed drive and passion. Her stamina, resilience and wicked sense of humour have carried her through extraordinary challenges. She continues to receive accolades for her vision and entrepreneurship, including being named the Queensland Telstra Business Women's Award for Social Enterprise and Not-For-Profit and winner of three separate categories in the national Women in Industry Awards. She has also been named APAC CEO of the Year and was a finalist in the Women in Business Awards, the National Association of Women in Construction Awards, the Australian Institute of Management Leadership Awards and the Lord Mayors Business Awards.

Topics for Penelope Twemlow

  • Make your mark
    Whether you want to get more enjoyment from the path you're on or completely over-haul your life, you'll learn valuable tools to map out a plan, achieve your biggest goals and overcome any challenge. This discussion combines insightful advice with powerful questions to help you dig beneath your deepest fears and enjoy more of what you've longed for — in your work, relationships and life.
  • Build A Better You: Building resilience and overcoming adversity
    Resilience is that amazing skill that helps you recover quickly from difficulties. If you are resilient, then when life knocks you down, you bounce back and sometimes, stronger than before. So how do you become a resilient person? This discussion combats difficult topics using my life story, including working in male dominated industries, domestic violence, and mental health. I outline how a ‘breakdown can be a break through’, by overcoming adversity and building resilience.
  • Inspirational Leadership 
    What is leadership and how does one learn it? Can it be learnt or is it part of our DNA? During this discussion, we try to understand what success looks like from a leadership perspective, emotional intelligence and leadership, Drawbridge vs Rapunzel Leaders, leadership styles, essential qualities of an effective leader, how to develop 21st century critical thinkers and what it takes to be a senior executive. 
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    All people are capable of being an amazing leader, but in order to do so, they must become comfortable with being uncomfortable and to live and lead a life with courage to thrive. This presentation discusses how to find your authentic leadership style, the best ways to counter unconscious bias, conquering Imposter Syndrome and how to build the capacity and confidence to ‘lean in’ and lead well.
  • Digital Disruption
    Business and government leaders do not need to look far into the future to see the new wave of digital disruption headed towards them. It is already here, transforming the way companies and agencies operate and how they engage with their customers. This presentation discusses technological trends and their impact on society and industry and aims to provide thought leadership on the need for continued innovation and collaboration between industry and organisations in order to survive the rapidly changing global climate.
  • Finding purpose and passion - What is your why?
    A discussion that will touch, move and inspire; it is all about making powerful choices to live a life that you love. This is about putting meaning in your work, discovering your passion, learning about positivity – sticking with it and being persistent… and ultimately fulfilling on your true purpose. Knowing what drives you will give you the platform for a rich and wonderful experience of life.
  • Skills of the future
    Education of any kind is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world; it is a critical investment in ones future. This presentation discusses the importance of education and particular skills needed for the future. It can also focus on the requirements to increase the uptake of STEM at school and post-school, particularly with women. 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    • How far we’ve come
    • Stepping into our power
    • How we can all press for progress
    • Why diversity matters for social progress & the bottom line
    • Martine is an accomplished MC & can help craft your panel event
    • Designing the life you want
    • Why science is an exciting journey for girls, teens and women
    • How a scientific approach can advance every career
    • Why closing the gender gap is everyone’s business, and good for the future of Australia’s economy
    • From ideas to actual: How to use creativity and diversity as an innovation driver
    • How to build effective, connected teams and embed values-led culture in the workplace
    • The power of active mentorship to build leadership capability, purpose and influence
    • How to think like an entrepreneur: Bringing Innovation, Design Thinking and Human Centred toolkits to the workplace
    • Why the education system is broken, and how we fix it with real world, industry-backed learning
    • How to make a real difference in the educational experiences and learning outcomes of girls

Testimonials for Penelope Twemlow

Impressive young lady with matching accolades to boot!
The Blue Collared Women

Penelope’s presentation was moving and her message was strong. We had people at the event to support participants as her presentation was able to provide a supportive environment for anyone who wanted to talk and process should the discussions trigger any emotions.
Diversity Practitioners Association

Great to hear Penelope present this and hear her remarkable story of grit fuelled by passion and determination.
Penelope is consistently a true professional. She has a unique ability to continuously adapt and brings life, energy and enthusiasm to any event. She is extremely knowledgeable of her subject and has the audience hanging on her every word.
Penelope was FANTASTIC! She is one of the best speakers we have had. You could hear a pin drop during her presentation, everyone was so attentive and hung on every word. We had fantastic feedback from all who attended.
Piper Alderman
Penelope’s presentation had the audience enthralled – lots of good stories and laughter. She received a standing ovation from the audience and was still in the venue one hour after the venue talking with audience members.
Hills Chamber of Commerce
Thank you so very much for speaking at the Conference - what a fantastic day it was! Your presentation was so motivating and inspiring that you could hear a pin drop in the room as everyone was so very engaged with what you had to share. Your wealth of knowledge, richness of life experiences and humbleness of success was truly amazing and will stay in the memories of our delegates. While they say we are all ordinary people doing extraordinary things, you are an exceptional extraordinary young lady and it was a delight and privilege to have you speak. Your words touched so many people and created a memory that will last with them forever as you certainly did for me. Thank you.