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Key Points for Afterburner

  • Afterburner - Fighter Pilots is authentic, real men and women who have served their country and pushed their minds and bodies to the very limit of human performance and endurance. This very small community operates in an environment like no other and the Afterburner team will take you on a journey to discover your own human performance limitations and what to do day to day to manage them and create a true “High Performing Team”
  • Afterburner consistently ranks 4.9/5.0 on Facebook and Google reviews for its content and the ability to implement its learnings in business and in life the very next day.
  • You’ll be taken on a behind the scenes journey, from a 1 v 1 air combat mission viewed from the cockpit of a high performance fighter jet, to the impact of 9G on a fighter pilots body.
  • You’ll explore an aviation accident, highlighting the impact of distraction on performance using video and the real Cockpit Voice Recorder sound track from the incident. Distraction is the number one killer of personal performance today, Afterburner will show you how to manage distractions and achieve incredible focus in your day to day.

Topics for Afterburner

  • The adrenaline shot
    Just when we thought we were out of the woods, we’re rolling into our third year of the pandemic driven uncertainty. Now’s a great time to check in with your team, wrap your arms around each other and as a team, lean into what is likely to be another challenging year.
    To help you rally your team and remind yourself how resilient you all are, how capable you can be when you work together and the determination you share to succeed Afterburner Australia is launching THE ADRENALINE SHOT.
    A short sharp keynote or half-day workshop designed to focus your people and break up the monotony of remote work. The goal? To equip your team with the skills fighter pilots use to remain effective during adversity, delivering a 98% success rate.
    Join over 3,500 of the worlds most successful, action-focused businesses and schedule a discovery call now.
  • Flawless execution
    Whether you’re wanting a keynote, team building and development or a training program- the approach remains the same. Their keynote will introduce you to the FLEX Methodology and mindset, whilst more immersive programs will allow you to practice and experience the benefits of FLEX first-hand.
    To help facilitate those “a-ha!” moments, Afterburner customises their programs to ensure they are tailored to your strategic objectives to deliver a “how to get things done better, faster and with greater success” message to your team.
    First, you meet your fighter pilot and learn what it takes to be one and how Flex can assist you in accelerating your own success. Your pilot focuses on everything from highly skilled commentary, awe-inspiring and compelling stories to multimedia for you to become fully immersed into their world of a fighter pilot. They might have you holding on to the edge of your seat, but most importantly, they help your people understand that success is a mindset, not a talent.
    They remind you that being consistently successful is possible if we all understand the common human performance traits that get in our way and understand the simple way to manage them. Once you understand a little more about the fighter pilots secret to success, Boo and his team will take you on the FLEX journey and show how it can be applied to your life, your team and your organisation.
    Key highlights of the program include:
    • The importance of aligning strategy and day to day goals, with clarity and total accountability.
    • Plan – How to plan collaboratively and set realistic goals.
    • Brief – The importance of communication when executing a plan or strategy.
    • Execute – Highlighting the performance draining effects of task saturation and how to prioritise, focus and achieve 300% more in a day or “3X” your team.
    • Debrief – Improve performance, enhance mentoring and deliver change rapidly through a simple meeting focused on learning from common mistakes and errors in a “nameless and rankless” environment.

Testimonials for Afterburner

Even four months later, people are still talking about Afterburner seminars. Your portion of the meeting really had a big impact on our managers. Plan, brief, execute and debrief are terms we hear around the office now. I feel we have built a great working relationship and I look forward to our next project together.
Program Manager

The impact that the Afterburner seminar had was incredible. Not only was it the highest-rated segment of our annual meetings, but our store managers have begun to apply what they learned on a day to day basis. The Afterburner seminar received a standing ovation after every one of its programs.
Director of Management Development
Home Depot

I can honestly say that the seminar significantly exceeded expectations and was the highlight of our meeting. We enjoyed the fact that the seminar was delivered in a very professional manner, and had the right blend of pertinent business focus in a light-hearted and fun way.
Senior Vice President

The Afterburners Team obviously spent an incredible amount of prep time getting to know our business and our competition. This enabled them to walk and speak our language, which earned instant credibility with our senior leadership team. It opened the door to some great discussions around improving how we work together – the result of which has already made us a more effective team.
Vice President of Leadership Development
Bank of America

Having been involved with many “team-building” type exercises before, I can honestly say yours was the most relevant, practical, entertaining and thought-stimulating program I have ever seen.
IBM Credit Corporation

Afterburner were fantastic! They understood our brief, were able to adjust and really make the workshop work for our needs. They were incredibly engaging, brought a lot of fun to the day and a number of surprises to keep the energy going in the room. I have heard nothing but great feedback about the session from the team that attended! A massive thank you and shout out to Boo, Slash and Burry! 
Ramsay Health Care

Fun, engaging, good energy .
Canterbury Bankstown Council

Christian 'Boo' was an engaging and entertaining presenter. The mix of his life experiences being linked back to a business environment today was excellent. Highly recommended.   
National Mortgage Brokers

Boo was very much on point in terms of the message to our delegates and in line with our conference objectives. 

The best corporate workshop we’ve ever done.
Fox Sports

Without a doubt, the Flawless Execution program run by Afterburner is the best I’ve ever seen”. We were blown away by how well Afterburner incorporated the information about our business into their program

Thanks, that’s the best training program I’ve ever done in the corporate world.

What a great experience! Everyone was ‘wowed’ by the Afterburner team….Afterburner will definitely be recommended by us!
Iplex Pipelines

Thank you to you and the team for a very successful day… My team and I have already started talking about how do we make debriefing a daily practice.

Boo and Booger were fabulous and the content was very relevant. After the program we brought Afterburner into our business for 90 days and the improvement in performance of our team was amazing.
SAI Global

I couldn’t believe it was a three hour program, it felt like 10 mins! I can’t wait to give debriefing a go in my organisation.
Astra Zeneca

Wow, it’s amazing! ALL our delegates came back after lunch to attend the second half of the Afterburner program, we’ve never seen such senior executives so engaged, for an entire day!
McDonalds Restaurant Supervisors National Conference

The speakers had such a great positive impact - perfect way to start our conference.
Global Orthopaedic Technology

Excellent, job, easy to work with, delivered what we asked for.
Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd 

Afterburners absolutely delivered beyond our best expectations. It was a perfect session for our sales team who come out motivated not just in the short-term, but on achieving long-term our objectives & budget. 
Consumer & Marketing 

We are exposed to many motivational speakers but none of them come close to the tailored and practical style of Afterburner. Your attention to detail and the depth of your knowledge of our business was second to none and was commented on by a number of members of the team. I have had feedback from our teams around the country that they have already started conducting briefing sessions, and indeed I have restructured the way in which I communicate with the team. It certainly says something when this type of response occurs unprompted.  I look forward to working with you in the future. 
Product Manger

Phil Eldridge and his wingmen have conducted several highly successful Afterburner workshops in Sydney and Melbourne for our members. Their credentials and experience in active service are absolutely equalled by the quality of the corporate program that they deliver. We have used both the short and the long version of Afterburner, for our CEO, CFO and HR Director members who all found the principles and models of accelerating performance through flawless execution highly relevant to their organisations and teams, and at an individual level. The feedback from many of our members is that it was one of the best sessions we have ever run. The messages are conveyed in a high energy and authentic setting, and the tools are able to be put to use straight away. I know that at least five participants have invited Phil and his Afterburner team to run the same program in their own organisations. I think this is its own validation.
International CFO Forum

Afterburners were great. Very energetic and I could not believe how much they knew about our project. Plan and executive team exercise was worthwhile and fun

Phil and Booger delivered a stimulating view of their world and certainly made me feel as though our challenges, albeit important, can be managed successfully by maintaining an unwavering focus on prize/outcomes

Can't wait to get a copy of the presentation to incorporate it into my daily work.
Pat Moore

Very motivating and will implement RED Team strategy for team
David Lobb

Excellent - Already using some of their ideas to get that 1%. Probably best 'facilitator' I have come across. While there was a 'fun' element to it there was a clear link to improved work practices.
Donna Gallaher