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Key Points for Daniel Keighran VC

  • Daniel Keighran VC is one of only 9 living Victoria Cross recipients worldwide.
  • Daniel served 14 years in the Australian Army.
  • He was deployed in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor.
  • Daniel is an Ambassador for the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust.
  • Daniel has conducted speaking engagements for the Australian Defence Force Academy, Audi Australia, Stuart Robert MP, Leadership Matters (The West Australian).

Topics for Daniel Keighran VC

  • Leadership
    Leadership is not just the domain of managers and commanders. The ability to provide purpose, direction and motivation should be encouraged at all levels and is the key to a strong and cohesive team.
  • Teamwork
    “Without the members of my team, I would not be alive today. I knew they would save me if I was shot on the battlefield” – Although differing in nature, Daniel provides a correlation between the significance of teamwork on the battlefield and the corporate environment.
  • Effective decision making in pressured environments
    Poor decision making is often blamed on insufficient time and information. How do you reduce the risk and ensure you have the best information at hand to make a call? By introducing three key factors to any planning process. Remember the worst decision to make is to make no decision at all.

Testimonials for Daniel Keighran VC

Daniel Keighran VC is a professional, impactful and authentic speaker who delivered his own powerful leadership journey. Our participants and staff members were in awe of is story especially the measured approach he displayed on the battlefield but also on the stage. Daniel again impressed our team when he remained behind at the first conference to further shape and improve his presentation for the next audience in Cairns. This high standard of personalised delivery was again testament to Daniels professional nature. To further enhance the event for the attendees Daniel took the time to engage with our attendees over lunch, speaking to as many as he could. For many, this was the first time to listen to a Victoria Cross recipient let alone talk to one in person, this ensured Daniel left a lasting impression on the audience. It was an honour to listen to Daniel and privilege to work with him.
Department of Defence

Daniel Keighran was very professional, he delivered a capturing presentation and made himself available to residents, staff and the community during his visit. Always carrying himself in a well presented professional manner.  
ESS Support Services Worldwide

Daniel Keighran was organised, prompt, interesting, accommodating and kept everyone engaged.  We will use again when have an opportunity!
W Eagles Plumbing Services

I was fortunate to have engaged Daniel Keighran to speak at my annual dinner for my constituents and supporters in July this year.
Daniel's presentation was an inspiration to the 400 people in the audience. His ability to convey his story in vivid detail enabled the audience to immerse themselves into his words and had them fully engaged. Throughout his talk, Daniel's style enabled him to speak to a large group, but ensured each individual felt like Daniel was speaking to them directly. His thought provoking, life valuing and self-deprecating style conveyed the seriousness of his story in an entertaining manner whilst ensuring that relevant lessons were clearly articulated. At the conclusion of Daniel's talk, the audience was fortunate to be able to spend some time engaging with him personally. This opportunity was especially valuable as each of us was able to see firsthand Daniel's down to earth and genuine nature.
It would be remiss for any business or organisation not to engage Daniel to enable him to tell his story and inspire the audience to power through adversity and achieve greatness.

Daniel Keighran is an outstanding and inspirational speaker. His recent keynote address to CEO's and executives from across the Sydney Business Community delivered a compelling and insightful journey covering his early childhood growing up in rural Queensland to the battle in Afghanistan where he was awarded the VC. His story is one of inspiration and bravery displaying gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. You could have heard a pin drop in the room during his entire keynote address. Every guest left the room acknowledging how privileged they felt being a part of this special keynote address.
Marketing and Events Manager
NSW Busines Chamber

Daniel Keighran was amazing, my membership hung onto every word he said and he really was the perfect fit to our program as earlier this morning we had a very moving tribute to honour the ANZAC Centenary.
Australian and New Zealand Funeral Directors

Insightful, well-articulated and the absolute truth. Easily the keynote speaker of choice. I did notice that he had the entire auditorium hooked on each and every word, from his very first word to the very last word. Daniel Keighran's presentation was full of everyday examples and how they can each be used to overcome adversity by each and every one of us.
Defence Finance Congress Audience Member

Daniel Keighran's passion and commitment to what he was doing and what he was speaking about were fantastic. He was able to convey the importance of teamwork and leadership and how sometimes it may only be a small act or comment that makes the difference.
Defence Finance Congress Audience Member

The experiences Daniel Keighran shared were truly amazing. It made me realise that if a soldier faced with what he had to face can be that flexible and adaptable in such a hostile environment, then I have nothing to complain about and need to work harder on being like that in my workplace.
Defence Finance Congress Audience Member

Love when a speaker has read the brief, arrives on time for rehearsal with content in the correct format. He was engaging, hit the nail on the head with relevant content and key messages. Daniel Keighran was delightful to work with and engaged his audience.