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Key Points for Rob Redenbach

  • Rob Redenbach helps existing and emerging leaders to thrive in challenging situations.
  • Rob has shared his leadership and resilience strategies with high-performing teams in 23 countries.
  • Blending humour and hard facts, Rob’s presentations entertain and educate at the same time.

Topics for Rob Redenbach

  • Leadership Without Rank (1-4 hours)
    Rob Redenbach’s Leadership Without Rank helps existing and emerging leaders to bridge the gap between mere authority and genuine leadership.
    Interactive, challenging and fun, Leadership Without Rank casts fresh light on:
    • Persuasive Communication
    • Behavioural Change
    • Collaboration & Teamwork
    • Personal Accountability
    • Resilience & Confidence
      Boost Juice, Commonwealth Bank, Fuji Xerox, LG Electronics and Toyota are some of the groups that have benefited from this proven method of personal and professional development.
  • Conversations With Mandela (50 minute keynote)
    With hundreds of shows to choose from at the world’s largest arts festival at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023, the Edinburgh Evening News compiled a list of the Top 10 acts worth catching at the Fringe – Rob Redenbach’s Conversations With Mandela was positioned at #4. With a masterful mix of humour and storytelling, Redenbach recounts his journey from Australian nightclub security to working in South Africa with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as Conversations With Mandela provides unforgettable insights into one of the 20th century’s most celebrated leaders.

For more details on how Rob can tailor a live presentation that best suits your particular needs and time frame, email

Testimonials for Rob Redenbach

On behalf of Natalie and the Brownes Team, I want to express our sincere gratitude. Your presentation was captivating, and I thoroughly enjoyed your stories and how you tied them back to our company values and recent conversations. Your insight on sophisticated communication being adaptability resonated deeply with many of our GMs and employees at all levels. It highlighted how we can leverage our relationships and adaptability to thrive both as a team and as individuals. "The Harvard Test of Acquisition" was the perfect illustration of how we can cultivate meaning and culture within our organization. Your life story is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Brownes Dairy

Engaging, warm with the client group, and provided good leadership insights. 
Red Emu Advisory

Rob Redenbach is a great storyteller who resonated well with the audience.   
City Venue Management

Rob Redenbach was very engaging, authentic, humble and a real storyteller. He had all the delegates engaged from the beginning and was spot on with the brief that we sent him.

Rob Redenbach really understands how to engage an audience while exposing them to leadership concepts in a fun and inspiring way. He is a highly skilled facilitator with high energy and our participants loved it! We would definitely consider working with him again.
Charles Sturt University

Rob Redenbach's presentation was memorable on many levels. His engaging way of presenting, not hiding behind the lectern, was refreshing. Rob's life story to date was captivating and inspiring and here in the office we still talk about the delta between reality and aspiration!
Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA)

Rob Redenbach's keynote resonated with the entire audience and enhanced our corporate message for the day. His principles were clear and relatable to our diverse workforce and will be used for ongoing internal communications.
Central Highlands Regional Council

Rob Redenbach has had a fascinating career which the audience found very engaging.  His presentation was very thought provoking and motivational.  A great way for teachers to start the new year with optimism and reflection on maintaining their own health whilst supporting students and carers.
Helensvale State High School

Rob Redenbach's ability to gain and hold the attention of his audience as he delivers his message about leadership makes it clear he has the experience to speak about a topic that many claim to understand, but only a few can demonstrate. If your organization is hungry for leadership development, Rob’s strategies are the perfect remedy!
Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs

Feedback has been fantastic . . . I will be in touch to discuss what I can do later with the Managers.
De Lorenzo   

Rob Redenbach was the most inspiring and motivational speaker we have had so far. Our delegates were lining up to speak to him after his presentation. Rob took the time and spoke to everyone. I definitely recommend Rob for any conference or function. I hope I get the chance to hire him for one of our other brands.
PFG Australia

Rob Redenbach's session at our recent conference told an inspirational tale of determination in achieving personal goals and benchmarks. Rob's sheer persistence to change his 'script' invoked thoughts on our own goals and motivation. His insight into how expectations of others changes our behaviours and guidance as leaders is one that will surely have a lasting impact on how we motivate and lead our teams on a daily basis. We had great feedback on Rob’s session from our attendees and would definitely collaborate with Rob again.
LJ Hooker Corporation Ltd.

Rob Redenbach was very professional, he provided a great presentation to our group and really nailed the key messaging that he was briefed on.
Wilson Parking

It was definitely challenging, but well worth it.  Rob Redenbach's background and the stories about the life he’s lived and how they’ve shaped his view of the world were amazing. He held the room for the entire day.

Chief Financial Officer
obs Australia

Great feedback from attendees. Professional. Engaging.
New Zealand Food and Grocery Council

We just completed the YPO-WPO Global Leadership Summit, in which Rob Redenbach was a speaker. On an agenda filled with the 'best of the best' from around the world, Rob provided a unique and compelling session, and left the audience wanting more. I would highly recommend Rob as a speaker for any senior level audience, and would work with him again whenever given a chance. In addition to effective, he's a great guy, friendly and easy to work with.
President and CEO
The Learning Studio, Inc.

I have had a chance to speak with a number of people who attended and they have all commented on Rob's outstanding abilities as a presenter. I was standing at the back of the ballroom for a large part of the afternoon, there was little doubt that everyone was totally engrossed. My thoughts reflect those of the committee - the presentation was fantastic!
Event Manager 
Australian Direct Marketing Association

If I have any complaint it would only be that I wish I’d asked Rob Redenbach to speak longer. I thought the delivery and insights he provided were great and getting it across in such an unconventional way was exactly what I was after.
Director of Sales 

Our partners loved Rob Redenbach's insight . . . direct, surprising, informative, entertaining, and relevant were some of the words used to describe his presentation.
National Operations Manager 
Boost Juice

Rob Redenbach brings a wealth of 'Real Life Experience' coupled with practical tools that have assisted my team to exceed their own aspirations and those of the company, his approach allows the learning process to unfold at a rate paced to the individual and the team, creating a unique connection between learning outcomes and their application within the business environment. I personally commend Rob to organisations seeking to redefine their leadership courage in today’s fast-paced commercial world.
Brambles Industrial Services

An insightful presentation . . .. highly enjoyed by our Branch Managers and I am sure has given them much to think and talk about.
Operations, South Pacific, Cummins

Rob Redenbach immediately hit the ground running capturing and holding the group's attention from start to finish . . . not bad considering the broad demographic in the room. Rob was effectively able to deliver his address drawing in parallels to our market with a blend of humour and his own inspiring experiences. Comments from the group included: 'mesmerising', 'I didn't want it to end', 'I really learnt something'.
National Sales & Marketing Manager 
Dunlop Foams

Rob Redenbach handled our audience exceptionally well. The content and delivery of his presentation was inspiring, meaningful and useful on a daily basis. The fact that he received a standing ovation speaks volumes.
State Manager - EC Credit Control

Action, not reaction is a war cry that every company should live by today. Rob was able to translate life's lessons into a powerful presentation that every business owner could identify with. Engaging and relevant. A great delivery.
Managing Director 
Fuji Xerox Australia

Many parallels to the corporate world. The reference to taking action, planning and the discussion of 'being in the bubble' were particularly pertinent as we move at a very fast pace. As with everything, these presentations require open-minded recipients. Ours is a tough crowd but I had fantastic feedback. My only disappointment was that we didn’t get to hear more from Redenbach. I was hooked and could have listened for hours
Conference Organiser 
Gold Coast Bulletin

Rob, I really wanted to sincerely thank you for your work at our national staff conference. Your presentation was able to make us take off our educator's 'hats' for a few hours and focus on our selves as people within our profession – to think about our own learning and personal resilience. I know your work will resound with many professions and I sincerely recommend you to any organisation who wants their 'team time' to be inspiring and productive.
Executive Coordinator 
Principals Australia

Rob Redenbach is an excellent presenter who delivered well beyond our expectations. He was able to blend his thoughts on leadership and safety into a grounded presentation that was relevant, compelling and drove home the real work that needs to be done. Our group was on the edge of their seats and were buzzing about the presentation, the context and the message Rob provided.
Service Strategy & Logistics Manager 
QR Passenger Pty Ltd

It was a pleasure to work with Rob Redenbach and typical feedback from conference delegates included: ‘Redenbach was bizarrely relevant!’ .. . . ‘It was fantastic to hear a different style of speaker, something other than some amazing extreme sporting achievement’ . . . ‘Everyone could relate to Robert and take away learnings’ . . . ‘A sensational presenter who tied in his life stories with leadership aspects perfectly.
Events Marketing Manager 

An outstanding presentation - we gave Rob Redenbach the hard shift, immediately after the final lunch and he kept delegates rivetted to their seats!  His style is engaging, enthusiastic and he directed his presentation to the audience superbly.
City of Melbourne

When Rob Redenbach started his presentation there was a look of bewilderment, intrigue and curiosity on the faces of our audience. However, with his incredible experiences, obvious tenacity and hard-earned wisdom he won our delegates over completely.

Finally, a really unique speaker with a fresh and truly amazing story to tell.
Jack Morton Worldwide

Rob Redenbach delivers an important message that applies to all of us in everyday life . . . entertaining and thought-provoking. Feedback from delegates has been great.
Lend Lease

Before his presentation I had doubts about the suitability of Rob Redenbach's background to our conference audience, however, it was an absolute pleasure to hear him speak, an absolute pleasure! The passion, commitment and real life experiences he outlined can be directly incorporated into our business to make a DIFFERENCE!
Pioneer Construction Materials Pty Ltd

Not only did the audience enjoy Rob Redenbach's presentation, there was great take-home value as well. His 'standing ovation' was testament to this, particularly as our delegates can be very hard to please.
The Executive Connection

An excellent presentation…well received, informative and interesting.
Young Entrepreneurs Organisation

Rob Redenbach's presentation is as dynamic and impacting as his punch. He delivers the key messages succinctly and caters well to an audience of international participants. Truly a masterful performance!
Seagate Technologies

An excellent keynote…really held everyone's interest. Great mix of practical techniques and good humour.

Rob Redenbach's presentations were highly original and extremely professional…he far exceeded expectations.
LM Investments Pty Ltd

Really enjoyed Rob Redenbach's session . . . very enlightening and will help in future decision-making. It provided a 'value added' component not offered by other fund managers.

Rob Redenbach's presentation was the topic of conversation for weeks . . . very enjoyable and worthwhile.
Australian Financial Risk Management

An inspiring speaker. His experiences translated well to our industry.
Local Government Managers Association

Rob Redenbach delivered a perfect opening keynote presentation and provided a 'talking point' for delegates for the duration of the Congress. People 'raved' about his presentation and from the feedback we have since received, it certainly kicked the Congress off in the right tone - delegates were totally motivated and touched. We received nothing but 'excellent' on our own internal survey forms.
National Institute of Accountants

As you are aware, the feedback on the day, and in particular your keynote presentations, has been fantastic. In fact, it is exceeded all our expectations. I certainly appreciated the way that you have worked with us to ensure sessions were aligned well, and that your closing session fit with the overall message and other content delivered. Your insightful tips on improving success with strategic alliances were delivered in a very entertaining and enjoyable way. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited

Rob Redenbach was absolutely fantastic. Mesmerising in fact. From the very start he captured the full attention of the delegates and held on to the very end. We had delegates come up and ask for him to return at the next Seminar.
Jigsaw Services

Rob Redenbach is a high quality presenter, who was very, very well received by all of our delegates. His ability to relate with our conference theme and to connect with our delegates and guests was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob for any conference. A number of our delegates made the point that Rob was the best guest speaker that we had ever engaged.
Stacks of Snacks

Rob Redenbach's presentation was by far one of the more inspiring and impactful messages delivered to our team in a very long time. Rob’s opening immediately caught the attention of our 120 delegation and with ease he successfully opened the door to his world. His message delivered great focus on the importance of thinking out side the square, emphasising the importance of adjusting, adapting and achieving our goals and missions through thinking differently and working smarter. Rob's interaction with delegates intensified his presentation, making the experience real. His personable nature and professionalism is definitely a key element to making his presentation memorable and meaningful. Thanks Rob for a job well done – and for opening our eyes to the bigger picture!
Corporate Communications Executive 
LG Electronics

Excellent Great use of the space (covered the whole room – loved the way he moved around), his presentation was down to earth and grounded but full of ‘guts'Great response from delegates
Proteus Leadership Centres

Wow - an action packed presentation delivered with humour while at the same time challenging the way in which decisions and the subsequent required actions are made. A must for all decision makers, team leaders and those involved in customer service.
General Manager - Business Development
Phoenix Society Inc