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Key Points for Lambis Englezos AM

  • Lambis Englezos AM is a Greek born Australian art teacher and amateur historian who has devoted many years to uncovering truth and developing strategies to move officialdom to support this work. His extraordinary efforts have changed the lives of many people.
  • Lambis was responsible for discovering mass war graves for some 250 lost Australian soldiers from the disastrous Battle of Fromelles from World War 1 near Fromelles in France where on July 19, 1916, Australian and British allied soldiers lost their lives at a small village in France called Fromelles.
  • Melbourne-based Lambis delivers a factual and authoritative 30 - 40 presentation + Q&A about the journey of finding these lost soldiers in France. His presentation is supported by some quite moving images of lost soldiers, mass grave sites and those of soldiers whose families now know what happened to them.

Topics for Lambis Englezos AM

  • Amateur historian
  • Poignant stories and anecdotes 

Testimonials for Lambis Englezos AM

Incredible as always. Lambis has become a valued friend of the St Bernard’s College community. The students valued his insight and willingness to assist them in their research. His presentation was engaging and personal, exactly what we need to hear when discussing the topic.
St Bernard's College

Lambis is a very passionate person and we as Australians should be extremely grateful for his dedication and commitment to solving this world war mystery. Every family of all nationalities should have closure and have their sons and daughters returned home from any war, alive or dead. Lambis has done our country a great service and it was a brilliant presentation to a mixed audience of many nationalities, who ALL enjoyed hearing of our history and the fantastic outcome that could only have been achieved because of Lambis.
Municipal Works Operations Association