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Key Points for Harry Moffitt

  • Harry Moffatt is the Founder and Managing Director of Stotan Group, a human performance consulting and coaching service.
  • Recently retired after nearly 30 years with the Australian Defence Force, almost all of which was spent with Australia’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment.
  • Completed 11 active service deployments amassing nearly 1000 days on combat operations globally, including being wounded in action in 2008 and repatriated to Australia due to his wounds. completed his time with the SAS as its Director of High-Performance.
  • Author of Eleven Bats, a story of combat, cricket and the SAS, 2020.
  • Practises as a Psychologist and strategic advisor across sports, corporate and government organisations. 
  • Founder of the multi-million dollar SAS Wanderers Education Program, which uniquely provides 'in-service' education support to soldiers in preparation for transition.
  • Regularly invited to speak at public and private events to share his experience in elite teams, academic research, and business, including at the MCC Members, Australian Open, Hello World global conference, and the high profile ANZAC Day Appeal in Melbourne.

Topics for Harry Moffitt

  • The Eleven Bats – book and bats displayed
    • Harry shares stories from his career.
    • The humour and humanity in combat zones.
    • The psychology and philosophy of war fighting.
  • Military
    • Leadership and command.
    • Performance under pressure.
    • Lessons learned from war fighting.
    • Strategy, planning and execution.
  • Human Performance
    • The psychology and philosophy of human performance.
    • Decision-making.
    • Discipline, the key to resilience.
    • Culture and character.

Testimonials for Harry Moffitt

This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Loving it.
Paul Kennedy
Writer and journalist

Anyone interested in this space should read this to understand the background … it is mandatory reading.  A truly remarkable man, a living legend ... do your self a favour and read this book.
Cory Bernardi
Sky News

Far from being a bad time to release the book, it might be the perfect time to give us a counter to the negative press.  It lets us hear directly from someone who was there – it gives deep insights into the psychology and philosophy of war.  Importantly it highlights the struggle to remain connected to family and self. It shows how sophisticated these soldiers are in how they think and feel.  They care deeply and they think deeply.  We owe it to our service men and women to understand their experiences during conflict and afterwards.  Read this book!
Military psychologist

This book is a rare insight into those few, their psychology, their humanity, and importantly, their families
Senior SAS soldier

[the book] gives some rare and very human insights ... it is exactly the book that the country needs to get the full picture.
Gareth Parker

Unprecedentedly positive feedback mate! You definitely leave everyone you meet better for meeting you. I clearly recall Preston talk about the power of storytelling – you really reinforced that to me yesterday – no-one will forget the stories you told.
Victoria Police

I thought you were an outstanding presenter, both in your content and your delivery. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to people who can present with high quality – that in itself is a great learning experience.
Melbourne Storm RLC

Harry delivered the Keynote address to the RSL’S 2019 State Conference with an audience of over 500 people.  His presentation left a lasting impression; the delegates and guests were riveted.  It was a stirring speech. I highly recommend Harry to anyone looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and motivational speaker.
RSL Victoria

Harry’s insightful approach provides the ‘cut through’ that’s required to rapidly drive successful outcomes in organisational planning and transformation.

His Leadership insights and tips had our audience captivated. Stories of his ‘former’ life as a leader in the SAS linked with his knowledge and experience in psychology allow Harry to present a unique perspective – one that I, and everyone in the audience, gained significant knowledge and insight from. Highly recommend!
GM Leadership & Culture
Collingwood FC

Harry presented to over 800 of our delegates in Vietnam. Harry’s experience as a former leader in the SAS combined with his expertise in psychology gave our audience a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into what makes a great leader and an effective communicator.
Helloworld Travel Limited

Harry cuts through the noise and gets to the real issues unlike anyone I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to Harry, we are now actively developing our leaders of tomorrow, sharpening our meeting practices and achieving real outcomes from our offsites. I cannot recommend Harry strongly enough for any corporate leadership training and meeting facilitation services.
General Counsel