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Key Points for Major Garth Callender

  • Garth Callender is the author of After the Blast which details his tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, including being wounded in a bomb blast. Winner of the NIB Military History Literary Prize.
  • He has been awarded 3 Military Commendations for his significant contributions to roles within the Australian Army during service both in Australia and on overseas deployments.
  • Garth has appeared on radio, podcasts, and in print media often discussing his ability to lead through adverse and dangerous situations, and how he translates these skills into the business environment. 
  • He is a sought after keynote speaker for corporate events and ANAZC services throughout Australia.  
  • He was a guest of Leigh Sales on the 7:30 discussing veterans employment, as well as industry expert guest on Insight with Jenny Brockie.
  • Garth is leader of the NSW Government Veterans Employment Scheme where he exceeded their target of employing 200 veterans by 150%, 18 months ahead of schedule. 

Topics for Major Garth Callender

  • Leadership lessons from surviving a roadside bomb attack.
    What is remarkable about Garth’s story is his ability to overcome both the physical and physiological trauma and re-deploy to war zones again and again. Garth motivates and inspires with tales of surviving a bomb attack in Baghdad, through to chasing insurgent bomb-makers in Afghanistan. His stories are truly unique and spellbinding.
  • Training teams to improve organizational agility in crisis.
    How training leadership teams to operate in warzones has translated to improving organisational agility and responsiveness during times of crisis.
    He focuses on the topics of leadership, personal and organisational resilience, and crisis management. Garth is committed to assisting organisations develop and train their leadership in response to crises. There are lessons to be learnt from how the military prepares and trains their leaders to make decisions. In warzones there is an expectation that things will go wrong – that mindset ensures commanders are always ready to deal with crises.

Testimonials for Major Garth Callender

I had the pleasure of attending the AICD Fellow’s Roundtable Lunch where Garth shared his remarkable story of surviving an insurgent bomb blast whilst serving on the frontline in Baghdad with the Australian Army. It was great to hear how Garth is now using that experience to advise boards on the importance of conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, where the worse-case scenario is considered and not ignored.

Garth was an engaging presenter, sharing with our team the reality of conflict zones and the leadership / teamwork required. The lessons Garth learned provide great insights on how teams can get the most out of each other.

We have had a huge amount of very positive feedback about Garth’s very powerful speech. He spoke with authority on leadership, resilience and what it takes to protect your people. I am certain his inspirational words had a significant impact on all those who attended.
Bravery Trust

Having seen Garth speak on several occasions, I have always found his perspectives highly relevant and translatable. He speaks frankly on leadership lessons that he has learnt from his vast experience, often in some of the most dire circumstances. The real world examples he presents highlight what is needed to lead through adversity and are relevant to a range of audiences.
State Manager WA
Consult Australia