Nearly half (49%) of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was – you may be one of them! Harmony Week is all about celebrating Australia’s rich multicultural environment and reinforcing the message that everyone belongs.

When is Harmony Day 2022?

Running from 21-27th March 2022, Harmony Week is a time to celebrate the successful integration of many cultures into our community, into our workplaces and establishing opportunities within our networks. ICMI has a highly diverse speaker list with many Speakers coming from local indigenous and international cultural and linguistic backgrounds. They all have fascinating stories to share with your audiences – stories from the land, migration, experiences of racism, overcoming adversity and finding strength in communities and how to create supportive environments. Whether it was as a Refugee, as a First Australian or even as a second generation migrant Aussie trying to make sense of two cultures intertwining, there is so much we can learn from these fascinating Speakers.

Harmony Day Event ideas &  Speakers

Harmony Week is such a great opportunity to show that your business supports a diverse workforce, and celebrates multicultural Australia. When we feel seen, we truly can say that we belong.

So let’s put our heads together and see how when we unite, we can make Harmony Week an opportunity not to be missed.

Jelena Dokic

The inspiring story behind one of our greatest tennis champions

Anyier Yuol

Founder and CEO of Miss Sahara and Anyier Model Management, former chair of Australian National Committee on Refugee Women

Adam Elliot

Academy award-winning animator of Harvie Krumpet

Kutcha Edwards

A song man with a message of hope and understanding

Mimi Kwa

Engaging and masterful MC, facilitator and speaker. Author, veteran news anchor and accomplished journalist

Amna Karra-Hassan

Inspiring change, championing diversity, and leading with courage

Noel Pearson

Lawyer, academic, land rights activist and founder of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership

Sadhana Smiles

Diversity, inclusion, gender equality

Sean Choolburra

One of Australia’s most popular, versatile and enduring Indigenous performers and comedians

Tasneem Chopra OAM

Cross cultural consultant and professional disruptor

Dr Susan Carland

Academic, author, and social commentator

Sami Shah

Multi-award winning comedian, writer, journalist and broadcaster

Dion Devow

Founder of Darkies Designs inspiring, promoting and encouraging Indigenous entrepreneurship

Waleed Aly

Host of The Project and highly respected journalist

Fadi Chalouhy

An incredible journey from stateless to skilled migrant

Gavin Wanganeen

Australian Football League (AFL) legend, acclaimed contemporary Indigenous artist and Aboriginal activist

Kaiden Powell

Australian Indigenous soccer player, founder of Changing the Odds and CTO clothing label, Indigenous artist and counsellor

Abdullahi Alim

Global shaper and leader of the World Economic Forum's network of emerging young leaders

Lee Lin Chin

One of the greatest talents in the history of Australian broadcasting

Jahin Tanvir

CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship, 3-time TEDx speaker, board director, and social commentator

Ashara Wills

Multicultural professional, LGBTIQA+, diversity and inclusion advocate

Mindy Woods

Women in business, start-ups, sustainability, environmentalist, Indigenous speaker

Ben Trinh

Courage. Social impact. Collaborative leadership. Entrepreneur. Start-ups. Staff retention.