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Key Points for Mimi Kwa

  • Mimi Kwa has been on our television screens for 20 years as a newsreader, journalist, programme host and presenter. She has read live news bulletins beamed to 40 countries, as well as News24, and Virgin in flight entertainment.
  • She was the first Asian presenter on National Nine News obtaining exclusive interviews with Serena Williams, Russel Crowe, Ralph Schumacher, Pearce Brosnan and Kylie Minogue.
  • Mimi Kwa is a BMW ambassador. She has presented for NAB, Coles, Specsavers, Victorian Parliament, Schweppes, Paspaly, Blackmores and the VRC.
  • Mimi Kwa has conducted media training with Westpac, Kennedy Luxury Brands and celebrities appearing on The Block and Married at First sight.
  • Aside from TV and communications Mimi Kwa has personal experience in mental health and wellbeing caring for a schizophrenic parent.
  • Mimi’s bestselling memoir House of Kwa has a new publishing deal with Harper Collins US and Harper Collins UK, and Screen Australia has just announced development funding to adapt the House of Kwa into an 8 part television drama.

Topics for Mimi Kwa

  • Resilience, purpose and passion
    Mimi Kwa shares extraordinary personal experiences across cultures, continents, gender and generations that resonate at the heart of evolving workplaces, and personal relationships. You will be mesmerised by the compelling tales, straight from her memoir, House of Kwa, and stories of twenty years in the television spotlight, meeting some of the most inspiring and influential people on the planet. Mimi is a charming, fascinating and unique Keynote speaker who enthrals, inspires and educates audiences with illuminating wisdom, and provides critical take-homes for personal and professional transformation. Mimi has a deeply insightful approach to positive mental health, resilience, and how we thrive and achieve success — Her talks are filled with ‘aha' moments and you will walk away with new epiphanies and a sense of awe.
  • After dinner stories
    Mimi Kwa has an array of entertaining tales to tell from 20 years in media. Just ask her about Russell Crowe, Chopper Reid or Serena Williams.
  • Master of Ceremonies
    Mimi Kwa has an unparalleled reputation as a thoroughly researched, engaging MC, moderator and master facilitator. Mimi brings sincerity and warmth, professionalism and poise to every event.

Testimonials for Mimi Kwa

Mimi was engaging, knowledgeable, professional, warm, humorous and made everyone feel welcome.
City of Monash

Mimi Kwa gave a wonderful keynote speech at our 2024 IWD event. She was engaging, authentic and a truly inspiring. We were thrilled with the positive feedback from our guests. Mimi’s presence and contribution was invaluable to the success of the event. She was friendly, well prepared and we would be lucky to work with her again.
Prestige Inhome Care

Rarely in life does one come across someone with such an infectious personality that they can both light up an entire room full of people and yet make each person feel uniquely special at the same time. I was lucky enough to meet one! Her name is Mimi :)
Duncan Wardle
Ide8 Studios
Former Head of Disney Creativity and Innovation for 25 years

Mimi was easy to deal with prior to the event and then added much life to the event! She had suggestions to enhance how she, as the MC, interacted with elements of the event. Her professionalism was consummate. The event was in great hands with Mimi as the MC.
Hartley Lifecare

Mimi is a seasoned professional bringing her personal experiences and captivating energy to her speaking commitments. Her impeccable work ethic and understanding of facilitation are second to none and contributes to the smooth running of events.
Institute of Public Accountants

Mimi is always amazing. A true professional! She was happy to accommodate and work with our media room. Contributed to the problem solving process (when required) and delivered as required.
Australian Association of Social Workers

On behalf of Asialink and Asialink Business I would like to express my gratitude to you for being our Master of Ceremonies at this year’s Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Asialink Dinner. I appreciate the time and commitment you gave for this occasion and skill at keeping the pace of the event moving to keep the audience engaged. You were the perfect Master of Ceremonies. Your personal story on how you overcame gender/race bias was an inspiration for many young women in the room. We received excellent feedback from the audience including our supporters and partners and I know I speak for all of us here at Asialink in expressing our appreciation to you for making the event such a success. Once again, my profound thanks for your contribution and hope to work again with you in the future.
Group CEO

Mimi was a true professional. Friendly, on time, focussed - she did an outstanding job. I would definitely work with Mimi Kwa again. 
Leishman Associates

Journalist, presenter and author, Ms Mimi Kwa, stepped up to the Keynote Speaker plate brilliantly at our recent Ruth Langley Luncheon attended by almost 300 guests. Mimi regaled the audience with her uplifting early career highlights as a young journalist working for the ABC, and later Channel 9. Her Keynote Address provided laughter, smiles and was truly inspirational as she shared moments of vulnerability that are familiar to us all. I am looking forward to reading Mimi’s recently released book, House of Kwa. Her honest and vivid storytelling promises to be a wonderful read over the summer months.
St Catherine’s School

Mimi Kwa was highly professional and engaging as the CPA Virtual Congress MC this year. Her preparation was immaculate and in-depth and this showed in her delivery of the conference.   
CPA Australia

Mimi, as usual, was wonderful. She is a great MC/Facilitator, an incredible speaker and really takes charge of the conversation (which is perfect!). 
Monash University

Mimi Kwa hosted and MC'd our virtual Monash Tech Talk on Agile Nations: Recovering in a pandemic in 2020. All event participants and panelists have been giving glowing feedback about her energy, dynamism and grace in drawing out interesting points on an incredibly complex topic. Personally, I loved the way Mimi encouraged engagement and wove personal experiences into discussion about agility during a tumultuous time such as COVID – which is what being an MC is all about. Mimi's passion for change was infectious and she was incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with. Mimi - We learned so much from working with you and would love to do it again. We can't wait to work with you again in the future.
Senior Events Coordinator
Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University

Mimi Kwa has real presence and is an absolute professional. Mimi's role at NAB was to be the 'voice' of the business banker and her performance was consistently strong. I have no hesitation in recommending Mimi for any role she applies for.

Mimi Kwa and I have trained together from one side of Australia to the other. She is one of the best presenters in the country and always great to work with. Mimi is thoroughly professional, friendly, informed and focused on results.