07 Oct 2021

Out & About: Mimi Kwa & House of Kwa

Mimi Kwa House of Kwa

With 20 years of TV journalism under her belt, Mimi Kwa certainly knows how to capture an audience. This Melbourne icon has survived her fair share of challenges – as well as an awkward encounter with Russell Crowe – to build a successful career as an impactful journalist. These days she works across a range of different media, even featuring in the Netflix series Wentworth (as a newsreader, of course!). Here at ICMI we’re particularly in awe of her skills as a keynote speaker – and you should be too.

While Kwa obviously understands the importance of a good story, she champions the importance of truth, transparency and trust above all else. As of June 2021, she’s added author to her long list of accomplishments. Driven to help usher in a new era of conscious communication, this highly accomplished mother of four decided it was finally time to tell her own story. And it’s one of the most inspiring she has told yet.

House of Kwa is a courageous, emotional memoir that captures four generations of family history. Entwined within is her own life story. The child of a father with 32 siblings and a mother battling schizophrenia, Kwa uses narrative to come to grips with the truth of her past to make peace with the forces that shaped her. Congratulations Mimi, it’s remarkable what you have achieved and an honour to share your story.

Read the first chapter from House of Kwa Find out more about Mimi here

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