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Key Points for Abdullahi Alim

  • Abdullahi Alim is the WA Young Australian of the Year 2017, National Young Australian of the Year 2017 finalist and a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Young Leaders Award.
  • Currently works in Geneva for the World Economic Forum, where he helps manage the Forum's network of over 7000 young leaders (Global Shapers Community), from around the world who are exceptional in their potential.
  • His engagements include the 2017 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos where he headlined alongside the likes of Sheryl Sandberg, Christine Lagarde and Joe Biden.
  • He creates content for national and international media, including the Huffington Post, on topics such as education, diversity and inclusive innovation.
  • Works at People against Violent Extremism, the first organisation of its kind in Oceania premised around empowering communities, researchers and policy makers build stronger societies that are less susceptible to violent extremism.

Topics for Abdullahi Alim

  • Youth empowerment
    • As 2017 Young WA Australian of the Year, Abdullahi is a model speaker on youth empowerment. He provides insight on how to enable young people to overcome the seemingly impossible to pursue their passions
    • With experience coaching students at the Leap Foundation; a Los Angeles based organisation that runs an annual leadership camp to train 500 young adults from around the world on the essential skills for personal and professional success, Abdullahi provides knowledge on how to work best with young minds to achieve great things
  • Technology and startup
    • Believing that technology will completely disrupt the labour market and generate a new set of skills and demands, Abdullahi speaks about how this will prove particularly troublesome for minority communities who are typically underrepresented in the technology sector
    • Running an award-winning tech start-up, The Lighthouse Strategy, Abdullahi talks on his own experiences and how he aims to create a world where the next Mark Zuckerberg can come from a minority background
  • Diversity and inclusion
    • Abdullahi, a refugee from war-torn Somalia, speaks on his own experiences of coming from a disadvantaged background and the power to self-belief and determination
    • Following on from his speech at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Abdullahi talks on his passion for helping organisations recognise and nurture talent from diverse communities and provide thought provoking insight on how to end racism and discrimination in an increasingly polarised and populist world
  • Security and community resilience
    • Abdullahi is the founder of MyHack; the first anti-extremism Hackathon in the world dedicated to training young people to challenge violent extremist propaganda. He speaks on MyHack's aims, and how he has collaborated with big names, such as Google, in an effort to better the world

Testimonials for Abdullahi Alim

Abdullahi was incredibly eloquent and engaging. I believe he left our viewers with a new perspective on their privilege, and actionable ideas to improve diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces.