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Key Points for Kaiden Powell

  • Kaiden Powell is an Australian Indigenous soccer player.
  • He is the founder and director of Changing the odds.
  • He is a counsellor, compassion focussed therapist and art therapist.
  • Is an Indigenous artist.
  • A mental health advocate.

Topics for Kaiden Powell

  • Identity
    Kaiden shares his life experience around identity and the importance of knowing who we are and where we come from but most importantly where we are going.
  • Drug and alcohol
    Kaiden shares his lived experience of where it took his but also the tools that helped him change his life for the better.
  • Emotional wellbeing
    Kaiden talks about the things that help him. The importance of expressing how we feel and how to express it in a healthy way.
  • Goals
    Having something positive to focus on.
  • Health and diet 
    The benefits of looking after our internal and external bodies.
  • Culture
    Who we allow into our space and the importance of connection to country/mob for Indigenous people.

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