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Key Points for Adam Elliot

  • Clients often cite Adam as one the best speakers they have ever booked.
  • He tailors his keynotes for all sorts of groups and has a wonderful collection of glowing testimonials.
  • He has spoken to a diverse range of groups here and abroad that includes multinational conferences, small and large businesses, educational institutions, awards, graduations, local state and federal government groups, even once at a funeral!
  • Many clients book him as the opening or closing conference keynote and his specialty is as an after-dinner raconteur.
  • Accompanied with his Oscar and must see slideshow, he tells his incredible tale of how he accepted his Academy Award in front of one billion people whilst being unemployed and on the dole. A truly hilarious and amazing presentation that has left audiences spellbound and inspired.

Topics for Adam Elliot

  • Overcoming the odds with self motivation, self esteem, self belief
  • Emphasising the famous quote, That Life is not a Dress Rehearsal
  • The power and importance of storytelling in our culture, businesses and community
  • The power and importance of being unique and thinking differently
  • The importance of teamwork, having great employees and support
  • Realising and seizing opportunities
  • The beauty and benefit of being Australian and why to choose to stay in Australia
  • Fulfilment, job satisfaction, and finding happiness in the simple things

Testimonials for Adam Elliot

Adam was amazing, the audience LOVED him.
Alpha Group

Adam was extremely inspirational entertaining and humorous. The audience's feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and he has no doubt inspired and motivated those who were lucky enough to see him to pursue their passion.
Apple Inc Australia

Google, Australia

Excellent! Absolutely sensational, the best so far in 12 years of running our conference. Every delegate was blown away by Adam’s story and the way he presented it.
Rainmaker Information

I believe Adam was the best speaker we have ever had at our Graduation Ceremony. He took the audience through the process of the Academy Awards, as if we were there with him. His humour was contagious. Thank you Adam!

Is there a higher grade than excellent? Adam was absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with. He was inspiring, funny, down to earth and even stayed after the presentation to take photos with the guests; that was an unexpected surprise and bonus.

Adam is absolutely delightful. We couldn't wipe the smiles from the delegates' faces.
Australian Funeral Directors Association

Adam was fun, engaging, easy to work with and very popular with our residents!
Latrobe University

Adam was fabulous! Thoroughly engaging, down to earth, generous and immensely entertaining!  We only had very positive feedback – he has a whole load of new fans!
Abercrombie and Kent

Adam Elliot was an amazing MC last night, he was cooperative, charming, friendly and extremely funny.
Australian Production Design Guild

Adam Elliot was a highly engaging speaker whose story of triumph was very inspirational. His presentation was a good mixture of comedy and life lessons with a message that is universal; you can do anything that you believe. He could not have been more generous with his time, chatting with people after his speech for as long as he possibly could and signing autographs for anyone who wanted. After being involved in many conferences as a delegate and organiser I have been exposed to many high profile speakers all around the world but Adam was head and shoulders above them all (figuratively of course!). One speaker that I highly recommend to anyone.
National Association of Australian University Colleges

Adam was an absolute delight. His talk engaged our people and was a source of humour and inspiration. He was extremely generous with his time, taking the time to meet with a number of our delegates which was a real highlight for them. His speech capped off a three day program and really brought it all into perspective and ensured the audience left on a high.
Commonwealth Bank

Adam is a down-to-earth, intelligent and humorous speaker, a great Australian success story. He had the audience's attention from the outset and presented with the right mix of informative content and humour. Congratulations on your success. I am sure that all our guests are eagerly awaiting your next film.

I believe Adam was the best speaker we have had at our Graduation Ceremony. He took the audience through the process of the Academy Awards, as if we were there with him. He appealed to all ages – from our 17 year old trainees to the grandparents attending the event in their support. His humour was contagious and he made himself available to our guests for questions, autographs and photo’s. I would recommend him highly for any event. Thank you Adam!

Adam was absolutely fantastic he told a story that kept everyone entertained and exposed us to a world that we know very little about. Adam stayed and entertained my clients long into the afternoon which was above what we expected, I would strongly recommend him.
Fuji Xerox

Adam presentation was extremely well received and was off centre to what everyone expected from a guest speaker when addressing a conservative "Building Industry" audience. It worked beautifully. Great use of visualise tools and his preparation was extremely professional.
Bluescope Lysaght

Adam was fantastic, a huge success and everyone loved him. His story was very funny and captivating. His style was warm and honest. He came across as an everyday guy, doing what he loves, who happened to win an Oscar along the way. He makes you feel like you could do it too!
Flight Centre

Adam presented a very stylish, humorous and personal account about his recent successes. It was exceptionally well pitched at students with a brilliant mix of images and anecdotes that had their attention all the way to the end. In fact you could hear a pin drop in that auditorium of 1000 people. Well done!
Montmorency Secondary College

Adam is a very genuine person with a great story that he presents very well. Along with Tony he added a lot of value to our Team Building Activity
212 F

He's just simply the best! His positive energy, love of the Aussie way and understated quiet achiever ethos, coupled with his quiet charm is just a huge winning combination!
Golden Key

Adam, was very popular and his story is different everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and with Adam staying with the group after and signing autographs made it even better.
Meritum Financial Group

Refreshing speaker. What a down to earth, personable presenter. A lovely pace and a great story.
Banyule City Council

Adam was an engaging speaker who has a special warm aura about him. He was more than generous with his time and was willing to meet and greet the crowd of admirers on an equal level. I was very impressed. We will definitely get him back.
Toorak College

Excellent. From the outset Adam was fantastic to work with, discussing our needs and objectives prior to the event, circulating amongst our guests as they arrived before giving a wonderful presentation that was entertaining, humorous and inspirational to all.
A.G. Coombs

We all found Adam’s story very moving, motivational and funny. Adam is a great speaker he is very inspirational.
Dukes Financial Services

Excellent. Adam was warm and an absolute joy to work with. Our students, staff and families all were charmed by his take on ambition and excellence. He really won the room and continued to do so well into the evening. He was great with a room full of pharmacists, scientists and academics. If he can win them he can win anyone. We were really happy that he was available and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in the future.
Victorian College of Pharmacy Foundation

Is there a higher grade than excellent? Adam was absolutely fantastic and a joy to work with. His presentation fit our audience perfectly and I am still getting positive feedback a week after the event! He was inspiring, funny, down to earth and even stayed after the presentation to take photos with the guests - that was an unexpected surprise and really added an extra element for our guests.

Excellent. Adam Elliot was the most entertaining, honest and truly engaging speaker that the Suits Club (Variety - the Children's Charity) has had to-date. Our members are still raving about the day. Thank you.
Variety Club

Adam kept the audience of 160 Educators totally enthralled at a breakfast held in Geelong, with his fantastic sense of humour and rise from the dole queue to his outstanding achievement winning the Oscar for Harvie Krumpet. Absolutely brilliant!!
Arthur Reed Photo’s

Adam Elliott is just delightful - very engaging and witty.  The sponsor for this event was particularly thrilled at the feedback and thanks from delegates. Clearly Adam faced difficulties and hardships during his journey, however at no stage during his presentation did  he convey the need for sympathy.  On the contrary - he received great admiration for his passion, determination and pragmatic approach to his quest. I happily recommend him to an audience that is looking for a speaker who takes listeners on his journey as though you were with him and delivered with such self-effacing style. We couldn't wipe the smiles from delegates' faces - he's a winner!
Australian Funeral Directors Association

Excellent! Absolutely sensational, the best so far in 12 years of running our conference. Every delegate was blown away by Adam’s story, and the way he presented it.
Rainmaker Information

Excellent! Fantastic way to represent our company.

Excellent Adam had everyone's full attention - he was funny, he was real, he was inspirational and he has a great story to tell - on top of all that, he is a very nice guy.
Department of Trade & Economic Devt

Adam spoke exceptionally well and clear, he certainly kept the audience captivated with his success story.  The audience comprised of the highest level CEO, MD of our major clients and are fully aware when good hard work is applied success is usually the result as was in Adam's case.  Feedback was they could have listened to him all evening.

Fantastic! A very funny, honest, wonderfully entertaining journey. Adam is great, on all levels.
ABN AMRO Morgans

Adam was simply brilliant. He was thoughtful, approachable and funny. He spent so much time with everyone and was last to leave the event. His speech was great but the way he interacted with people was even better. 

Adam was very engaging in his story and the style he used to present – slideshow and humour in particular. He understood enough of SEW’s business to relate his story to our needs – that of encouraging people to come up with innovative ideas and enter into the Brain Waves Cup competition – which  Adam was launching.
South East Water

Adam was engaging, funny and on theme with our night. His presentation was very professional and his story was truly interesting.
Industry Capability Network

Have seen Adam before and knew he would be a hit with this crowd. He was terrific. Excellent timing, not smutty or indulgent, just right. Returned calls and email, made contact as promised... couldn’t fault Adam in any way at all. Everyone loved him.
Association of Independent Schools 

Great story, unpredictable and appeals to a wide range of audiences.                                                                    
Civil Contractors Federation