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Key Points for Ashara Wills

  • Ashara Wills is a queer woman who leverages her lived experiences and knowledge of LGBTIQA+ topics to deliver judgement-free and guilt-free interactive presentations.
  • Ashara is passionate about creating substantial inclusive and socially sustainable changes within organisations, businesses, educational institutes, community groups and sporting groups.
  • She has developed and continues to deliver an award winning LGBTIQA+ youth program ‘Spill the Tea’. Spill the Tea is an LGBTIQA+ youth program that runs in Boorloo (Perth, WA).
  • Ashara is a current Pride WA board member. Contributing her time towards advocacy, inclusion, and promotion of LGBTIQA+ people within Western Australia.
  • She prides herself on creating fun and engaging relationships with people from all walks of life. She believes in meeting people where they are on their journey without judgement.
  • Ashara Wills is also passionate about other diversity and inclusion areas such as multiculturalism, disability, generational differences, and gender.

Topics for Ashara Wills

  • LGBTIQA+ interactive awareness raising workshop
    A session where attendees can obtain knowledge on pronouns, respectful approaches, what the acronym means, sexual identity, gender identity - what are these, and more importantly, how you can support people within the LGBTIQA+ community.
  • Inclusion and diversity workshop
    Ashara Wills offers space where attendees feel safe to ask gritty questions where she can provide clear answers to what can sometimes be considered as a confusing subject and turn those fears into a fun and inquisitive conversation.
  • Workplace diversity keynote
    Harnessing the power of diverse teams, how to attract them, how to create them and how to sustain them.
  • Workplace culture workshop and keynote
    Ashara Wills shares the importance of building workplace culture to create peak performance. Simply put, if someone is included and feels a sense of belonging their outputs will be significantly higher than those who are not included and don’t feel a sense of belonging. So how do workplaces get the most out of their workforce? Ashara will show you.
  • Overcoming adversity keynote
    It’s a challenging space to navigate when you’re staring it right in the face. However, Ashara Wills explains how to take small steps to overcome adversity.
  • Mental health keynote
    Resilience and positive mental health, it’s something we all know we should have but how do we build our levels back up when they are depleted? Ashara Wills presents simple ways in which you can increase your mental health and build resilience whilst on the go. She also explores how people can positively contribute to their peer’s mental health and support them to build their own resilience. 

Testimonials for Ashara Wills

 Ashara Wills was an excellent presenter. 

I thought I had to understand something to accept it, but you showed me that by accepting something I could get a chance to understand it.
Workshop Attendee

One of the best I’ve seen to date. Ashara Wills was clear, well equipped and friendly.
Workshop Attendee

Ashara, you did an amazing job and I feel you have definitely found a gap to educate people. I will definitely be sharing your training session and encouraging people to book you.
Workshop Attendee

I learnt about pronouns and also what LGBTIQA+ means, which was really valuable because I hear it all the time but never knew the difference.
Workshop Attendee

The presentation was very helpful and engaging. Hearing the personal stories was reassuring and helped me see that my child’s path will be individual and there isn’t some ‘right’ path I need to work out.
Workshop Attendee