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Key Points for Amna Karra-Hassan

  • Amna Karra-Hassan founded the first AFL Women’s team in Western Sydney and contributed to the establishment of the GWS Giants in the AFLW.
  • She led community engagement strategies with the Australian Federal Police and contributed to cultural change within the organisation.
  • Amna advocates for a strengths-based approach to innovation, civic participation, and community building, emphasizing diversity and inclusion.
  • Amna co-founded RAW Women, a startup focused on empowering women and pushing personal growth beyond comfort zones.

Topics for Amna Karra-Hassan

  • My story
    Amna Karra Hassan's inspirational story through adversity, hope and achieving the 'impossible'.
    She can share insights from her professional work experience with the Australian Federal Police and the Lebanese Muslim Association and the process of creating something new and embarking on new projects.
    Despite full time work, she juggled countless voluntary hats, including, co-founding the Auburn Tigers, later known as the Auburn Giants Women’s AFC, GoActive Women’s, Advisory Board Member to DFAT, Multicultural NSW, Our Watch, and the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue.
  • Intersectionality and social justice advocacy
    Amna looks at the way social justice issues can be addressed at different levels of society and she explores themes of representation, gender, culture, place, class, power and race. She draws on her experience as an activist and advocate on a range of complex social justice issues.
    Amna unpacks the politics of identity by considering our privilege, who belongs and those who find themselves dislocated. She explores who shapes it and what is it? She invites audiences to reflect on what and who we see in relation to discrimination, human rights, representation, public space, and in discussions on social issues.
    Amna is a passionate advocate for women. She explores the narrative of hard work vs. luck, courage vs. silence, bold vs. ‘behaving like a girl’, and the common experience of the imposter syndrome.
  • Leadership
    Amna undertook an Advanced Leadership Program in 2017 to enhance her knowledge and skills. Given her activism and advocacy, she finds herself in many leadership roles where her disruptive leadership is often met with discomfort.
    She explores people, self-awareness, organisational culture, managing relationships, collaboration, innovation, modernity, workplace change, and building healthy foundations.
    Amna shares the reality of navigating adversity and what it takes to overcome obstacles such as mental toughness, resilience, consistency, fortitude, support, and mapping our inspirations.

Testimonials for Amna Karra-Hassan

Outstanding presenter - complete engagement by all participants! 
Principal of Strathfield Girls High School 

A really genuine person with a very honest, interesting and different story. 
Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd

Amna was an amazing speaker, her expertise and insights greatly enriched the experience for our attendees. She provided a captivating presentation/keynote which demonstrated the depth of her knowledge. Her engaging manner and the way she conveyed key messages strongly resonated with our audience. I would love to work with her again in the future and would highly recommend her.
Electronic Arts

She was engaging and genuinely inspiring to listen to. 
Department of Education

Amna Karra-Hassan was an excellent and engaging speaker. She tailored parts of her keynote based on our preliminary discussion and the needs of our firm, and we received extremely positive feedback following the event. 
Davies Collison Cave

Amna Karra-Hassan was a wonderful speaker who spoke with passion and humour. Her discussion was informed by her own experiences increasing the resonance of the presentation which was delivered with authenticity.   
Western Sydney University

Amna Karra-Hassan was an incredible speaker and very engaging. Great feedback from all who attended.

Amna Karra-Hassan was an absolute pleasure to deal with – very relaxed and nothing was a fuss or bother. She is an excellent speaker – very natural and authentic, which resonated with our people. She took the time to meet with staff afterwards which was really lovely of her. It was particularly lovely to see how many of our culturally diverse female staff met with her and shared how her story had inspired them. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone.

Amna Karra-Hassan was great – she had the audience captivated throughout the event.
Life Without Borders

Amna Karra-Hassan is an absolute trail-blazer. Resilient, authentic, generous and tenacious. Amna was so considerate of our objectives for the event, and an absolute delight to work with. She wowed our audience, many of whom have said she was the best speaker they’ve heard!
Property Council of Victoria

Amna Karra-Hassan was a pure joy to have speak at our event Changing the Ratio. She was voted by numerous attendees their favourite speaker of the day and her story is truly inspirational.
The Misfits Media Company Pty. Limited

Amna Karra-Hassan's presentation was the perfect way to open our event. Her infectious energy and positive message was well received by all in the room.
Australian School of Applied Management

Inspirational and very authentic. Highly recommend for all audiences.
Liberty Finance

Amna Karra-Hassan was wonderful as always, the rawness and power of her words at our Brisbane IWD event really hit home with all of the women in the room. She’s such a beautiful woman, and an inspiration for so many of us!
Business Chicks

Really professional, great content and we received really good feedback from our guests.
AIA Australia

Amna Karra-Hassan was terrific – she’s a crowd pleaser. Very relevant for male and female audiences. The story she tells about her relationship with her father is very powerful.
Leishman Associates

Amna Karra-Hassan was right on the money with her presentation. She delivered it seamlessly.
Leishman Associates

Amna Karra-Hassan was a truly inspirational guest speaker. She had the room captivated from the very start. Amna had the ladies in room in hysterics and she nailed her presentation like a “Boss”.
PAV Compete Event Solutions

Amna Karra-Hassan worked with us to develop a program that flowed and delivered on the key points we needed to share with staff. This was unexpected, extremely helpful and showed the breadth of her professional capability. The staff loved the vibrancy she bought to the event.
City of Parramatta

She was very energetic and passionate, which was well received by all delegates.
Shoot The Moon

Excellent – an inspirational; speaker and very well received.
Maple-Brown Abbott

We have just concluded our Global Inclusion Month, the month of October here at Norton Rose Fulbright and I wanted to email to say a huge thank you for your wonderful presentation.
We had a range of events during Global Inclusion Month and none of them received the feedback that your speech received.  People were so inspired by your warmth, your success and the way you talk about creating inclusion authentically.  We are truly grateful for the effort you put into tailoring what you were saying to a group of “corporates” but also to the theme of our Global Inclusion Month, thinking differently together.
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia