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Key Points for Ben Trinh

  • Ben Trinh started his business with only $5k and $5k loaned from parents to now over $50 million in revenues in 10 years. All of this achieved despite growing up in a family of immigrants, who worked multiple jobs, were bankrupt and struggling to make ends meet.
  • EY Entrepreneur of the year Regional Finalist.
  • BRW Fast 100 – fastest growing health care business 2 years in a row.
  • Working with RIO Tinto, Bunnings, Roy Hill, Coca Cola.

Topics for Ben Trinh

  • Origin story
    After losing 3 generations of wealth and assets and immigrating from their home in Vietnam, Ben’s grandparents sought to rebuild their life and legacy in Australia. Ben unpacks how knowing his past has given him the courage and vision to pursue a meaningful future, and how for each us knowing who we are and where we have come from, is a pivotal in shaping our effectiveness in a meaningful future vision.
  • Life ready
    After graduating university Ben sought to challenge the health care industry, acting against the industry norms and starting something new and innovative at only 22 years old with only $5,000 and a many close mates. 11 years later, Life Ready has grown to over $50 million in revenues, nearly 500 employees across 5 states and helped over 250,000 people.
  • Social impact
    At 20 years old Ben travelled Vietnam and worked with orphans and lepers only to feel challenged that the kids he worked with were despite their needs for the most part happier than most of his mates at university. This moment was a catalyst that would force Ben to challenge all conventional thinking, which led him to why do businesses only make money? Is it possible to weave ethics and social responsibility into our businesses? The experiment led to a marrying between Life Ready and “Open House”, enabling healthcare for the least privileged in society.
  • Start a movement - How to grow
    • Life Ready started with just 2 employees servicing 0 consults, and grew to over 500 in 10 years servicing millions of consults. All the while maintaining one of the highest staff retention rates in the healthcare industry.
    • But how do you grow quickly when your business is orientated around service and people? Learn from Ben as he unpacks how to grow quickly in people oriented businesses without compromising culture.
  • Organise chaos - How to bring the best out of your people
    • Life Ready started with 1 clinic, but over the years has grown to a corporation that still owns 30 locations in collaboration with shared local partners. Despite the complexity Life Ready has never closed a business unit in 10 years or lost a partner.
    • Learn from ben as he unpacks his learnings and mistakes on how to attract, keep and develop good people into great people. The core message is that all of us are smarter than one of us, and how to practically live that in your organization.

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Your event rated a 9.9 overall which is huge. You were a perfect 10!
EO Melbourne

Ben Trinh was engaging, vulnerable, approachable and relatable. An excellent storyteller.   
Ray White Real Estate