25 Jan 2023

International Women’s Day Keynote Speakers

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Everything you need to find engaging local or virtual keynote speakers for your International Women’s Day 2023 event.


The history of International Women’s Day in Australia goes back to a 1928 demonstration in Sydney, growing to annual marches all over the country by 1931. International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of the women’s rights movements and calls for further steps towards gender equality and fair treatment of women.

International Women’s Day falls annually on 8 March, and is one of the biggest events on the Corporate Calendar. This year the official International Women’s Day theme is #EmbraceEquity, which is the perfect time to engage one of ICMI’s female leadership speakers who will inspire your audience with a story about their own journey to the top, but also highlight the everyday bias that many women face each day.

We can all challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to bias, and seek out inclusion. Collective activism is what drives change. From grassroots action to wide-scale momentum, we can all #EmbraceEquity.

Whether it’s unconscious bias: about what women naturally can or cannot do; Salary bias: about what women will or will not accept as remuneration versus their male counterparts; Reproductive bias: making assumptions about the ability to work or dedicate time to career; Or even appearance bias: where a woman’s attractiveness is equated to professional skill – ICMI has the right speaker to address the role that #bias plays, relevant to your audience.

Recognising our own bias is the first step towards creating more equitable opportunities. In a world where anything is possible, let ICMI’s speakers ignite the unbiased passion in your audience.

The UN is encouraging events to celebrate the theme Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. This theme celebrates the women who take action against environmental causes and challenges sustainable developments to be built on gender equality. If you are interested for an expert on this topic, browse our full list of women taking action for the environment and against climate change.

Motivational, inspirational, business and leaderships speakers are currently in high demand. To help find the perfect local or virtual IWD speaker to bring impact and longevity to your International Women’s Day event, here are some lists with IWD keynote speaker ideas that the ICMI team have carefully curated to cover your bases.

Browse all our women speakers perfect for IWD 2023

Women’s health motivational speakers


An obvious choice of good keynote speech topics for IWD speakers is women’s health. With some of the bubbliest and brightest doctors and psychological wellness experts in the country on our books, you won’t have to look far to find superb women’s health guest keynote speaker ideas this International Women’s Day.

To explore the likes of high-performance coach Dr Gemma Munro, Richmond FC’s wellness coach Emma Murray and The Kindness Factory founder Kath Koschel and more by browsing our full range of womens’ health, lifestyle and wellbeing speakers below:

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You won’t want to miss our Motivational women’s health guest speakers. Sustainability explorer Dr Dianne McGrath helps her clients regain excitement for delving into the unknown, while Dr Ann O’Neill AO shares how what she learned from a harrowing experience can help your people get through anything. To browse our full range of motivational IWD speakers,

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 Leadership speakers for International Women’s Day


Our female leadership keynote speakers have a unique perspective for understanding what it takes to be a woman in leadership, achieving incredible organisational success. Stimulating, personable and always educational, here you will find inspiring stories of women in leadership achieving incredible feats and inspiring future women leaders toward achieving equality.

Whether the leadership team needs a booster shot of business insights or just a fresh perspective on how to put people first, these speakers are impactful forces ready to be put to work on International Women’s Day 2023. From winning AFL premierships to Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police to arctic exploring, Kate Roffey, Christine Nixon AO QPM and Rachael Robertson are three examples of how diverse and valuable the perspectives of our women in leadership IWD speakers are.

To browse our full range of Leadership speakers for International Women’s Day,

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Inspirational speakers for International Women’s Day

If lockdowns have meant the last two years have felt a bit repetitive, chances are you need an inspirational keynote speaker to reignite the energy of your organisation for International Women’s Day. The iconic Cathy Freeman OAM is a great choice to tell the tale of becoming the first female Australian Aboriginal to win a gold medal at an international athletics event. Just as inspiring for very different reasons, abuse survivors Grace Tame and Jelena Dokic continue to do brilliant work inspiring you to be the best you can be, regardless of the adversity working against you.

Olympian skier Alisa Camplin OAM, Australian Navy pilot Kate Munari – If your organisation, school or team needs IWD Speakers to get hearts racing and fists pumping, rest assured ICMI have the perfect match on-call.

To check out more inspirational female guest speakers,

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International Women’s Day Women in Business speakers


Every one of our Women in Business speakers has a unique story and a compelling perspective about what it takes to succeed – for audiences of any gender. From fascinating Q&A’s to technical workshops, you will leave a session with any of these top keynote speakers feeling equipped and enabled.

Ever wanted to hear the stories & insights around how the Boost Juice, Shhh Silk and Carmens businesses got built? Janine Allis, Olivia Carr & Carolyn Creswell all have brilliant, bold & beautiful success stories. From team building to management to socially responsible business practices, these are just a few of our many top business IWD speakers perfect for International Women’s Day.

To browse our full range of IWD Business speakers,

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MCs for International Women’s Day events

Already have a wholesome event planned but haven’t found the right person to tie it all together? Our selection of MCs & Facilitators will make your jaw drop, from TV celebrities like Hayley Lewis OAM to TV personalities like Lisa Wilkinson AM, media professionals such as Mimi Kwa to world-famous comedians of the Magda Szubanski AO calibre. Having an International Women’s Day event of any size is more important than ever, and no event can go without a smooth-talking professional MC.

To browse our full range of International Women’s Day MCs,

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Sustainability speakers for International Women’s Day

With net-zero targets looming and Australia leaving room for improvement on a wide array of environmental issues, having a sustainability speaker making sure your organisation is on the right track is essential – and International Women’s Day 2023 is the perfect excuse to focus on looking after the earth and your organisation at the same time.

Australian of the year nominee & recycling pioneer Dr Veena Sahajwalla is a brilliant choice in the area of innovation, while Straight to the Source founder Tawnya Bahr brings a chef’s perspective to sustainable agriculture. As an agriculture thought leader Dr Anika Molesworth looks at the climate crisis from the perspective of both a farmer and a Doctor of Agriculture, making her an incredibly knowledgeable keynote speaker.

To browse our full range of sustainability IWD speakers,

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Women in Leadership speakers for International Women’s Day


These speakers have a unique perspective for understanding what it takes to be a woman in leadership achieving incredible organisational success. Stimulating, personable and always educational, here you will find inspiring stories of women in leadership achieving incredible feats and inspiring future women leaders toward achieving equality.

To browse Women in Leadership speakers,

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Make sure to get in touch so we can connect you with one of our consultants in your local area to source an Australian female speaker perfectly suited to your upcoming in-person or virtual event or workshop. ICMI can source any speaker on the planet for you, so let your imagination roam wild!

If you already had a specific category of female speaker in mind, you can browse our full directory of categories and filter further by sorting by location, gender or tags to find the perfect talent for your next event.

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