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Key Points for Molly Benjamin

  • Molly Benjamin is the Author of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds published in 2023 – a fun finance book to help women to grow their wealth and live the life of their dreams without compromising their lifestyle.
  • Award winner and finalists for the last three years of the Women in Finance Awards.
  • From starting her business in her living room with her gal pals, and Molly has now had over 50,000 women through Ladies Finance Club financial education programs.
  • Ladies Finance Club has run corporate workshops with Google, Pinterest, Deloitte, Breville, Fashion Brands, law firms and more across Australia, UK and Singapore!
  • In 2023 she collaborated with Kikiki’s Founder Kristina Karlsson to launch a money planner to help women organise their money.
  • She runs the Ladies Finance Club and Her First Million Podcast empowering women to get money savvy!

Topics for Molly Benjamin

  • Girls just wanna have funds - Girls just wanna have funds, right?
    But with house prices going crazy, the need for small mortgage to afford your daily coffee, there’s brunches to be had, and holidays to plan – where do you even start? This talk covers the basics of money every financially savvy lady needs to know from budgeting to investing, and everything in between!
  • Keeping your employees financially fit!
    Surprisingly, 41% of employees confess that financial stress has led them to take time off. This is the gateway to transforming your team's financial health. We'll share actionable and practical financial strategies to help your employees regain control over their finances. This isn't just about numbers; it's about reigniting their passion for their roles and enhancing overall job satisfaction.
  • Women and wealth: Embracing the future
    This talk highlights the remarkable strides women have made in financial empowerment, while recognizing the challenges that still lie ahead. Join us to uncover key strategies for financial growth and to contribute to the ongoing journey towards creating your financial freedom.
  • Magic money: Molly's mesmerizing blend of finance and illusion
    Join Molly as she weaves captivating magic into her insightful discussion on money, creating a keynote experience like no other. Get ready for a spellbinding journey through the world of finance, where every financial tip and strategy comes with a touch of enchantment.
  • Why women make great investors
    Molly's here to simplify the investment world with her famous analogies, practical tips, and a jargon-free approach. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how to kick-start their investment journey and the confidence to take that first step, as they learn why women make GREAT investors!
  • Reset your money mindset
    Why are some of us good with money and others aren’t? Your mindset. Ready to change the way you think about money? This talk dives into why you think and feel the way you do about money and most importantly how to shift your financial perspective and develop a healthier, more productive relationship with your finances.

Testimonials for Molly Benjamin

It was a great Masterclass and in fact, has given me a big kick to get my finances in better order and some, long ignored, attention! I’ve joined the group and signed up for more sessions so, a copy of the book will be greatly appreciated.
Paul Ramsay Foundation

You know what, I think Molly's MC was my favourite by far. I think personally it was extremely insightful and encouraging, I think that kind of session was very relevant to every attendee in some way or another! Which is also why l loved it, l felt like everyone got something out of it and you could really feel that in the session.

Thank you for sharing this information. I feel more confident about my current financial situation and was a great building block to get into investing.
Roadshow Attendee

To be honest and it’s quiet scary when I say it out loud - but I have usually put my finances in the “too hard basket.” My financial situation is something I have always struggled to wrap my head around and understand. UNTIL - attending the Ladies Finance Club talk. Their event smacked some serious sense into me and more importantly for the first time ever, the topic of finance didn’t sound like another language. The hot topics of investing, superannuation and insurance did not put me to sleep, I actually took notes and couldn’t wait to take action on my life. The amazing speaker spoke to you like they were your friend, your really smart friend that knows they need to spell out a confusing situation for you. The LFC taught me that a little sum can go a long way and that setting up for your future is so much easier than you think. It was so refreshing to be in a room full of women who were there to take their finances into their own hands and make decisions that will suit their own situation. Oh and that women make better investors than men…. seriously it’s a fact. Can’t wait for more events from The Ladies Finance Club, I wouldn’t miss it!