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Key Points for Olivia Carr

  • Overcoming adversity: Olivia Carr's journey from a single teenage mother to the founder of a multi-million dollar global brand is a testament to her unwavering determination and self-belief, inspiring audiences to overcome their own challenges and obstacles.
  • Personal development and self-care: As the Founder & Chief Giving Officer of Shhh Silk, Olivia has developed a unique perspective on the importance of self-care and personal development, and how these key aspects can contribute to success in both personal and professional life.
  • Building resilience: Through her own experiences and challenges, Olivia shares powerful insights and strategies for building resilience and bouncing back from setbacks, helping audiences to develop a growth mindset and overcome obstacles.
  • Entrepreneurship and business know-how: With over two decades of experience in business and entrepreneurship, Olivia shares her expertise and lessons learned, providing actionable steps for building a successful and sustainable business.
  • Mental health and wellness: Olivia is a strong advocate for mental health and wellness, and shares her own experiences and strategies for maintaining a positive and healthy mindset, encouraging audiences to prioritize their mental health and well-being.

Topics for Olivia Carr

  • Leading through change: Navigating uncertainty in the workplace
    In this talk, Olivia shares her experience of navigating change and uncertainty, both in her personal and professional life. She provides practical tips and strategies for corporate employees on how to lead effectively during times of change and uncertainty.
  • The benefits of self-care
    As a busy entrepreneur and mother, Olivia understands the importance of taking care of oneself both physically and mentally. In this talk, she shares tips for incorporating self-care into one's daily routine and explains the benefits of taking care of oneself for overall well-being and success.
  • Overcoming fear and embracing change
    Olivia knows that change can be scary, but she also knows that it is often the key to growth and success. In this talk, she shares her own experiences with embracing change and overcoming fear and offers advice for how others can do the same in their own lives.
  • Mental health in the workplace: Breaking the stigma and finding support
    This talk addresses the importance of mental health in the workplace and the impact it has on employee well-being. Olivia shares her own story of speaking up about mental health and provides practical advice and resources for employees on how to prioritize their mental health and find support in the workplace.
  • The mind-body connection: The importance of self-care for entrepreneurs
    In this talk, Olivia will discuss the importance of self-care and mindfulness in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. She will share her own personal practices for maintaining mental and physical well-being and show how taking care of yourself can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and overall success in business.
  • The power of resilience: Overcoming setbacks and achieving success
    In this talk, Olivia will share her own personal journey of facing numerous challenges and setbacks in her life, including financial hardship, single parenthood, and building a successful business from scratch. She will provide practical strategies for developing resilience and perseverance and show how to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and success.
  • Financial wellness: Taking control of your money
    This talk is focused on financial wellness and how to take control of your finances in the workplace. Olivia shares her experience of climbing out of debt and offers practical tips on how to create financial stability and security for yourself and your family.
  • From struggling to thriving: Strategies for overcoming adversity and achieving success
    In this talk, Olivia shares her own personal story of overcoming financial hardship, building resilience, and growing a successful business. She shares the strategies she used to climb out of debt, build wealth, and create a sustainable and profitable business.
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: Women in business
    A discussion of the challenges facing women in the business world and how they can overcome them. Olivia will share her experiences as a self-made entrepreneur and will offer practical advice and inspiration for other women looking to build successful careers or businesses of their own.
  • The art of balancing business and life
    In this talk, Olivia shares her experience of balancing the demands of business and personal life, including being a working mother. She provides practical tips and strategies for finding balance and achieving success in both areas.

Testimonials for Olivia Carr

You were amazing!!!! Really inspirational
Chief Marketing Officer
Australia Post

I have met a lot of amazing women, but you have disturbed me in a good way. You have put fire in my belly.

Thank you for sharing your story today, you have inspired me to be fearless in my pursuit of my purpose in business.
Talent Advisor ANZ
The Arnott’s Group

Olivia, Great presentation today at the Women’s event!! Loved it!! It was amazing and I heard many people talk about it afterwards – you own it lady!! 
Head of sustainable business and CSR
Winning Group

Thank you for your talk today at the Retail Women’s Forum, absolutely inspiring! I absolutely resonated with your story
Di Bartoli Coffee

I just wanted to thank you for speaking and sharing your story. I was incredibly moved, and you have ignited something in me that I couldn’t quite place my finger on. Purpose, is what I need to focus on, and how I can use my passion to help others. I just wanted to say thank you, it was truly inspirational.
Head Of Macro Product Development
Woolworths Limited