01 Dec 2021

One minute With Olivia Carr

one minute with Olivia Carr

Best known for her company SHHH Silk, Olivia Carr is an entrepreneur, public relations expert, philanthropist, social changemaker, and inspiration for all those with the drive to follow their dream. We are exceptionally excited that Olivia has recently come onboard into the ICMI family and joined the ranks of our exclusive speakers, so to celebrate we sat down for some quick insights around company wellness, business resilience and the success of SHHH Silk.


How can company-designed wellness programs boost individual wellbeing/productivity? Wouldn’t individual wellness practices take place outside of work?


Wellness practises are no longer a pre or post work activity. More than ever employees are seeking rituals or daily practices that bring a sense of calm to their entire day. Whether that be small things like offering a selection of herbal calming teas as well as coffee, having diffusers set up in areas around the office with calming essential oils or a more structured wellness program offering desk massage and meditation / quiet spaces.

With so many new or heightened external stresses from periods of lockdown, outbreaks, financial hardship, uncertainty or anxiety, offering your employees a space in which they can re-centre their thoughts, relax their bodies or their minds is crucial for employee engagement and to offer an environment whereby employees are encouraged to slow down mentally and practise both productivity and mindfulness together. Yes, the two can co-exist.



‘Business resilience’ has had its fair share of use in recent memory, but it’s easily devolved into a buzzword without meaning. What tangible advice would you give to businesses or social enterprises NOW to make the rest of 2021 a bit smoother?


Business resilience requires more than just revenue, cashflow or income. In times of global change where consumers and customers expect more now from companies than ever before, being resilient will require businesses to truly show up and engage with their customers. To survive and thrive moving forward, businesses and brands need to have conversations together with their consumers. Relate to their customers current needs, feelings and thoughts. It’s time for more transparency, a sense of belonging and community.



SHHH SILK has had an absolute journey over the past 6 years, what’s coming up next for you? What drove that success & how have you kept the fire burning?


The past six years have been an incredible journey for us. With growth and experience comes evolution and we are excited to be revealing our digital refresh on July 11th. Our rebrand is a curation of insight and feedback from our own experiences, customer and community feedback. Keeping the fire burning especially through the brand’s most challenging times has been made easier as ‘doing good’ has always been our underlying reason for existence. We’ve never strived to be the biggest in our industry, only the best.


Olivia Carr has built more than a business; she’s forged a brand that’s synonymous with inspiring people and changing lives. She’s the catalyst behind a movement/brand that’s redefining world beauty, wellness and sleeping standards.

Since 2015, she has taken SHHH SILK from a simple idea to a brand that’s adored by customers in over 65 countries. With philanthropy as its foundation, SHHH SILK has been a major contributor to countless social initiatives.

An expert in resilience, Olivia knows what it’s like to go from sacrifices to success and dedicates time to helping budding female go-getters to pursue their passions by providing free business building advice and financial lessons.

Olivia’s presenting style is open, honest, and powerful. She will change your world, like she changed the lives of countless women and men already.

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