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Key Points for Dr Gemma Munro

  • Dr. Gemma Munro, a renowned speaker and writer, holds a PhD in performance psychology, earning her the title "The Alchemist at Work." She specializes in igniting transformation, fostering courage, and turning the impossible into reality.
  • With a wealth of experience, Gemma has graced stages at global giants like Google, Amazon, Qantas, Vodafone, and more, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.
  • Audiences describe Gemma as a "human alarm-clock," a "lightning bolt of love," and a "mind-witch" who empowers individuals to believe in the possibility of achieving their dreams.
  • As a co-founder of Inkling Group, Gemma has been at the forefront of driving gender diversity across Australia, Asia, and the UK, all while passionately advocating for a redefined work-life balance.

Topics for Dr Gemma Munro

  • The science and art of rapid transformation
    How to make immediate, sustained an easeful change.
  • A wild new way of working
    Where work feels like play and wellbeing is a daily reality.
  • The courage to connect
    How to create connection and belonging (even when you’re crazy-busy).
  • Leading through change
    How to lead your people through change & uncertainty with energy & ease.
  • Making brave choices
    How to make courageous decisions quickly, easily and well.

Testimonials for Dr Gemma Munro

Excellent content, very engaging, and was right on target with the key messages.
National Mortgage Brokers

Gemma is sunshine and inspiration rolled into a package of fearless courage. She inspires people to accept their gifts and be the best that they can be.
World Vision

Something happened to me when Gemma spoke. It was both a breakdown and breakthrough. I left feeling completely exposed, vulnerable and light as a feather. The mask finally came down. And boy was it wonderful. Liberating!
University of Adelaide

Thank you Gemma, my life is now unfolding before my eyes. I'm no longer stuck in a rut. I'm unstoppable! You change lives. Thank you.
Rae Warman

What I’ll be forever grateful for is the cut-through Gem managed to achieve with me that I haven’t been able to muster in my 34 years on this earth. The permission – and acceptance – to be myself, with my voice and my passions? Beyond. I will happily be her cheerleader and spokeswoman any day of the week! 

In the circle of life, we need more ringleaders like Gemma.
Leadership Solutions

Some have their hearts open so wide, you can't help but get enveloped in the love. Gem is one of these special people. She is positively changing the world.
Delia Taylor

Gemma is truly an inspirational leader and speaker. She is so passionate about helping us be all that we can be and want to be. She brings all sorts of holistic ways and tips to nudge us towards that which will make us shine for ourselves and for the world. She is clearly living that which she teaches - which is always the greatest inspiration.

If it wasn’t for Gemma I would never have had the courage to step up into my current leadership role. Her program profoundly changed my life both professional and personally and gave me clarity, believe and strength to lean in, take ownership of myself and lead. Before I felt like I was stuck and undeserving of leadership roles. I credit Gemma with removing my fear and making me fiercer.
University of Adelaide

Could there be a more enthusiastic, humorous, insightful and energetic speaker? Gemma has the skills to guide you through the most challenging areas with just the right blend of nudging and support. She makes it fun!

Gem turned my life around, giving me the energy to dig myself out of a terrible career rut and climb into a great new role. The difference she made to my life has been amazing, huge and very special. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you Gemma for inspiring my unapologetic, authentic, fabulously flawed life. I have become so strong and so calm and I am comfortable in who I am. I’m not sure if it would have been possible without you … you make me brave.
Compass Group