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‘To Do’ Lists are not Critical | Michael Crossland | Inspirational Speaker - 06 December 2018

‘To Do’ Lists are not Critical | Michael Crossland | Inspirational Speaker

Michael Crossland defied the odds of not only life-threatening cancer but was the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial. He has shared his inspiring journey, speaking across 22 countries, with audiences now exceeding 500,000. His autobiography, 'Kids Don’t Get Cancer', is a number one bestseller. Michael shares with audiences his insight and experience on topics such as overcoming extreme adversity, embracing change and the power of optimism and resilience.

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares his thoughts on doing away with the 'To Do' list and replacing it with a 'To Stop' list, for one good reason - investing in yourself.

Invest in yourself - throw away your 'To Do' list and replace it with a 'To Stop' list

This is the time of year when you need to be a little selfish, make time for yourself in order to get some direction for the year ahead.

Wipe the slate clean, because no worry or fear can change yesterday, nor will it positively affect your tomorrows. It is time to start fresh and be truly present. It is time to find your true self.

‘Do something today that your future self will be proud of’ is something that I live my life by and with each new day you have this remarkable opportunity to do exactly that.

The Christmas / New Year period generally finds us contemplating the year ahead and listing what we hope to achieve. For many of us, we even write down the scary things, the things that we are fearful of, our worries, what’s annoying us and what’s draining our battery.

I challenge you this year to do something different, try to not write a ‘To Do’ list but rather a ‘To Stop’ list.

Set yourself up for a great year and document your drive to accountability. List the things that you will strive not to do this coming year, free the brain, the mind and the heart of bad habits. It might be something as simple as no social media from 7 pm to 7 am so you can be present with the ones you love the most. I assure you a phone may bring you closer to those who are far away, but it will also take you far away from those who are closest.

Take the time to regularly review your ‘To Stop’ list until it becomes a daily ritual and jump out of bed every day with a clear vision of what will make this year the best one yet!


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