28 Feb 2024

How Your Workplace Can Benefit From a Mental Health Speaker

mental health

Over the years, attitudes have shifted around mental health and wellness in Australia, with a greater willingness to discuss this important issue openly and honestly. However, it remains an uncomfortable subject for many staff and managers in workplaces. One of the best ways to take a positive step forward is by inviting a mental health speaker to address your team and facilitate discussions in your workplace about wellness in a way that matters. 


At ICMI, our mental health and wellness speakers are leaders in destigmatising mental health issues. These experts provide practical tools and strategies as well as sharing their personal experiences so no-one needs to feel alone.


Help Shift Attitudes Around Mental Health


We spend the majority of our waking weekday hours at work. Feeling mentally well at work is important for our individual health as well as having a positive impact on workplace morale, performance and productivity. Leaders across all levels of an organisation must ensure they have the knowledge and skills to help manage mental health issues at work. 

At the same time, staff should be equipped with the appropriate resources and a stigma-free environment that allows them to feel comfortable speaking up. Inviting a speaker to discuss mental health issues in the workplace is a  great way of creating a more positive workplace culture that promotes healthy attitudes towards our mental wellbeing. 


Remind Your Team It’s OK to Talk


Life can be overwhelming and challenging for many of us. 45% of Australians experience a mental health issue at some point in their life, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission. When we are struggling, it can feel as though your feelings may be a burden to those around you. 

We should all aim to create an open and healthy work environment where:


  • People look out for one another and can ask if someone is okay
  • Managers and teams understand mental health and openly talk about it
  • Staff with mental health concerns feel supported and seek help early
  • People identify warning signs and don’t ignore issues like fatigue and burnout
  • Staff with mental health issues are aided in their wellbeing and recovery
  • People are equipped with knowledge and tools to help build resilience for challenging times at work and home.


A guest speaker specialising in mental health and wellbeing can reinforce the importance of sharing our challenges with mental health and how the right support at the right time can be life saving. 


Contribute to a Positive Change in the Workplace


Our speakers specialise in making serious topics about mental health accessible and engaging for a wider audience. Their ability to motivate, educate and inspire listeners with their stories help inspire positive change in workplaces, where every individual can open up, help one another and work together towards creating a healthier, more positive work environment. 

From lighthearted mental wellness workshops to serious down-to-earth conversations, you’ll find a wide range of diverse speakers with unique insights and approaches to the broad subject of mental health and wellness. Click here to browse our full list of mental health speakers.


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